Thursday, April 30, 2009


It is the "Push Meenosh" Campaign.... Meenosha featured in Episode II of "Cameroonians In the Industry"!!I am very honored to be part of the PR team of this campaign....Ok...speech time over!

Menoosha is "one step away from the Nationals".

A bit of background on Live & Unsigned

"Live and Unsigned is the UK’s national music competition for unsigned acts to compete live. With over 10,000 registrations for the second year running, it is the biggest music talent search for original acts in the UK. Live and Unsigned’s popularity comes from its reputation for encouraging originality and the acts taking part are commended for doing their own thing; being individual, original and performing their own genre and style live!..."

".....The winner of the competition wins a Recording and management contract with Future Music with an investment of up to £20,000 to release their single including professional studio time, promotional campaigns and more. They will be thrust into the media spotlight through television, radio and the press and furthermore all winners will all be invited on the UK Live and Unsigned Tour...."

This is a great opportunity....So we have to "Push Meenosh".......

Live & Unsigned Area Final

Date: May 17th 2009

Venue: Corn Exchange, Bedford.

Menoosh has to show the judges what her fan base is made of. Join the “PUSH MENOOSH” Face book Group.

And please SPREAD THE WORD!!!

For more on Meenosha check out...

Meenosha's @ Live & Unsigned...Press Release

Pictures Courtesy of our rising star!!

Support our Camer sis.....Our "Meenosh" needs to get to the Top!!



  1. wao! who says..kmer lack---kmer is blessed...lets not mind those idiot who make us look stupid, we will's just a matter of time
    gradually...we will..yes we can....
    i d 4 back strong strong....
    many thanks Yefon for sharing such an incredible page with me.

  2. Aunty Z...You are welcome...Spread the word!!!We have to push our Camer sister to the Top!!!


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