Saturday, October 9, 2010


Peter Njodzeka is making strides with Penjo Entertainment! With a CNN World View feature story in his "portfolio"..Pete is definitely putting Camer on the map!! Penjo Entertainment is a production studio. " We produce long/short films, documentaries, tv shows, talk shows, news slots for foreign TV channels, all on HD quality. We also shoot professional photography".

He got inspired while working on community development projects with his NGO (Life and Water Development Group – Cameroon). Examples of these projects include:

Making clean drinking water accessible & available

Construction of toilets in primary schools

Setting up health clubs to sustain the practices from health and sanitary trainings.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. " Pictures bring out the depth and truth (dig deep and expose the values/lessons) in real stories". He wanted to tell and share the stories in the best possible way!He acquired professional equipment for videos and photography and that is how Penjo Entertainment was born!

Penjo Entertainment is here to provide services for

Events: Personal , Cultural, Musical concerts etc

Fashion Shoots

TV shows, programs as a production powerhouse!

Pete is a contributor for CNN World View from Cameroon…….

Here are a few pictures…Enjoy!!

You can reach Peter Njodzeka: Tel.: +237-7771-6288, E-mail:

Penjo Entertainment on Facebook

Cameroon Culture on CNN from Penjo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Thumbs up to Penjo Entertainment...Keep flying the flag high!!



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