Thursday, April 28, 2011

CAMpreneur, Kathleen Ndongmo wins Tech-In Series!

Introducing the "CAMpreneur" series.The goal is to showcase Cameroonian entrepreneurs......

CAMpreneur Ms. Kathleen Ndongmo won the Tech-in Series-Tech-in Governance event held in March 2011 in Lagos Nigeria.

About Tech-in

Tech-In = tech innovation and application in 'select sector and social issues'.

"Tech-IN Series is a quarterly unusual event aimed at harnessing the power of technology for economic development in Nigeria"

"Tech-In Governance is an unusual event focusing on technology innovation and application for citizen participation in governance"
How it works.....

" A series of 48hr gathering of ideas, people and digital tools aimed at creating novel web and mobile solutions for application in select sectors in Nigeria.''

Here is an interview with Ms. Ndongmo.......

So, let’s meet you
I am an everyday fun, passionate African woman! I like to think that I am a pragmatic entrepreneur with a creative head for business and a heart for social change. I am also a prolific (copy) Writer/Editor and one of the finalist of the hit show The Apprentice Africa which was shot in Lagos in 2008. I am a citizen of Cameroon named one of the country's top 50 Change-Agents of 2009. I am also a Egghead, who has helped pitch and win new businesses both in Africa and abroad, written industry articles and won awards. When I am not doing my "day job" (working as VP for Marketing & Sales at Virtual Terminal Network), I keep busy bringing to life ideas, start-up projects and various endeavours that will hopefully be the change I want to see in my community.

What inspired your idea, Residents Report?
Residents Report is going to be the web/mobile application that will revolutionarize the way we report and fix public services in Nigeria and perhaps in other parts of West Africa in the long term. The aim is to turn citizen complainers into neighborhood fixers; giving us all the tools we need to not only spot problems but get government to correct them in a prompt, cost-effective manner. You see, I got tired of being a complainer who will complain about a bad road for example, and then adopt the "sidon-look" attitude. I started asking myself ''What do I need to do to make this change? Who can I report this to? What platform can I use to aggregate such complains and then channel these to those responsible? How can I assist government while holding then accountable to the provision of these services?", - these questions led me to pro-actively thinking up and building the Residents Report idea. In the future, I see an innovative application that will help us organize ourselves. Our neighbourhoods/governments will become more cohesive, more proactive, more engaged, more social, more responsible, and in the end, so will our cities

Who were your other team members?
I built the prototype apps with a team of three great guys. Adebowale Owoseni who is an experienced Enterprise Software Application Developer, Ailende Truston, a very talented rising star in the Mobile Application Development arena and Abiodun Thorpe - one of the sharpest Web Application Developers I have met. The guys gave their all, and impressed me with what we delivered in the end.

The "RR" winning team!

From left to right: Adebowale Owoseni Enterprise Software Application Developer, Ailende Truston, Rising Mobile Application Development star and Abiodun Thorpe - Web Application Developer extraordinaire.

How did you feel having to compete with male, in tech innovation since you were the ONLY female contestant?
The real challenge is this: coming up with a feasible project which is a solution in itself. Something that is a need and adds value and when implemented will bring about significant change really - not with the individuals I compete with. That has always been forefront in my mind when I am in a competitive environment. I generally feel the same: un-intimidated, revved-up to go, boiling with the adrenaline of professional passion, ready to give my everything to bring the idea to life.

Share your building experience i.e. working with strangers for 48hrs to make things happen....
It was fantastic. Such experiences are always unique to me as they continuously increase me professionally so this was a team not a group of strangers. We started by conceptualizing the idea, looking at the key players, the need, the value add etc......Then we looked at how to aggregate the platform, the complete process flow and how this will work out at the back end seamlessly. Finally, we answered some tough questions on stakeholder buy-in especially regarding the government, the residents and others. We also included a complete marketing and benefits strategy. With these laid out, we successfully came up with a working mobile and web prototype, all in 48hours. Even I was amazed!

As a Cameroonian, do you see the application being used in your country given the system of Government there?
Absolutely! This isn't about a system of government. Getting buy-in from the government especially is key and very possible. Agreed there are and will be other challenges in implementing the application on the ground real-time, however, what we are doing is building a platform that is relevant to our own environment taking into consideration these hurdles for example many African countries do not have a GPRS enabled mapping system for every street, address etc and that is a real challenge. This is why Residents Report is "crowd-sourcing" in genre. We are excited at the turn the application is now taking.

So, after winning what’s next?
The real work begins! We have developed a feasible implementation plan, phased it, scaled it and have started working on it. First step: a total working, productive web application. We are almost through with that. Watch this space. It is an exciting time for Nigeria, and for me.

Do you see yourself working on this fulltime?
I am already! I thrive on challenges. This is another bull I am taking by the horns. Literally!

This is a very TECHNICAL babe...KK (my namesake)...You are an amazing lady and such an inspiration. The Sky is NOT the limit..Keep up the great work!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

......On my "Rising Stars" Playlist this week....

Here is what is on my "Rising Stars" playlist this week!!There is a lot of talent out there...


Prime Time Boyz on the "Yori Yori" beats with Coupe Decaler Dans la cite."Pee-Tee-Bee....On y va...."

Naomi Achu - I can love you like that

Valentine - Obsessed

Avin U C - I'm Single

Kilian Ateh - Rockin' that thang

Peter Jericho - Wintertime Girl

We are definitely going "higher higher, no lower lower...."


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bernice Angoh Lakota's......FYR - FOREVER YOUNG REVOLUTION!

" ...They say every disappointment is a blessing, but I say every disappointment is an opportunity. An opportunity to either make good or bad with whatever situation you are given. That year for me was 2008. I had always been a health conscious person but only when I felt like it or when it was convinient. So my weight fluctuated over the years, gaining and losing 10-20 pounds on and off so in 2008 when my dad, whom I adored, passed away due to lung cancer(he was a heavy smoker), I decided I would take the opportunity to keep myself healthy and young for as long as I can...".....And people the rest is HIS TORY!!

Inspired by the loss of her dad, Bernice Angoh Lakota made a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle and the Forever Young Revolution (FYR) was born!!

What is FYR?

FYR is a mindset, a lifestyle that teaches you how to love yourself a little differently: a combination of healthy eating, exercise and mind and spirit enrichment. The first step in the FYR program is unprogramming your mind about all you’ve ever known or read about food. Once you’re successful with that step, the rest is just garnishes. Weight loss is just a by-product when you get on the program, there is so much more to eating healthy and staying fit, I call it my GODhigh. A high that transcends into every area and aspect of your life.

Vegan cream cheese and strawberries on cinnamon toast

We live in a ‘microwave’ world where everything is at our finger tips, great advancements in technology yes, but a drastically declining rate of the human condition and well being. We all complain about having busy schedules.....I for one can testify that when you are hyper busy as a bee you tend to ignore what you eat..Sometimes I would only eat one meal or go all day without eating!! The good news? FYR™ is one of the easiest programmes to fit into any type of lifestyle because it is a lifestyle.

The FYR™ program consists of simple nutritional principles that our parents and grandparents lived by many many years ago.

Vegan Quiche

Pasta Salad

Purchase your very own FYR™ ebooks packed with info about the FYR™ lifestyle, menus and recipes @

Believe it or not, FYR has a mathematical formula....

RTD(ideal) ± 2(Rx)/week +Qdx = FYR

Get the book, follow the program, decipher and crack the formula code!! The winner gets the next dessert recipe hard cover book absolutely free and gets to feature in the book.

Hints: raw, vegan, detox, relax, fire.

Fish Platter

Raw-vegan Sushi

The programs work......I am too damn convinced because the trio of very cool mummies, Bernice, Therra and Maureen look HOT, HOT and more HOT!! Me sef way i never born pikin di

*DETERMINATION: "Even if I have to move a step backward, I'll use my strength to move two steps forward. I want to be so determined that my obstacles will fade away. The path maybe difficult but my DETERMINATION will make it easier!!!"

*PASSION: "I'm acting on the dominant influence of my SPIRIT; that's why I am Fearless!!!"

*FYR(FIRE): "The FIRE within compels me to reach for greater heights so I fan my flames that I may BURN!!!"

A few testimonials

FYR 21 day detox program first sucess story, Ms. Ann Shu

Check out Jennifer's Story

FYR faces & gear!!

Bernice Angoh Lakota is a published author, founder of the Forever Young Revolution and a mother of two resident in Atlanta, Georgia.

Je suis depase...And I do not say that very, wow and wow..Doesn't our powerful 32 year old mother of 2 look amazing? This was taken when her son, Rick was seven months old!

Contact Info


Forever Young Revolution Facebook Page

Bernice the Author Faceboook Page


Bernice, you are an such inspiration.Keep up the great work! I can't wait to finally start the program soon...



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AFRIKA: Manu Dibango ft Wayne Beckford & Djany....

I love this song and the video....Manu Dibango doing what he does best!!! Classic Makossa/Soul Collabo ft Wayne Beckford & Djany!!

Manu DIBANGO feat Wayne BECKFORD & DJANY " AFRIKA" from BorderBlaster on Vimeo.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Motherland Kitchen......Authentic African Cuisine!!

You need to check out Motherland Kitchen in Marrieta GA if you want a taste of Authentic African cuisine.


Jahica Rice (rice & peas "wache") and fried plantains

Acheke and grilled chicken

Fufu Corn, kahti kahti (BBQ Chicken cooked in palm oil) and greens

Fried tilapia fish, fried plantains and stewed brown beans

Gari and edika ikong (eru)

GOAT 101 (fried goat, greens and fried plantains)

Grilled chicken and 3-greens (collards, turnips, spinach)

Do I need to say (or type) more?

Thumbs up the Shey Sabina and team!!I hope I get a taste of Motherland Kitchen sometime soon...

Have a nice weekend.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Our designer extraordinaire, Syl Anim is shooting for Gold on the "Battle For the Runway"......

The Battle for the Runway is organized by S.E.P. S.E.P. Skills and Empowerment for Girls, is a non profit organization who goes goal is " to empower young girls through skill building, mentoring, health awareness, and self-esteem building seminars. "

Battle for the Runway is....

***Join S.E.P. for the Fashion Show!***
~Apple Ipad give-a-way to one lucky graduating class of 2011 senior
~Sponsor Give~a~ways
~Live Performances
~Special Judges
~Preview of Trendy Fashion
~Photographers on site
~New Trendy Location!
**After Party Hosted by THE DREAMERS GROUP**

Contact Any Lady of S·E·P for more info

Heidi: 770-633-7023
Jenice: 678-499-0496
Christine: 302-465-8111
Minnie: 678-274-9215
Robertha: 404-317-0846

I wish Syl Anim the best of luck ......The Sky is NOT the limit..You are definitely shooting for GOLD....


Monday, April 4, 2011


I love any size, shape or form..I should be off cakes for a while..But that is besides the point. I love taking pictures.Cakes included.I am just amazed at the amount of work and detail that goes into making a CAKE.Cake Decorating is definitely an ART. It requires a lot of creativity, talent and attention to detail. You have to transform someone's vision or idea into an amazing masterpiece... The CAKE!Cakes are usually based on colour combinations, a theme or fascination!!

Introducing Moni's Cake Decorator, Mrs. Monica Nforbi Taku.

They are yummy...They are "Moni's Cakes"

Monica Nforbi Taku based in Pretoria, South Africa is married with 2 kids, a boy and girl aged 11 & 9 respectively. She is an alumni of Our Lady of Lourdes and CCAST Bambili. She holds degrees in accounting from the University of Buea and UNISA.
Passionate about cakes, she stopped working as an accountant in 2009 and to focus on Moni's Cakes. She trained in sugar craft for 5 yrs and in Baking and Pastry at the prestigious Pruleith Academy in South Africa.

Wow.....It is great to pursue one's passion....

Here are a few pictures of Moni's cakes and the cake decorator herself at work!! Enjoy...


Kiddies Birthday Cakes

Wedding Cakes The Cake decorator herself... Contact Information

Email: ;

Phone +27 82 595 0574 Moni's Cakes Facebook Page

Moni's cakes is here for your wedding cakes, birthday and any other celebration cakes!!

Ok people...order your Moni's Cakes!!

Have a nice week....



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