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Although I am not a Fashion blogger “per say” lol, I'll try to do style posts (requested by some of you!) every now and then.  One of my favorite Cameroonian Fashion & Lifestyle bloggers is Mbole Ekaney. She is the Founder & Creator of “THE HOTJEM” - a fashion & lifestyle blog, known for putting fashion collections together for those who need ideas on ‘what to wear’ or ‘how to wear it’.  Reppin Camer’s pool of bloggers what better way to start my style post series than with The HotJem!

Colorfully Delicious by The HotJem

Top : The Hotjem’s Closet
Pants: Terranova
Blazer: Banana Republic
Shoes: Bandolino
Bag: The Hotjem’s Closet

 "This outfit post was inspired by celebrating my love for Cameroon"

The Hotjem Blog:
Instagram: HOTJEM
Twitter: @theHOTJEM

 I love the Camer flag colours inspired outfit. Thanks the HOTJEM  for reppin' in Green-Red-Yellow!

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Hello people..It's your fav music day!! 

+237 Music is on a roll..From  Makossa, to rap, hiphop, R &B, zouk, music fusion of different beats, highlife,blues.You name it..We've got it.


Mimi  Pary - Waka Waka Boy
Waka waka, waka waka boy ohhhhh

Nabstar - Bolingo

A.C.E - Njoka (C'est La Mort)

Eric Virgal & Charlotte Dipanda -Je me souviens de son visage
I love this track. Charlotte Dipanda is just adorable!

LAB'L - My Way
You don't have to understand the lyrics music to enjoy it!!Love...

DJ Skeeper - I Dey Miss You
A touching tribute by Franco Records DJ Skeeper ."We Dey Miss You". Gone too soon!R.I.P. Prince Noel.

Vreezy Ville ft Kay Zeey - Olopyto 
"Baby dance olopyto, olopyto, olopy.." .This new dance worry oh...

And the Highlights of Today's M.T......

Rythymz - This is How I feel (#BringBackOurGirls)
The NO Hitz No Recordz Entertainment, dynamic duo Rythmz' single in support of the “Chibok Girls”. “This is How I Feel’ #BringBackOurGirls   joins the world in a cry to society and especially to our leaders for peace but more especially for the finding and returning of the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists in North Eastern Nigeria.

The song is a touching ballad that leaves you wanting to join the worldwide movements to secure the return of our girls. “They are crying out…dem di fear…stretch your hands they need help from us…” are some of the powerful lyrics in the song. The world is now a global village, “…we cannot be at the battle frontlines, but what we can do is spread the word through music to encourage the world to not relent in our efforts to “calling all the leaders to #BringBackOurGirls

"We cannot sit back and let “Les Filles Africaines, …Belles Filles, aspiring, educated…” get taken away. We hope that this song moves more people into putting pressure so that our girls can be brought back home safe"

Steveslil - Diana

Steveslil has the killer instinct to enter into the hall of fame of reputable urban music acts in Africa. His musical prowess and versatility to effortless switch from one genre to another is breathtaking . After releasing a phenomenal single "Ebangha" , the Cameroonian sultry R&B/Afro-pop songster has gamely resurfaced with a life-enhancing love and marriage story incorporated in a soul-searching song titled "Diana" .

 He describes "Diana" as a musical marriage between post- independence highlife music and contemporary Afro-pop harmony. In essence, "Diana" embodies the traditional harmonic rhythm which could be dubbed "Palm wine music" , married with western instruments. "Diana" incarnates the folkloric tone popularly chanted during the post-independence era. 

The song is an expression of love and appreciation to God (Eta Mandem , thank you ...) for giving a beautiful wife who deserves all the sacrifices a man can make give , just to make her happy; "na with you I go fly , America, Europe, Africa , to Asia coz you be my baby" . Steveslil's vocal timbre and delivery perfectly gives the groove the song deserves. The song was produced by the legendary Emil Ngumbah.

"Ahhh Diana Ohhh. Diana Ohh..."

OK people... It is almost the weekend!Enjoy the music...


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In the last couple of weeks, media sites have been trending with hashtags of #Oneday with picture messages bearing the #Oneday message. 

Similar the #Nomakeupselfie for cancer,  the OneDaymovement is a campaign to create awareness to every dreamer, giving them a powerful message of Hope. Brain child of Nabil Fongod popularly known as Nabil4real,  the  one finger pose symbolises determination, reassurance and a strong believe that ONEDAY, we shall all realize our dreams.

The world has a lot of talented people, many of whom go unnoticed especially in Cameroon. This is mainly due to lack of opportunities to showcase their talents.

 Beyond the pictures and social media buzz, the vision for the movement is  the dreams of someone a reality! The movement which was created this May has drawn over 1000 pictures from supporters across the globe.This goes to show how much people love and relate with hopeful messages. 
With the sudden growth of the #OneDayMovement, Nabil has had the privilege of displaying pictures of #OneDay poses in the prestigious Stadelejik Art Museum in Belgium.

 Nabil maintains persistence, determination and hard work throughout his musical career and has a strong feeling that OneDay, the world would get to experience his talent.

Whatever you are facing or going through in life, this is a message of hope for you knowing a better tomorrow is ahead.  

OK people...Support the  growing movement by 

- Posting your OneDayPose picture on Facebook and on the OneDayPose page

- Tweet #Oneday #OneDayMovement #OneDayPose  and invite your friends and family to join the movement. 


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Hello People. It's   May 20th...Happy National Day to all Cameroonians!! Bonne Fete Nationale!!

Whatever it is you are celebrating... Have a good one!


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Camers are Repin'  around the globe and it is my pleasure to profile a young lady on a mission!!

Meet CAMpreneur, Madelle Kangha, the founder of Youths4Change, a movement which mentors and empowers youth of all abilities across Cameroon. Madelle is also the Co-Founder and President of Jumpstart Academy Africa, a social impact venture which cultivates leaders and entrepreneurs.
Madelle is a Frontier Markets Scout with the Monterey Institute of International Studies, an Ambassador of One Young World, an Affiliate of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance and a member of several global communities such as the Clinton Global Initiative University, Ashoka Changemakers and the Global Shapers Douala Hub of the World Economic Forum.

Tell us about yourself
I attended Our Lady of Lourdes College for both secondary and high school (2001-2008) where I served as House Captain and Assistant Senior Prefect respectively. The latter earned me a prize for “Prefect of the year” in my last year of high school.  Thus I guess I have always had a knack for leadership. I actually used to muse about becoming the first female president of Cameroon someday – and I still do by the way.
One of my most cherished moments from my Lourdes days was when I emerged as the best national female candidate at the Cameroonian GCE Examinations.  Subsequently, I won a place/scholarship as 1 of 2 Cameroonians and 94 other young people around the world to join the inaugural class at the African Leadership Academy (ALA) in South Africa and that is where I believe my leadership & entrepreneurial journey begun. 

How did your journey continue after the African Leadership Academy?
After ALA, With my sights set on the very best of educational opportunities I obtained admission to the London School of Economics(LSE) and won a full scholarship awarded once every 3 years to 1 student from Sub-Saharan Africa. At LSE I studied a Dual degree in Law and Anthropology which has been invaluable given that interdisciplinary studies are much needed in today’s interconnected world. Upon graduating fro
m LSE in 2012, I decided to start Youths4Change which opened a new chapter for me.

Where did the inspiration to start Youths4Change come from?
My inspiration for Youths4Change is best reflected by the quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” Magaret Mead
I believe in young people finding their voice through socio-economic empowerment and political participation.

And I firmly belief in the power of possibility.Nothing has ever fazed me even as a kid (my surname Kangha actually means “go getter” so I guess there’s a correlation). I always have a “can do” attitude even when the odds are against me and my parents & family always encourage and believe in me.

Tell us more about the vision & activities of Youths4Change
Youths4Change has grown into a movement which mentors and empowers youth of all abilities across Cameroon. Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of Cameroonian youth who are passionate and committed to creating lasting positive change.
Our flagship project - ENVISION is based on the premise that all youths deserve equal access to opportunities. ENVISION was launched to assist disabled youths in Cameroon to go to school and earn livelihoods. Our work has impacted over 250 disabled youth so far.

And your  latest venture Jumpstart Academy Africa? 
Jumpstart Academy is a for impact venture which currently works across Cameroon and Nigeria with the goal of scaling out to the rest of the African continent. Our mission is to create a wave of entrepreneurial leaders by pioneering a world class Leadership and Entrepreneurship curriculum across institutions of learning.  Our vision is to cultivate ethical leaders and entrepreneurs across Africa.

Do you find that your age helps, hinders or doesn’t affect you being successful?
I believe being young is no excuse or barrier. In fact, being young is an advantage(that doesn’t mean it’s ever too late to pursue your dreams).
Now is the time to make mistakes and try new things and to dare greatly. This is probably the most creative point in your life, so now is your chance. The older you get, the harder it will be to not think about work, monthly payments, career and family.
The world is your oyster and the world is ready for you.
Make a mark. Make a stain. Make something.
Stand up and be counted and leave a legacy while you are at it!!!

What is next for Youths4Change?
Over the next year, we will be introducing exciting new initiatives that will bring us closer to our vision - to create a wind of positive change across Cameroon. So stay tuned!
Even more exciting is our campaign we just launched thanks to our partners at the World We Want Foundation - Please be sure to support us and spread the word!

“Setting the sky as your limit is overrated - Set the sky as your base! For in doing so, you soar to new heights and define the boundaries of what is possible.” Madelle Kangha
Links for More information
Madelle's Blog

Jumpstart Academy Africa

 Jumpstart Academy Africa on Facebook

 "The world is your oyster and the world is ready for you. Make a mark. Make a stain. Make something. Stand up and be counted and leave a legacy while you are at it" 

Check out a recent article about Madelle on Twenties Blog here.      

 Thumbs up to Madelle. I am amazed at your passion, courage, dedication, energy and drive.Keep up the great work. Keep flying the Green-Red-Yellow flag high. 

OK people..Let's support the  Youth4change Envision project for disabled youth in Cameroon. 


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Hello  people...CAMpreneur  writer Sahndra Fondufe just released "Yefon - The Red Necklace".The book was launched May 3rd 2014 in Los Angeles, CA.

Here is the 411..

  Tell us a bit yourself.
My name is Sahndra Fon Dufe!  Think of me as the Cameroonian- born actress, writer and activist, called Sandra with an H. It’s actually pronounced Saan-drah Fun-doo-fey. Easy right? I am actually human, lol. And I really love to sing. I want to be a singer in my next life. I’m a foodie (urban slang, for a person who doesn’t know when to stop eating), but I also one of those Africans who love kale and quinoa. i.e I eat very healthy. What else have I not said in another interview? Let’s see… (Drumming fingers on my brown table), I have a lot of shoes (You’re probably asking yourself, what this has to do with you. lol. I know, me too. Lol)

 As an up and coming actress, tell us a bit about what you have been up to lately? 

You know what, I haven’t shot any movie this year. This year has been more about my book. Writing a book eats up A LOT of time so I had to prioritize. Earlier in February, I was in the official Coca-Cola world cup music video, but that’s it so far. The new video is not yet out, but check the old one here

Recently, I was in Ireland for the Dublin premiere of a movie called ‘One night In vegas’ starring a lot of really famous people.I humbly played Van Vicker’s wife, Mildred in the movie and so we went out there to see the film. Besides that, and a few auditions, my main focus has really just been my book.
Check out the new trailer for a movie I played lead in, called Unconditional Love here 

  Yefon,  The Red Necklace. A Synopsis & Overview? 

Yefon: The Red Necklace is the first novel in a trilogy series that I intend to build a franchise, like the Hunger Games or Harry Potter series. I think it has the right elements to achieve that, as it is a powerful tale of ambition and courage.
It is also my debut novel. The last international attempt from my part to do anything like this, was way back in Cameroon when I was about 14 or 15 years old, I wrote a poem called ‘Dear Momma’, in 2004, and it was recognized by the Common Wealth of Nations, which at the time Cameroon was a part of. I suppose that encouraged me, because I wrote a bunch of other novels that only my peers read. This time, I want you all to read it.

Now, in terms of what the story line is all about, the whole story is actually a recollection of events that Yefon tells her grand daughter Yuveyonge, when she is old.

During the 1950's, in her Central African village, women are uneducated and are expected to either work on a farm or be one of many wives, but Yefon dares for more—she wants to learn how to read, even if looking at a book could mean her death. Although everyone thinks she’s an abomination, including her mother and sisters, her father knows she’s destined for greater things. When he is murdered, Yefon clings to the gift he gave her for inspiration—a red necklace. She soon comes to realize that the necklace is no ordinary ornament, but a talisman crafted by the spirits. Yefon walks a dangerous path that could lead to her freedom…or her death.

For more information about the book, you can visit website at

     When and why did you decide to write it?

I have been working on it for a while now. I would say the whole process is an average of three years. But over the last year, I have been way more involved in the writing of this book, than any other thing.

I decided to write it because I have a vision. As you all know, I have wanted to make the movie for a while now, and when that particular process was being delayed, I decided to regroup and re-strategize, and so you know what they say, there are many roads, my friends… The possibilities are endless. You are limitless, sometimes all it takes is just a moment of thought… thinking outside the box that is, and honestly, just trusting your instincts.

 Why the story? 

Because the world needs it.  This story is, unfortunately such a timely piece. Look at what is happening today, before our very eyes in Nigeria TODAY. In 2014! It breaks my heart that we are still discussing something as fundamental as the necessity for education of the woman…something as crucial as the basic human right that we all deserve. It seems as though this topic is unnecessary! It should be, but unfortunately it is not. Women are still second-class citizens in the minds of some men, today. They may not directly say it, but it is very much inferred by their jokes, and conversations and what have you?

To specifically answer your question, this story is one that I believe, every woman should read. Not because I wrote it. That is an obvious thought, and it is too easy to ask that people read a piece because you wrote it. But no! People need to read this tale of courage, and inspiration. People need to remember that they can become the change that they want to see, no matter what situation they find themselves in. They need to remember, that a fire shines bright within every single one of us.  That is why, I believe this story is alive.
We are the story. It is us, and the possibilities are limitless.

Why the title?
Yefon is my Grandmother’s name.  She always called me that name, even though it was not in my birth certificate. Soon enough, I started calling my self that. I think it is a beautiful name, with a royal meaning. Yefon means  ‘the mother of the king’.

I remember clearly when I chose this name for this piece. It was November 2011, and I wanted a powerful name that would be easy to remember, with a short spelling, that foreigners would be able to pronounce. Imagine an American in the heart of Kansas, trying to go tell a friend to watch this movie he or she just saw. I didn’t want them to forget the name and then forget the spelling when they were about to google it.
So I thought long and hard. Some of the names that were by passed before Yefon was chosen included Yenla (which is now her sister’s name), Yika, Amina, and a few others.

I chose Yefon, Now you know why.

    What was your motivation and inspiration?

Every single time I am asked this question, I jump up like a child who has just seen her mother. The answer is soooo long, and I will not bore you with it. However, I will tell you this. I spent seven years in an all girl boarding school, and those years of my life were flowery, and filled with several experiences. One of them was literature. I was always the best at that subject, and I read a lot of books, down from the corny Harlequin romance novels that kept all of us company, to Shakespeare, and Achebe, Dipoko, and Ayi Kwei Armah, to Ngugi wa Thiongo, to St. Exupery and Kenjo Jumbam! I read them all, avidly!

After winning all those awards for best in literature, and being my lit teacher’s class pet, I learned one major lesson, and it is this: a good story should not only entertain, but inspire, enlighten, and educate! My fellow Cameroonian author Kennyrich, calls it infotainment.

And so, that was my motivation. My inspiration was all  women, who bring forth life, yet are treated by some like we are not important. Like we are not better than sheep. If in 2014, a man decides to kidnap 234 girls from school for studying western education! If in 2014 a man can decide to sell fifteen year old girls for 12 dollars per head, like sheep! If in 2014, the idea of a female president is laughed at, by some, if in 2014 stronger, wealthier women are finding difficulties in marrying because men demand for a weaker species, if in 2014, laws are STILL being passed allowing a man can marry a female child, then how am I not going to be inspired? How will I not have something to write about? I rest my case.

   You had a campaign for Yefon The movie. Is it still in the works? Is the book a prelude? 

Yes the book is the prelude to the movie. Stay tuned 

   What challenges did you face writing the book and how did you overcome them?
I don’t look at anything as a challenge. It starts from the mind. I am a very determined person. A little head strong, a little tenacious, and so nothing really challenges me. I look at all of it as part of the process.

However, writing this book was extremely time consuming, and expensive.  A lot of research went into the work, and I had to sacrifice a lot to bring it to fruition.
I over came that by stopping everything else and focusing only on the book. Even on Christmas, and new years, I was glued to my computer. I wanted the book to compete with the best, so I did my best, and now, I hope the world loves it, as much as I do.

    Any advice for first time authors?
Yes, just do it. I recommend taking this amazing class with Melissa Foster called Fostering Success. Also, besides writing a good story, invest in various forms of editing, and beta reading. It makes a difference. 

   How & Where to purchase the Book? 
The Paperback is now available HERE on 

The E-book will also be available on Amazon on JUNE 3RD.

Please support twenty four year old, Cameroonian-born actress and author @Sahndra Fon Dufe, by reading her debut novel, @YEFON: The Necklace, a timely piece that discusses the issue of women’s education, a problem still faced by thousands of women in the world.

Read more about the book at the website:



The LA launch  event would not have been possible without a lot of people, and I want to say thank you to them:
Thank you Celebrity Center, Hollywood for the beautiful location!
Thank you to my editor David Gregory, my cover designer :Natasha Brown, my illustrator 
Art of Ethel Tawe, my formatter Clare Ayala, for this beautiful product!
Thank you to Down Town LA Printers for printing the miraculous number of novels for the event!
Thank you to my event sponsors @African Pictures International, 
Gifted Minds AfricaDJ CHICKLadera Weight Loss & AestheticsLas Vegas Shuttles. You helped me make my event possible.

Thank you to 
Veronica's FuFu Kitchen, Totos restaurant , Little Ethiopia Restaurant and Merkato Ethopian restaurant for the DELICIOUS food you sent to the event!

Thank you to amazing performers who ultimately killed it last night 
MissJay, @LP Offiishal, Emmanuelle Girard , Gary Curtis, Jozeanne Marie, Rasheed Stevens!!! It was amazing!!! Thank you!

To the host @Dr Larry Cocoa Welton! MAN! What a host!!!! No one would have done it better!!! Thank you so much!!! I was honored to have you!

Diversity News Magazine and Abrosika Productions, Inc., as well as all other media outlets, and photographers present, thank you!! I am so grateful!!!!

To my team! Leigha Hagood from LT Creative, thank you soo much for making me feel great yesterday, and the wonderful after party at your house! To Mocha Nana, from Oracle Group, thank you for the moral support from all the way in the DMV!!!

To all the celebs who came through last night! Thank you for showing me so much love! Reitha gray, 
Raz AdotiSaid Faraj and all the others who were present! Thank you! I am grateful!

To my wonderful wonderful friends Jubilee Gamaniel, and Adinett Nsabimana, and to my babe Jon Gottem (whose birthday is today, btw, happy birthday babe!) Thank you guys soo much for your help! I would have died without your help yesterday! Thank you!

And to IRepCamer..Thank you for being a sponsor!!

Any last words?
Yefon is a perfect mother’s day gift for any mom! If you want to WIN a signed copy of the book for your mother, this mother’s day week 2014, please enter a give away contest here:  ENTER HERE!

Happy Mother’s day to all the beautiful mothers in the world! Especially mine! I know my brother will read this and go, so what about the ugly moms? And this is my answer to him, and any one else who shares his bizarre sense of humor.. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If some one didn’t find them beautiful, they would not be a mother today. Catch my drift? Lol.

I am on social media. Please like my page on facebook, and keep the conversation going.

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 Check out the pictures of the  May 3rd Book Launch  hereDiversity News Magazine article  

   Upcoming events
You can network with Sahndra at book signings and events. 

May 23:  Martin Luther King Memorial Library901 G. Street NW Washington, DC 20001. 6.30PM- 9.30PM. RSVP HERE.

May 24:  8131 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910
7pm+ (Tip: Cameroonian sensation Petit Pays will be there). RSVP HERE

Hueman Bookstore, New York. (Details coming soon.)
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August 1
CPS, Houston (More information coming soon).

To receive notifications for upcoming events SUBSCRIBE HERE

To invite, and host Sahndra  in your city, for a book signing or speaking engagement, please contact
 Official rep: YEFON The red necklace
The oracle group
Mocha Nana
c: +1 954. 793. 6401

Yefon The Novel Site:
Author website:
OK..there you have it. Now you know why I am soo proud that my latest namesake is a Grab your copy of Yefon!!

Thumbs up to Sahndra...Keep flying the Green-Red-Yellow flag high..


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