Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meet CAMpreneur Film makers, THE NAMBANGI BROTHERS..

Introducing "The Nambangi Brothers", a production company founded by three brothers. The film and multimedia company consists of graphic artists and multimedia experts and marketing consultants.

"Our objective is to go full time into film production, but we're professional marketers too so we do operate as marketing consultants for small businesses (concept, implementation, advertising and promo)"

Here is an interview with one of the brothers!!

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Cyril Ndoko Nambangi. I live in Dallas, TX and I'm a professional advertising copywriter and a filmmaker. My passion is filmmaking. I am currently CEO of THE NAMBANGI BROTHERS, a film production company based in Minnesota.

Who are the "Nambangi Brothers"?The Nambangi Brothers are a filmmaking trio of siblings Cyril and Sidney Nambangi, and Eric Enongene. Each brother has a strong background in computers and multimedia. We are based in Texas, Minnesota and Sweden respectively, the brothers utilize multimedia to remotely collaborate on projects. Cyril provides the creative concept/idea, Sidney does the research, graphics and storyboards and Eric in charge of logistics and management. The task of project execution is entrusted in the hands of the principal filmmaker, Cyril Nambangi.

Cyril - The Film Maker....

Eric - The Logistics Maestro

Sidney - The Graphic Artist..

How did it all start?We've always been film enthusiasts, growing up. And everyone also has a competitive and analytical mind. Many times after watching; or in our case "reviewing" other people's productions, we've always criticised and pondered how we could have done it better. That's just how we grew in confidence and fortified our determination to follow that path. Oh, plus we're very creative, so we know we can go head to head with the best and not even break into a sweat....hahaha

A brief about the "short" film Sicko.
The short film "Sicko" is just our way of introducing ourselves to the world. It tells our style -creative, edgy, witty, humurous, and even over-the-top, but at the same time you can tell it was not just for entertainment purposes. We used a unique style to ask a pertinent question that's been lingering on many people's minds.

What are the challenges you face in film production as a start up production company?
The main challenge is funding!We are focusing on short films now simply because they cost less to produce and are a great tool for advertising and showcasing our creative depth. Many people do not realize that it truly does take a lot to tell a compeling story in 5 minutes as opposed to telling one in 2 hours.

Our focus is short films while we raise funds for a feature film. We will collaborate with IR Media House (based in Minnesota) for future projects and possibly a feature.

We have a unique brand of storytelling that is itching to be unleashed.
Any other updates?The Nambangi Brothers have just gotten into a partnership with Mr. Stephen Munabo, to launch "ViaLens Media" (a complete one-stop media production studio out in Dallas) where you can get all your multimedia needs met.. Event coverage (videography and photography), music videos, graphic design, film production, scriptwriting, website building, in-studio/on location photography and everything media.

Contact info:
Phone: (651) 329 0595
Website coming soon


Thumbs up to the Nambangi Brothers!!Wish you all the best..I can't wait to watch a "Nambangi" feature film!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Women In Energy Seminar..."Having It All"

I attended an amazing seminar last week organized by the SPE(Society of Petroleum Engineers)

Event: Women in Energy Seminar - "Having it All"
Venue: Imperial College School of Mines. London
Date: Thursday May 19th 2011

..Our industry is not the most "female friendly". I was very inspired and learnt a lot from the experiences of others and just had to share

Session One: "Wonder Woman: Fairy Tale or Urban Reality"?

There is no such thing as Wonder woman..It is a myth...

The first speaker has 18 yrs experience in Shell...has worked in different countries and one of the assignment that touched her life was China. She said her pearls of wisdom with a picture story..(she has a passion for photography)

The 5 pearls of Wisdom
1) Be Clear about what is important to you (Pictures: Of her Family). You will need to make choices and compromises. Unless you are passionate you will not be happy. She is now in the UK because of her old mother and has requested not to be given an assignment outside the UK. Her husband moved with her to China..tradeoff deal for him..because she made a previous trade off in her career because of his!!

2) Always be open to new experiences (Pictures of her stay in China). Take every opportunity to learn - personal or professional

3) Make sujre you have the right support - personnally and professionally. Mindset and attitude are Key!Your sucess is contigent on the teams you build.

4) Treat people how you want to be treated - give respect, gain respect!. Be clear about the person you want to be in difficult situations. Stay calm step outside the situations!

5) Dare To Win. Push yourself to the point where you can see yourself doing it. Look for new things and opportunities (Picture of her team in China and some words in Chinese..)

Also... do not channel your energy only within your company. Have activities outside work. This will help provide the balance that you need.

Conclusion: Be yourself, take risks, surround yourself with the right people!

I thought I was in awe by the first speaker.....The second speaker just wowed me..Over 20 years in the industry.Former Senior Executive of an Oil Major. The first lady to head a Shell business unit in Egypt. She worked offshore in the 80s which was unheard off for women.Mother of Five..I was like..mennn..How did she do it? Her words of wisdom

- There is no such thing as a "Wonder woman"..It is a myth

- Set Clear boundary conditions and Be direct. She gave an example about a boss who made it a point of duty to call her after working hours..One day she told him that she would appreciate if she doesn't call him between 6 and 8 pm because she spends the time with her kids. The reaction was not what she expected. She respected her time boundaries and the number of calls reduced.

- Focus on execution of priority all day.

- Reliability, Accountability and Credibility are Key. This will help create the working style that works for you. Get trust and deliver on your promisses and help to create the balance that you want to have.

- Strive to have a healthy balnce between Life and Work.

- Clarify your values. You have to make trade offs. Give yourself the permission to be perfect. She gave an example about how she went to a business trip leaving her whole family sick..She felt so guilty.She should have said NO to the trip and nothing will have happened but she chose to go because of how it will look to her bosses if she did not!!

- Ask for help. Find a mentor/coach (clearly define the expectations of mentoring). Build a network and support system. You need an amazing support system that will always be there as you through your career!Your Spouse, Family etc...

- Always have Plan B

Pitfalls: Always feeling you have to proof yourself. You are a woman so stop making excuses about it!

When asked how she knew it was time to move from one company to the next. Her response..You just have this feeling..where you don't have the drive and passion to go to work..You just know!!

Conclusion: Listen, Learn and Adapt!!

Honestly..I was very inspired by these women to say the least..

Another Highlight: Leveraging Social Media to Build Your career..

There was a lot of reaction from the audience about this..Which was very much expected..People are not comfortable sharing their lives on the internet

The message according to Thomas Power of : We need to go from "Institutional Thinking" which is very closed and selective to "Network Thinking" which is "Open, Accepting and Everything is Random".

Apparently this is the direction in which the world is moving to..People check your facebook page before an interview to know the kind of person you are. Your twitter and linked in pages are on a radar!!Lots of mumur after he said

How do you make Social Networking work for you?

- Understand what you stand for.. You will fall for everything if you don't stand for something. Q: Who follows You?

- Identify how you can serve others as in individual (Servant Leadership). Support, Help, Advice, Guidance?

- Why do people "Follow" You?

You need to answer these questions before you start to build your personal brand on the internet

- What is your social score? ie. How good you are online. Min score: 50. I no be know this one.I just shiddon tire.. Sites like Empire Avenue and Peer Index determine this based on the information you enter about yourself.

- Connect Your Platform. Connect all your profiles: google, linkedin,facebook, yahoomail, blogger..etc...and recheck your score...Honestly this is a bit scary..I thought to myself..I want to keep my profles "disconnected"

- Learn by noticing and sharing. Learn by following the best people.

- Commit to blogging weekly, video monthly etc.

- Know what you want to share. Share the right things about you. You decide your "Social Identity"

Bottomline: Be in Control of your personal online brand!!

One message I got from a panel discussion about "Why Nice Girls" don't get the corner office": Women down play their skills and abilities. Most often than not when a woman is offered a position she asks "Do you think I am ready for this"?
So...Recognize your strengths, create depth in your skill and discipline. Do not underestimate yourself

OK people..I just had to share..It was awesome Event..Lots of Learning and Networking!!



Monday, May 23, 2011

Queens of SA House join Wax to celebrate Africa Day

Best known for delivering some of South Africa’s hottest house hits, the Queens of SA, Malehloka and Genevieve will join Cameroonian soul singer, Wax in a live concert at the Bassline in Newtown, Johannesburg for Africa Day 2011 on May 25th.

Wax is a powerful performer who has moved listeners across the world with his sensual guitar rhythms and deep lyrics, often laced with social activism. As a recording artist and producer, he is known for his versatility between genres, ranging from R&b to house. His live performances are deeply rooted in acoustic folk. African music expert, Richard Nwamba once compared him to the all-time Cameroonian greats, opining that the country had found a youngster capable of walking into the shoes of Richard Bona or Sally Nyolo.

“I grew up listening to the music of African greats such as Salif Keita and Manu Dibango. Developing a music career in South Africa has added a new cultural element - and this brings a fresh, exciting flavor to my shows.."says Wax.

The ‘Miss Real, Mr Regular’ singer will use this concert to kick off an African tour, before travelling to Cameroon and Nigeria.

Soulistic Music’s Malehloka Hlalele, simply known as Maleh will also serenade the crowd at the concert. She has within short time, made a name for herself as one of South Africa’s most powerful voices. With hits such as ‘Uzongilinda’ and ‘Falling’, Maleh has uncovered House music’s hottest property, but also remains jazz’s best kept secret.

Guest artists include vocalist and songwriter, Genevieve who shot to fame with the hits like ‘I don’t care’, along with Motswako star, Motso.

Doors open at 7pm, and tickets cost R60.

Media free. For info/Media RSVPs, contact Lolhiphop Records on or call 082 667 2776

For the Wax Experience.....

If you are in SA...Check out Wax and his crew in concert!!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

SYL ANIM unveils the "BABA" Collection.....


Our designer Extraordinaire was first runner up at the "Battle for the Runway".... show!

Bernice Angoh Lakota and her daughter Nina Lakota did an amazing job representing Syl Anim at the show in Atlanta on April 30th 2011.

Way to go Syl Anim...Bigger and better things will continue to happen as your awesome talent is revealed!!!
Check out Bernice's recap of the event on Facebook

The BABA Collection
SYL ANIM unveiled her new collection recently at two events.
The 'Centres Des Createurs De Mode Du Cameroun's first anniversary' held in the Center at Mini Pris Bastos on April 30th 2011. The Centre for fashion is home to 5 designers and Syl Anim's first boutique!!
The second event,a Charity Gala organised by The Rotary Club Yaounde was held in Hilton Hotel on May 6th 2011. Its aim was to raise funds for the purchase of ambulances for Efoh hospital located on the Douala-Yaounde road. Syl Anim was the only designer at this event!!

" The name 'BABA' is coined from BA-menda and BA-mileke because of my choice of fabric for the collection. 'BABA' also means God in pidgin....He is and will always be my source of inspiration"

Contact Info

I like, I like....I already have my eyes on a couple of

Hope you are having a nice weekend!


Monday, May 16, 2011

CAMpreneur Eyembe Elango gives us the "411" about doing Business in Africa

With over 10 years of experience as an Industrial Engineer/ Quality Engineer in Automotive manufacturing & Consulting, CAMpreneur, Eyembe Elango is now what I call an "AfriBiz" expert (lol)....

With a lot of untapped resources, an ever increasing middle class and growing young population, Africa seems to be the next big thing!!

The "411" about doing business in Africa....

.. about your company...My company “Mindsping Partners Inc.” provides frontier markets intelligence reports, custom pre-feasibility analysis and strategic project management to companies looking to expand into the emerging markets of sub-Saharan Africa. I have and do work closely with several companies – many of them privately held, generally pursue targeted opportunities in growth sectors in Africa. So, I have to help them survey the business landscape, identify stakeholders (both positive and negative), conduct pre-feasibility analyses and develop models for the financial implications of these commitments.

What are challenges in today’s African Business world?,The challenges of doing business in Africa today can best [and generally] be characterized as the “plague of flux” i.e. shifting atmospherics or enabling conditions which should bolster a company’s ability to make and implement its operation in a predictable environment.. Of course, trends over the last decade and a half has been that many African countries have emerged from the notorious trend which made them anathema for sustainable investment.

What are the growing sectors in Africa to target?The forces behind growth in Africa today are its mineral resources, the coveted prize of the most powerful interests on our planet- and many of those interests are outside of the continent. For better or worse, opportunities will continue to open up in the allied industries of those sectors, but many of these opportunities are capital intensive.

For the SME entrepreneur, opportunities abound in consumer good and services. Value added opportunities in food, Fast-moving consumer goods(FMCG), customized communications services etc

What should an investor be looking for?Depending on the sector, there are many indices to look for before developing a business case. Urbanization is one of them. Africa will be re-writing the script on development in the next 50 years. Unlike many other place in the world which have undergone the kinds of transformation we are witnessing, Africa does now have an over-arching philosophy around which African societies are organized and shaped – on the scale of most modern nation states….Indians are primary Hindu, the Japanese were principally Shinto/Buddhist, South and Central Americans are Catholic. Africa will be the first continent to be shaped and developed around exigencies of the free market!

In the end, the investor should look for people, and closely discern what their needs and wants are. In this respect, Africans are no different from people all over the world. They will demand and expect the same good and services “as seen on TV”! If the price point is right, the consumers will step up to the plate. Whether imported or manufactured locally, it is the entrepreneur’s challenge is to have the discerning wisdom to know the difference.

What challenges do Entrepreneurs and Investors face in Africa?
Entrepreneurs and investors still have to deal with the scourge of encumbering bureaucracies, enforcement of contracts, supply chain constraints etc. Every entrepreneur or investor has to deal with these realities, but I always insist that they make the investment up-front and become very aware of the environment they will be operating. Africa can be unkind to the “parachute” investor who comes in and proceed to undertake and investment without conducting the requisite “libations” – as we call it in my home country, Cameroon. Essentially, ensuring that stakeholders the local community understand and provide nominal sanction of an investment project. It goes a long way towards anchoring the investment in a community which will in turn go out of its way to make an investor/entrepreneur feel welcome and embraced. In Africa, such little gestures matter a lot.

About VC4Africa and your role in it

My association with goes back 3years. It was started by Ben White, whom I’ve collaborated with since, but whom, incidentally, I have never met. The forum has grown to over 4,200 investors and entrepreneurs from around the world who are focused on pursuing business and investment opportunities on the African continent. Group members have held about 20 meetings on three continents so far, and our growth rates suggest there is growing interest in Africa’s entrepreneurs and opportunities for venture capital on the continent. I have been a co-manager on the forum over the last two years and we just held two meet-ups in Cameroon (Buea and Douala) on May 4th and 6th.

We have a sister site which invites entrepreneurs to post their projects and gain maximum visibility from investors and Venture capitalists. All indications are that Africa doesn’t have the dearth of entrepreneurs as many had concluded. It’s an exciting time indeed.

For more check out this interview

Contact -

Eyembe...Thanks a lot for this..Great insight about the African business world!!


Brinsly Ewang and His World of Photography......

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...I love photography!!There is just something about capturing precious moments. It takes attention to detail, talent and creativity to do get the picture just right....Someone who does an amazing job at capturing these moments is Brinsly Ewang.

Here is the BrinsImage Story....

How I came to love photography....

My passion for photography was born from my desire to balance my profesional career with something that would let my mind escape into a "free fall state" once am not physically helping out the critical ill. As a multidisciplinary professional in the fields of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology, I enable the smooth hybridisation between two great invaluable technologies in the medical field - Nuclear science and Diagnostic Computed Tomography. My daily routine involves njecting the critically ill (cancer patients for the most part) with radioactive substance and acquiring high resolution cross-sectional radiographs; in this context photographs of the internal human anatomy and physiologic changes. The images I acquire each day eventually serve as a vital tool in finding answers or lead to a diagnosis for the many patients. It is the combination of my experience of caring for the critically ill coupled with the need to tune off my empathy for those I care which eventually led me to want to explore more of the brighter side of life - just people in a happier setting.

Finding that fine balance was tricky but critical in my quest as a whole person. Not realising that I already had a subtle obsession for photography. It took the intervention of my wife to realise that I had been our little boy's photographer soon as he arrived into our family in 2005. I bought a little point-and-shoot camera just before his birth with this wired but ambitious drive to capture every second from the moment he arrived.I am sure all new parents can relate to these exciting feelings.

As proof that I was actually on track to accomplished my mission, my wife drew my attention to the fact that I had infact filled the hard drive of our home PC with our son's first photos. Only then did I realise that photography was actually that balancing opportunity I have been looking for; the opportunity to connect with people in a whole different way - a way far from the pain felt by those I care for in my medical practice.

Presented with a brand new SLR camera as a birthday present, I have not been able to depart from my new found PASSION. To learn the tricks of the art, I aggressively began pursuing the science behind acquiring great photos. The quality of my work today has been the product of a robust photography training program at the Prince Georges Community College's School of Photography, the purchase of top of the line equipment and the drive to continue pushing my own boundaries. At PGCC, I was fortunate to have been trained by one of the finest;Mr. Robin Wright; a 35yrs veteran in the field and also Donald Trump’s official photographer of the Miss. USA Pageant for the East Coast.

Today, I see each assignment as a new opportunity to help someone express themselves in a way that not only tells a story but preserves their history. At every event, my approach is photojournalistic - unobstructively freezing each moment as it unfolds in high resolution photos. Acquiring the images is just the first phase. With an arsenal of photo editing softwares, every photo is perfected for those very rich and deep colors all presented in an artistic layout.

I see the camera now as an extension of my soul – it’s how I interpret the
beauty of the Human Race! Even more, it gives me that fine BALANCE between WORK

My services primarily involves people, from weddings to model portfolios, home portraiture and small intimate or corporate events.

Wow...that was an amazing story!!

Though located in the Washington DC Metro Area in the US of A, Brinsly travels for out of area assignments. In 2011, BrinsImage now offers services internationally due to recent demand from clients getting married abroad; particularly Cameroon. For a reasonal fee, you can import the same quality photography coverage BrinsImage offers in the US right into your hometown dream wedding without compromising quality. The package (lights, probs, diffusers and SLRs) is is light weight, collapsible and DC power rated for the local voltage. Due to his unique knowledge of geographic landscape of Cameroon your wedding portraits locations will be carefully scouted for that utmost artistic effect.

I have featured his work in previous posts...Check it out!!

You need to check out Brinsly's Blog... It is an amazing diary of his work!!!

Contact Information
Official website:
Phone: 301.806.3602

Brinsly, your story is very inspiring...Keep up the great work..You definitely put smiles on many faces with what you do!!


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