Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Sylvie Bello is the brain behind "The Cameroon American Council"!!!

The Cameroon American Council launches officially September 1st 2010 with a 2 day workshop!

Event: Official Launching of the Cameroon American Council: "Capacity Building for African Immigrant Organizations"

Dates: September 1st & 2nd 2010

Venue: The Veteran Enteprise Training Services Center
1200 18th NW, Ste LL100
Washington, DC 20036

The Cameroon American Council is a national membership association of 135 organizations serving over 100,000 Cameroonians/Africans in the US. "Our mission is to build the capacity, relevance and visibility of community organizations."

The main programs include: African Diaspora Outreach, Arts & Culture, Capacity Building, Health and Women Empowerment. With Cameroonians in the Diaspora as a model, the CA Council's outreach and outlook is Pan-African. A program such as ‘Africans on Broadway’ initiative aims to introduce or re-introduce people of African descent to the splendor of performing arts (ballet, musicals, theater etc) and to consult to theater houses and production groups on audience development.
The Cameroon American Council envisions a world powered by understanding, appreciation and collaboration.


Sylvie Bello is the Executive Director of the Cameroon American Council.
Sylvie started out in the nonprofit world in the Fall of 1999 as an Accounting Assistant for a Family Service Agency in New Jersey. Prior to this Executive Director position, she was the Finance and Operations Manager for the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington- a capacity building organization. She was an Obama for America (OFA) campaign staffer and worked in over 10 U.S. States for a year long period. Her outreach constituents were: Women, African Americans and People of Faith. Sylvie studied Finance and Accounting at Kean University. Her community activism includes: Co-Chair of the National African Heritage
Month Committee, National Public Relations Officer of Omega Phi Chi Multi- Cultural Sorority.

You can reach Sylvie @ 202-641 0273 or via email sylviebello.dc@gmail.com or Cameroon.american.council@gmail.com

Sylvie & Congressman Donald Payne, Chair of the US House Sub-Committee on Africa!

Sylvie giving a talk on "Fundraising Skills" @ the BFU-USA 2010 Convention.

CA Council @ the African Diaspora Festival

Representin' with Tarbinlam Lafon,BFU-USA President

Sylvie & John Hall, HUD (US Dept of Housing and Urban Development) Field Director.

Thumbs up Sylvie!You are such an inspiration...With people like you, we can sure tap into the resources available to our community organizations in the US!We have really come a long way since our primary school days in BKPS...lol!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lolita's Cupcakes......"Cupcakes with a Fashionable Attitude"...

If have a sweet tooth....You will love Lolita's Cupcakes!!"Satisfaction Guaranteed"...lol

"Cupcakes with a Fashionable Attitude"...Lol.. I just had to add that!
Our DC chica, Cynthia Anduhtabe & her sister Angel Sylvester bring to us a new bakery experience! Fashion meets bakery people........

Lolita's cupcakes is "re-introducing some fashionable glamour into cake decorating..."
I need to hook myself up with some cupcakes,cupcakes and more cupcakes!!

Thumbs up to Angel & Cynthia.....This is just creativity at its best!!

Get your orders in,people..I am sure you want a taste of Lolita's cupcakes!!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HP/Intel Ambassador @ Stanford University!!

I am a very proud big sister!! My sister Shubuka is an HP/Intel Ambassador @ Stanford University.

The responsibilities of an HP and Intel Ambassador... As an Ambassador you
- Manage campaign activities and distribute promotional materials
- Showcase your ability to educate fellow students on HP laptops powered by Intel processors
- Online and offline networking to support campaign goals and brand awareness
- Generate positive PR for HP and Intel throughout the campaign
- Target summer orientations

You can get exclusive discounts on laptops ,accessories ,printers and more...It is just a click away!!!
Here is the link...HP Academy....Click, click!!

OK people, get clicking...Shubuka needs your support!


Thursday, August 12, 2010



Designers: Tia Malafa, Winnie MacBailey & Reneta Ndisang.

Tia-MacRen is fresh & popping and brought to us by the young, brilliant & dynamic designer trio based in Buea.

Tia-MacRen was founded in March 2010 by three friends with a passion for fashion and art!

Their target is anyone who loves chic & contemporary African fashion..."Our goal is to serve both the local and international market..." says Reneta Ndisang.

The ladies bring their unique talent & personalities to the Tia-MacRen brand!
Tia has been and is still passionate about modeling,which is fundamental to the world of fashion. "After destroying several machine needles in my childhood days,i finally learnt how to use a sewing machine.This helped me develop a rare sense of style....." says MacBailey. Being such a free-spirit, Renata has always loved colours. "..And to me,the best milieu to exploit my creativity is through fashion design"....
Wow..This is classic example of a delicious blend of variety....They compliment each other quite well!

Here are a few pictures of their debut collection...Enjoy!

Check out TIA-MACREN on Facebook...
Our darling designer trio (L to R): Winnie, Tia & Reneta

Contact Details
Tel: +23795236298, +23777397787 and +23796609411
Email :ushnetyounce@yahoo.com,cragtia2002@yahoo.co.uk and khamals2002@yahoo.com

Thumbs up to Tia-MacRen....You guys are totally amazing...Keep flying the Camer flag high!!

I am soo inspired by fashion this week.....stay tuned!


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