Thursday, August 12, 2010



Designers: Tia Malafa, Winnie MacBailey & Reneta Ndisang.

Tia-MacRen is fresh & popping and brought to us by the young, brilliant & dynamic designer trio based in Buea.

Tia-MacRen was founded in March 2010 by three friends with a passion for fashion and art!

Their target is anyone who loves chic & contemporary African fashion..."Our goal is to serve both the local and international market..." says Reneta Ndisang.

The ladies bring their unique talent & personalities to the Tia-MacRen brand!
Tia has been and is still passionate about modeling,which is fundamental to the world of fashion. "After destroying several machine needles in my childhood days,i finally learnt how to use a sewing machine.This helped me develop a rare sense of style....." says MacBailey. Being such a free-spirit, Renata has always loved colours. "..And to me,the best milieu to exploit my creativity is through fashion design"....
Wow..This is classic example of a delicious blend of variety....They compliment each other quite well!

Here are a few pictures of their debut collection...Enjoy!

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Our darling designer trio (L to R): Winnie, Tia & Reneta

Contact Details
Tel: +23795236298, +23777397787 and +23796609411
Email, and

Thumbs up to Tia-MacRen....You guys are totally amazing...Keep flying the Camer flag high!!

I am soo inspired by fashion this week.....stay tuned!



  1. Keep it up girls and i tell you that the sky will only be your springboard.cheers!
    Arreytambe Tabot

  2. OMG.the dream has finally come to life.Tia,winnie n Reneta u gals rock.i am always behind u just do ure thing.luv Trina

  3. You girls are just awesome. Tia-MACREN, way to go!

  4. Thanks people we will do our best for u all.with God all is possible

  5. Thanks people we will do our best for u all.with God all is possible

  6. Gurls you're just awesome and gorgeous
    I'm proud of gurls who love their heritage
    keep it up ladies,
    soon companies will run to place their add here b/c it will become the most viewed website

  7. im so proud of u girls!!!!

  8. Big ups Winnie,Reneta and Tia! still owe me that manicure job.You know who it is...
    Good job gurls.

  9. Am so proud of u guys... Reneta(stil rmember u at qrc) who wud ve thought u wud end up in fashion?? didnt see this coming! the effect is wow!!! thumbs up thumbs up! keep doin ur thing!


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