Thursday, November 21, 2013


Its another Music Thursday..Is it just me who thinks something is happening in the Camer Music industry??

They don't call Cameroon " Africa in Miniature" for nothing!!We have "un peu de tout" and I think it is beginning to translate in our music..Rap, Hip Hop, R & B, Jazz,  pop Afro name it..with a Camer twist of course!

Enjoy the Music!

ACE - Molo Molo (Its his first official single)

Denzyl - Nanga Boko

Kate - Kongossa

Spido - Sure Mbom

Tilla - Alhaji

Young Muky ft Numerica - Dance With Me

Pit Baccardi ft Nina - Les Interdits

Miss Bess - Last Dance

Fluri Boyz - Marabou

Gasha - This Life
(Obsession # 2 - "..If you be muna for tete, muna for songo, muna for sara, muna shishong..". ..I just love and I be muna for '!). This is officially my artist to watch in 2014!!

 Jovi, February 16 and the New Bell Music crew no disappoint at all!!Love the video

Jovi ft. Eko Roosevelt - Bushfaller

Sine ft. Petit pays - Pable (Interesting collabo!)

Askia - Tat' Obaseh
I love the video..Vibe, choreography and the fact that she is changing outfits!

Can you feel the music?? Totally feeling the new vibe, videos and lyrics!

Celebs please get your "Celeb on". Talent is important but for one to be taken seriously, you need to "look" and "talk" the part..Anyways,Enjoy the music people and remember to support our artists.I am excited and have a lot of hope for the Camer Entertainment industry as a whole.


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