Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Summer 2010 BlogRoll.....

There are lots of amazing sites out there..I am hooked on some & just had to share..

So here's my Summer 2010 BlogRoll...

Yenih's World Yenih's Bliss
....Yenih's World is soo full of bliss. She's got the 411 on just about anything interesting & buzz worthy...Celebrity Gossip,Events,Travel,Picture Feast...etc....

Fonka's Perspective
Get Fonka's Perspective on Cameroonian news and issues! Quoting him "I cherish all the values of independent,fair and balanced reporting"I love the blog 'cause it is an objective perspective from a Camer Journalist.....
From the streets of Molyko.. the Dynamic Duo, IT Entrepreneur Mambe Churchill Nanje & Producer, Songwriter & R & B Artist, Njang Stephen Mbu, bring us the inside scoop on Camer Entertainment!
Nexdim Empire is your Camer Entertainment Bus-stop!Get up to date news on Cameroonian music,artists, fashion, football etc etc etc!!
You have to check it out..I just love the music videos and creative talent that is showcased on the site!

Lesans Around the World
Sandra Jules gives us an inside look @ Lesans Around the World...I love this blog!I am probably biased cause it by a fellow LESAN about LESANS..ex-students of my alma mater (Our Lady of Lourdes College, Mankon)....but then..it is a great & inspiring read!!
The stories should inspire young girls & women!....Forget "It's a man's world"......'cause it is becoming "a woman's world" slowly...lol!

Kelen For Vision Shakers
Kelen is on a journey to showcase the visionaries....If you are a vision shaker, then you should feature on this blog!If we do not shout out about our people who turn ideas to reality, who will?

Scribbles From the Den

Dibussi Tande definitely "Scribbles from the Den"..Check out his "personal views on people, places, issues and events in Cameroon, Africa and the world"..It is "Citizen Journalism at its finest"...

Naija Sites & a Pan African Blog... i am totally hooked on.....

Bella Naija
Naija's Blogging Royalty, Bella Naija's site is "RICH"! "We aspire to be Africa’s Number 1 music, style, movie, tv and beauty website".

It's hot if it is "notjustok"...lol...I know I am crazy!!These guys keep me up to date with the latest Naija music

Yaya Marie's Pan African Blog is the IT!She does an excellent job at bringing us the BEST from MAMA AFRICA from her homebase in Dakar Senegal!!

OK people, check out the sites.ENJOY!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


"Welcome to Washington DC". Home of this year's "premier Bui Cultural Event" in the U.S of Aayyy!!Yes people see you in "THE DISTRICT"! Be there or miss out!!!

Event: BFU USA National Convention
Dates: July 22 - 25th 2010
Venue: The Hilton Rockville Hotel, 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852
Theme: "Knowledge Through Education Begets Empowerment"

You are invited to the

Culture Evening Dinner on Friday, July 23 rd 2010 @ 7 pm &
Gala Night @ 9pm on Saturday, July 24th 2010 @ 9 pm

For more information on the convention, check out the Convention Site

Bui Family Union (BFU) - USA aims to raise $50,000 to "support key initiatives in Culture, Education & Health". As emphasized in this year's convention theme, the focus for the next fiscal year is EDUCATION.

OK people..it is events like this, organized by associations of this calibre that make me very proud of my ROOTS. I think I have the right to say that I am "Nso to the Bone"...
I can answer the question "What/Where is your compound?"....lololol..(Sorry, inside joke)...My compounds are:Maternal - "Mbonyar, Ntsenkar, Mbikiyy", Paternal - " Kah, Ngairin, Ntseng"..I know my lamnso spelling is terrible...but i applaud my effort..lol! My grandfather settled in "Ndzengvev"......OK "gvev" means "chicken"...so go figure...The youth section of NGVEVDA (Development Association) is "Won Ngvev",translation "chicks".......

On a more serious note, this is the EVENT you want to attend!!It will be a display of Culture and leadership in community & sustainable development.

"....In 2008-2009, through our partnership with Kumbo Development and Orientation Centre (KUDOC), we provided school supplies to 1,622 elementary school children in six schools in three
subdivisions of Bui Division, namely: Jakiri, Nkum and Kumbo.
Nine schools have been identified in Nkum, Oku, Mbiame, Kumbo and Jakiri subdivisions to receive school supplies. Cost is about$3 per kid. Goal-3378 elementary school children"

BFU-USA needs your support to achieve this very noble initiative and much more!!

Tarbinlam Lafon: BFU USA National President

I cannot wait to put my "contri dance" shoes on...Will You??

See you in "The District" in July!!


Keep checking for updates on the event & other information....
Ps: I need to figure out how to embed videos on this blog!!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010


"Oh Africa...wey oh wey oh ahh ahh Oh Africa"....I love "Oh Africa", Pepsi's World Cup Theme Song by Akon & Keri Hilson.

The World Cup has finally come to AFRICA...I am soo proud to be African. I have watched documentaries over the last few weeks which show the preparedness,excitement & pride with which South Africa and the rest of Africa welcome the world to our darling continent!!This our opportunity to show the world our RICH & DIVERSE culture!
There was a interesting segment today, June 10th 2010 on the "History of the World Cup" of the 6 African Countries of this year's edition on the "Good Morning Africa" Show (on Africa Magic)

South Africa
Ivory Coast

I learnt one very interesting fact: My darling country, Cameroon was the first African country to participate in the FIFA World Cup in 1982!

Check out the FIFA Website http://www.fifa.com/

To all those in SA, this an opportunity of a lifetime....have loads of fun and support our teams!!!Some of us will just have to watch the events unfold on TV!

Which African Team do you think can win this year's World Cup??? I am not even going to take a guess.


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