Tuesday, December 31, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR: IRepCamer's TRACKS of 2013

Hello People..Happy New Year!!2013 was a GREAT year for Camer Entertainment. I think the Music Industry is finally "coming out" and people are stepping up their game. 2014 should be about Focus..Focus on Talent, Packaging,Teams, Collaborations, Image, Brand etc..Please NO to competition and unnecessary bad belle and dichotomy!I think everyone has their own place and contribution in this up and coming industry..

Check Modemaison PR's T-H-I-N-K Top tips for 2014 post. Artists, THINK is the mantra for 2014

 Music Thursday posts became more frequent and I was amazed how easy it was to get content because new songs and videos are constantly being released. R & B, Hiphop, Rap, Raggae, Afrobeat with a bendskin, bottle dance infusion and the list goes on and on..

Started with 20 then 30 and then there were more..I gave up..So here are  my tracks of 2013...Enjoy!

Debra Debs ft P Jericho - Higher Higher

Gasha- Kaki Mbere

Leeyo - A L'aide

The Bright Light Project

Numerica - It Faut T'enjailler

Reniss - C'est La Vie

Jovi - Famille

Pit Baccardi  fit Nina - Les Interdits

Michael Kiessou - Ben Nam

X Maleya ft J Martins - Mon Ex

Stanley Enow - Hein Pere

Museba - Bom Bom Bom

Magasco - Kumba Market

  BTR - Pecos
Naomi Achu - Alhaji

Daddy Black - Ah No be Small Boy

Supaval - Mongu

PTB - Azonto Makossa
Spido - Sure Mbom

Tilla - Alhaji

Veeby ft Charlotte Dipanda - Hurt (Ndolo)
Steveslil - Ebangha

Denzyl - Monika

Adah - Far

  Nabstar -  Kwasia Braha

Sophie Aida- Break it down

Constance BK


Melcube - Made in Cameroon

Banye,The Banso Boy - Chorkoh

  Askia - Tat Obaseh

Wax Dey - Brekete

Sine ft Petit Pays - Paple 

Krotal - Là-Bas (feat. Pit Baccardi, Black Oeil De Faucon & Teety Tezano)

Ebako - You

DJ Skeeper - Tribute to Mandela
Sophie "Miss Bess" - Last Dance

OK people on that note, 2013, It's a wrap. Happy New Year 2014!Wish you and yours all the best in the new year. 


Monday, December 30, 2013


Hello people. It's almost the end of 2013.It's been an exciting year for Camers. In Music, Movie and Fashion..and the creatives as whole. Looking forward to the day when our celebs will be dressed to a major award show by Camer designers..(TOL - thinking out loud and dreaming..lol)

 Designer Spotlight on Canada based label Zna.K. This is definitely a label and designer to watch in 2014.

Born in the UK, Zeena grew up in her parents’ home country, Cameroon where her love for fashion and creativity began. As a child, she and her best friend would hand sew their doll’s clothes, made dresses for some of the little neighborhood girls, and eventually, as she grew up, she started altering her clothes and school uniforms, to her principals and parents dismay.
After high school, she moved to the U.S and later returned to the U.K, where she stayed for a while before moving to Canada.
She attended George Brown College in Toronto, where she graduated from the Fashion Techniques and Design program which helped enhance her desire of becoming a fashion designer. She is now a Toronto based  designer with clients across Canada, the U.S and even in the U.K. She particularly loves mixing African prints with solid-colored fabrics to create new, fabulous Afro-Western looks.

Recent shows include the University of Toronto ASA’s Afro Beat, African Fashion Week Toronto, where she won the 2013 Student/New Designer Competition, and recently , the University of Waterloo TRACES event, where she previewed her “Dashiki Inspired”, Spring collection.

Brenda of  Can Never Be A Skinny Bi**h Blog is a great muse...

For more on ZNA.K Canada
Twitter: Zeena Kay @ZNAKCa 
Email: znakcanada@gmail.com
Phone: 647 701 4803
Online Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ZNAKCanada

Thumbs up Zeena K...Keep up the great work!! OK people check out her pages and support one of our own designers!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Ok people..That time of the year is here..Where people from north, sound, east, west. "BushFallers", "Forestfallers" (apparently etats unis peeps..lol) head home for the holidays. 

Here's what is happening and more

Douala - IFest  - December 20th

Buea- Flavour in concert ft. Jovi.   December 20th.                                                                     
Buea - Fashion Pop Up Event - December 22nd & 23rd 

Yaounde - Fashion & Art Exhibit - Ongoing till 21st December 

Bamenda - Bushfallers Night- December 22nd 

Douala - All White Soul Weekend- December 27 & 29th

Yaounde - Sonnah Awards - December 29th 

Kribi - Blick Bassy In Concert - December 31st 

Check these out..If you are bored in Camer then you must be a longgg thing..lol!Holla if you know about more events. Stay tuned for updates...

Sales sales @ liiberlondon.com

Have fun. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hello People...Things are happening in +237 in the film industry..and I am excited to bring to you..VIRI, an adventure like no other. Think VIRI, think: Thriller, drama, Struggle, Destiny, life...


The Cameroonian film industry is evolving everyday as more and more home movies are shot and produced some of which are obvious in the manner of story-telling and others, a true depiction of our culture, heritage and evolution.
Here comes VIRI, a movie by film producer Nkanya Nkwai that intends to be different in its story-telling and in its technicality will be hijacking our small screens very soon. The story, an appropriate blend of glamour and the wild succeeds to give an insight on the best of both worlds. It’s not just a focus of life in the rural areas with no civilisation, it depicts the struggles of life after success and civilisation.
So what more is there to VIRI? It is a tale of two contrasting yet similar stories. On one hand two brothers go in search of the remains of their father 23 years after his death. On the other, a couple are on a journey with the purpose of finding a connection that can help save their difficult relationship. They all coincide in the same forest and unknown to them, the same mystery that plagues the forest is that which will eventually change their lives and re-write their destinies. Will their lives ever be the same again after they set out for their journey? You will find this out once the film is released early 2014!

VIRI is an exciting film to be. A a drama thriller, a fictional trilogy of lack of communication, love and impunity. A perfect combination of sadistic, humorous, glamorous and adventurous characters that go through the known and the unknown, through a life path of different sequences that will ultimately lead them to their destiny.
With an award winning DOP amongst the crew, expect a fluid well thought out photographical scenes backed by an excellent script and a host of acting talents captured by an experienced director.
VIRI, the movie – coming soon!

Main Cast & Crew List:

Stephanie Fonachi

Seal  Mukube
Desmond Wyte

Lynno Lovert

Nkanya Nkwai

Alenne Menget

Ebena’s wife
Mrs. Ebai

Nchifor Valery

Itambi Delphine


Vitalis Ottia

     Enah Johnscott
     Takong Delvis
Production Manager
     Tanyi Melvis
Line producer
     Forkwa Modester
     Yibain E-A Chah
Make Up Artist
     Morgan Bulu
Artistic Director
     Itambi Delphine

To find out more about VIRI affairs, please go here:-
Follow the producer on Twitter: @NkanyaNkwai
Follow their PR on Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR


Some of the faces and sights while filming!!

To find out more about VIRI affairs, please go here:-
Follow the producer on Twitter: @NkanyaNkwai
Follow the PR on Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR

Looking forward to VIRI..It sounds like an adventure like none other for real. Thumbs up to the Cast, Crew & PR. 


Thursday, December 12, 2013


Hello people...Its another Music Thursday.

Introducing my current obsession (that's an understatement). I am very excited and proud about this because of how much effort it takes pull something like this together. .

WHERE? The Melting point - Houston, TX
WHO?  Over 20 artists from 13 countries. A  DJ Skeeper Concept. A Franco Records Production
WHEN? The audio, video  & website premiered Sunday, December 8th 2013

The Bright Light Project is a Musical Approach in addressing Violence, Hunger, and Peace Across the oceans. 

The Bright Light Project mantras
This is project in itself is a journey and long time coming. Endorsed by Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston,  written  5 years ago in Cameroon and after 10 months of hard work of over 20 artists from across the globe, the audio/video, and website were released  Sunday December 8, 2013  @ Zen's Restaurant & Grill in Houston Texas. In a press conference, the CEO of Franco Records Mr. Franco Bonghan defined the short and long term goals of the project in a one hour Q/A session.   


Tanyi Jerry Tamfor aka Dj  Skeeper  (Artist, Pianist)  - Cameroon
Nnena Anosike (Artist)  - Nigeria                                                
Abizzy   (Artist) - Sierra Leone                       
Max  Ence (Guitarist) -Ivory Coast                
Katumbella (Artist) - Angola Ade Oniye (Artist) – Nigeria
Mr. V Sax (Saxophonist) -Nigeria                                              
Ugonna Anosike (Artist) - Nigeria                                             
Franco Bonghan (Franco Records) – Cameroon
Prince Noel (Promoter/publisher) - Nigeria 
MarQuis Trill  (Artist) – USA
Hefemi studios (Videographer/Photographer) – Tanzania
Chasta Callies (Artist)  - USA                                     
Ben Decca (Artist) - Cameroon                           
 Tajh Slim Knight Haye (Artist) – Jamaica
Wintafresh (Artist) - Eritrea                        
Njenga Giggz  (Producer)  (Xtrim Records) –Kenya
Roland Ross (Artist) –Liberia
Emmanuel Niyenzima (Guitarist) -Democratic Republic of Congo
Anna Silva (Panelist) – Colombia
Naim Saba (Artist)- Liberia
Epie Valentine aka Supaval (Artist) –Cameroon

The Bright Light Crew

Peace..So proud of y'all

    "....We as Human Beings have the ability to connect to each other through Music. We can stop the violence. We can create greater understanding. We can connect human beings around the world...We can make a difference in the world if only we are willing to try. Music is the universal language to do that...." Annise Parker. Mayor of Houston
DJ Franco & DJ Skeeper...This is an amazingly dynamic duo

DJ Toni Montana & DJ Franco (my highest grand dem for town..lol)

    Facebook: The Bright LightProject 

 In the aftermath of the loss of a great leader & hero, Nelson Mandela, the message of this song  resonates even more. RIP Madiba.

OK people. This is a for a great cause. Get the song on itunes, share the video, comment etc etc..Support in whatever way you can! 

Thumbs up to DJ Skeeper, Franco Records and the artists and crew. This is totally amazing and I'm proud of y'all. Looking forward to the day when this will be adopted as a theme song for an event,cause or organization. The Sky is NOT the limit.

This is more than a song. It is movement. Join the movement!!


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