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Hello People..New Year, New Feature.."In the Music" will spotlight people in Camer entertainment.Artists, Record Labels, Producers, Video Directors and will also feature guest bloggers analysing our up and coming music industry. 

Post #1 goes to Best Music Inc. Best Music Inc Boss gives us the 411 on the label and some of insights about the music industry..


Who is Ebot Blaise? A brief bio?
My names are Ebot Blaise a.k.a @didiblaise, I am bayangi from Ossing. Am a graphic designer and web developer, worked with AfroVisioN Group, a co-founder of Founder and CEO of Best Music Inc (, Kwata TV ( and KamerBorn Awards ( I write, produce and direct entertainment content particularly movie, music videos, Tv shows and concerts. I am based in Buea.

The Best Music  Journey…How did it all start? 
I love music and I have a deep passion for it. My friends, Shady V (Wan Man) and Nami Nami Cyrus and I use to rap in secondary school and we were good. We separated after high school because we had different study programs to follow. In 2011, I called Nami Nami Cyrus from Yaounde talk to him about doing something serious with music, he did not hesitate. He came to Buea and we met with Young Bird who was ready for business. We called SLIMBEATZ who was in Douala at that time, he came over, and that’s how we started putting things together came up with a group called L.O.L, with a single called “Tonado” which is a club banger, whose video I directed. And that's how how Best Music Inc started creating its space in the music industry.   

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Hello people..I know Camers are still trying to get over our dismal performance at AFCON 2015. 

I am generally clueless about sports but at I least know that Finke is the coach, Mbia is the Captain and everyone keep asking why Clinton Njie didn't play any match.

#BringBackClinton Njie has been trending all over social media.

Looking back at Cameroonian football  one cannot help but ask why it is in its current state. 

The Status Quo of Camer Football: What, Why, When, Where, Who and How did we get to this point? 

Some people are attributing it to the coach, others to tribalism and nepotism, others to FECAFOOT..and the reasons continue.

Check out these links
Apparently "Clinton Njie is dangerous"

Have your say..What is your take on the Status quo of Camer Football? What are your recommendations on moving forward?

While you are at it..Keep calm, take a selfie and join the contest..There many other topics to "have your say" so check out the blog & FB page for updates.

Happy Thursday..It's almost the weekend!



Hello people...I know Camers are still trying to get over from loosing yesterday's came...OK calm down and just "Take A Selfie" and enter the photo contest.

Selfies usually make you smile and relax so just chill and take Apparently there is a selfie stick for taking perfect selfies..I rest my case on that.

I asked for a selfie tutorial on Facebook and I got this video (Thanks #DoroBoss).. Kim Kardashian teaches us Selfie Taking 101 Nancy O'Dell..Don't you just love her? haha. Check it out

Make your submissions until this  Sunday, February 1st (4:00 pm Central US time, GMT-7). Voting is on going and ends Tuesday, February 3rd (4:00 pm Central US time, GMT-7)

Here is Snapshot of the picture gallery so far

Hashtag #irepcamerselfie on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Enter the photo contest here.

The 3 winners of the contest get $20, $15, $10 gift cards

Valentine's day is around the corner so gift cards definitely come in handy

You vote by clicking the "like" and "tweet" buttons when you scroll over a pic!

Good Luck!


Monday, January 26, 2015


Hello people..New Week New post!So I was part of organizing a meet up/networking event last December. Here is the recap. 
The most talked about Blogging/Social Media/Networking Meet Up Event recently held in Cameroon was organized by the Bold & Beautiful Camer Ladies (BBCL) group which was established with the intention of bringing together young, dynamic, ambitious and professional Cameroonian ladies who have been very active worldwide in promoting their business activities, mainly on social media. The BBCL group consists of various professionals, entrepreneurs and bloggers from all works of life. The BBCL came together for what was considered the most anticipated Social Media/Networking Meet Up Event on December 30th, 2014 at Le Méridien in Douala, Cameroon.  
Le Meridien Douala

Exhibition Sightings
 The BBCL event noticeably had a big turnout of over 120 attendees including major Sponsors namely; Gold Sponsor – Baileys and Bronze Sponsor – Madiba Consultants. This group of Bold and Beautiful Camer Ladies proved their networking power is higher than the norm by obtaining a good number of Other Sponsors and Media Partners, all of whom provided services and/or technical support during the event in one way or another.
Event Brochure
The 1st BBCL Event was not only aimed to foster networking between young professionals, entrepreneurs, bloggers, media and entertainment personalities and corporate sponsors, but it also initiated a unique strategy not typically seen in networking events in Cameroon, by providing not only networking opportunities but an educational and informative overview on the following:
·         The importance of the utilization of Social Media to Bloggers and Entrepreneurs
·         The successful impact of social media to Entrepreneurs on enhancing businesses
·         The importance of collaboration between Bloggers and Entrepreneurs and businesses

In addition to providing information on social media and ways to better enhance one’s business, this well planned event also provided opportunities for entrepreneurs, business owners, companies and sponsors to showcase their products as vendors, meet with the BBCL team, exchange (business and blogging) ideas, educate and to create awareness about the different activities, perspectives and importance of blogging and Cameroonian women on social media.
Event Brochure
Highlights of the event jumped off with a formal introduction of the BBCL Organizers by Adeline Sede –one of the BBCL Organizer’s (Founder/CEO of FabAfriq Magazine, a Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine), a presentation on “Blogging & Effective Collaboration with Businesses and Entrepreneurs” by Mbole Ekaney, a US based Blogger and the Creator of ‘THE HOTJEM’, a Fashion and Lifestyle Blog and a very successfully interactive panel discussion, led by several panelists namely; Anrette Ngafor - BBCL event Organizer (Founder/Designer for Liiber London), Mbole Ekaney - BBCL event Organizer (Founder/Editor, THE HOTJEM, a Fashion & Lifestyle Blog), Yefon Mainsah - BBCL event Organizer (Founder/Editor, IRepCamer, a Lifestyle & Entertainment Blog), Tchepowe Siewe (Contributor/Editor Ndengeh, a Music Blog), Ifaanar Qualar (Contributor/Editor for Tiptopstars) and William Takor (Contributor to several entertainment blogs).  The Panel Discussions was moderated by Hilda Awambeng - BBCL event Organizer (Founder/Editor, MammyPi, a Fashion & Lifestyle Blog). The Panel discussions which went on for almost 90 minutes surprisingly sparked huge debates and constructive criticism about blogging and social media in Cameroon and highlighted the difficulties Cameroonians faced with it. Although the panel discussions were informative, it further confirmed the need to have had such an educational networking event.
Panelists: Anrette Ngafor & Ifaana Qualar
Yours Truly & Steven's Rastafari chic, Daphne Njie

According to Nadine Tonguem of Urban TV and the Creator/Editor for Empower Success in Africa (ESIA), “This event helped enlighten its audience from wider spectrum of life, some of the development of blogs and lessons about blogging and how to blog, not to forget advantages to entrepreneurs and Business”.
Event Brochure
Other comments were made during the panel discussions, one by Joan Ngomba, a Nigeria-based Cameroonian who is the Head of Celebrity Category at and is the Founder of D'CODED TV Show. She suggested that creating content worth reading will slowly build up readership as people will search for keywords frequently used in your blog or website’s content and titles and come visiting to see if you have the information they need.
L-R: Hilda Awambeng, Joan Ngomba, Wax Dey, Sarah  Simo
Other highlights to the BBCL event were performances by popular Cameroonian Artists Daphne Njie who sang her famous song –Rastaferi, Wax Dey and Daddy Black. As if that were not enough, the event was graced by a visually appealing Fashion Show displaying the latest and hottest collection for Liiber London and Mareta West. At the end of the event many of Cameroon’s top bloggers and guests who attended the event mingled with the BBCL Organizers and posed for pictures taken by a stream of photographers waiting to catch a glimpse of these Beautiful Camer ladies who were Bold enough to create such an event.
Liiber London Neckpiece

It's Mareta West on the Runway
The BBCL team would like to thank all the Sponsors (Bailey’s and Madiba Consultants), all Other Sponsors, Media Partners and all the Vendors who participated in the running of the 1st BBCL event. A  big thank you goes to all the bloggers who buzzed about the it before and after the event. The official hashtag for this event was #BBCL2014Event.
Organizer & panelist, Mbole Ekaney of  The HotJem

Ladies posting

Writerphillic blogger, Nkiacha Atemnkeng

Organizers:(L) Chantal Edie (Chantal Edie Photography) & Adeline Sede Kamga (FabAfrique)  

Trendy By Tia at the mini exhibition

Event Backdrop: Organizers, Sponsors, Vendors

For more pictures of the BBCL Event please go to:

For more information on the BBCL event please send all emails to

It was a great opportunity to work with and meet other bloggers, young professionals & entrepreneurs in fashion designer, IT, Art, telecommunications, publishing, banking and finance etc. 

Already looking forward to organizing a bigger, better & re-branded event this December.


Friday, January 23, 2015


Hello people..It's been a great week on the WWW..And just sharing a few proud #2374Life moments.

Enjoy! #Inspired #CamersRock 

CamPreneur, Alain Nteff  featured in the Huffington Post

2014 Anzisha Prize Fellow Nteff Alain developed mobile app for expecting moms in Cameroon

Age is just a number -- just ask Alain Nteff.
At 22, Nteff -- the youngest participant at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland -- is fighting for moms and their babies in Central Africa.

He's the founder of Gifted Mom -- a mobile health platform that provides a variety of programs to moms and pregnant women, including maternal education, access to family planning and contraception services and information on when and how to vaccinate children safely. His innovation spurred the economic forum to name him a Global Shaper for 2015.

Read the rest of the story in this Huffington Post Article

 JA'ANU by Eposi Litumbe

Ja'anu is the Bakweri (A Cameroonian Tribe) expression for 'Come here'. This is a monthly series with 6 minute long episodes of Travel and Adventure around the world with Eposi.
In this debut episode "Third World Culture kid" Eposi  explores Monaco


Kibonen NY Ripping NY in the Art Institutes -Monthly

Camer Diva, Antonia Mundi of Maischna Magazine (Official Media Partner) in Berlin for AFDB (African Fashion Day Berlin). 
Check out her coverage of different events and fashionista highlights at

Dr SEA talks about Hypertension Ask Docta Episode 3 

Ask Docta! Episode 3 Hypertension_1 Definition

CK Diamond of Presema spotted in a news paper from Potsdam making a statement about the Fashion Event in Potsdam 
Where are my bundestas? I need translation from

CamPreneur, Churchill Mambe Nanje featured on TechCabal.

Rene Awambeng, Group Head for Global Corporate for Ecobank in Amsterdam for the Global Finance Awards

He received the award for "Best Trade Finance Bank" for Ecobank Africa

The best storify ever on the Cameroon-Mali match by De Brauhill

LOL at Camers and our football obsession. #AFCON2015 

And to wrap up check out US based Camer artist Peter Jericho spend a "Lucky Day" in Port au Price, Haiti..#237Proud..

Video & pictures courtesy of the www...

If you or someone you know would love to be featured, please email Like/share/follow IRepCamer on Facebook @Irepcamer on twitter, Irepcamer on Instagram, Pinterest and Y.M. on Google+

Spread some good cheers..It's Friday. Have a nice weekend.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hello people..2015 It's been great so far and I am glad to participate in the Weddington Way January style challenge. A few days ago I received an email from one of their Community Coordinators asking if I was interested in participating and I said yes..OK I am not really a fashion blogger but hey why not,!!

About Weddington Way 
Weddington Way is an online boutique that offers the modern bride a highly curated selection of top brands in wedding party style

The Challenge?
 Create an bridesmaid inspiration board with a chiffon dress

And the best inspiration site I know?? Pinterest.You guessed

I picked the grey dress. It's a winter wedding  it's nude theme with some colour "pop". I am an accessories junkie so I started scouting.haha!

Theme: Dusty Blue-Coral-Grey-Blue

Inspiration Post #1

Inspiration Post #2

Inspiration Post #3

Bridesmaid Pinspiration Board #1
Bouquet, Nail Polish, Shoes, Clutch, Necklace, Earrings, Hairpins

 Bridesmaid Pinspiration Board #2
Bouquet, Nail Polish, Shoes, Clutch, Earrings, Necklace, Hair Pins

All in One...

I had fun doing this..Looking forward to another style challenge!

So which one do you prefer? 1 or 2? How would you style the grey chiffon dress?


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hello people..I haven't had a YM's MT & R post in a while..So there is my musing, rant & thought for this week..What will it take to start a "Moving Back" to Camer movement? So you want to Move Back

First off..Can I say we should try to promote some good about pays?? Camers are very good at criticizing anything about Cameroon..Case in point..I am not going home in December because of Ebola..Cameroon was never on the "Ebola Map" to begin with.

Inspired by this article on Bella Naija with a recap and pictures of the recent.  "Moving Back To Nigeria Annual Networking Night"

As someone who has lived full circle, I can very much appreciate why people are "scared" of moving back but also know that some of  those who are up to the challenge  & ready to deal with the limitations are smiling to the bank.

So you want move back to Cameroon (or Africa)??

Understand the local market
Anything thing needs planning and research. Follow news especially business news to understand the local market and how/where/when your skills and investments will fit in. Things are happening in the different sectors in Cameroon...Be it Agriculture, Real Estate, changing policies, Finance, Mining, Oil & Gas etc..Follow the news. It will be great to read something like "A group of Germany based Cameroonians have received a license to open a factory in Limbe"...Anyhow..Just TOL (Thinking out Loud). If you want to get a job in Nigeria..Follow Naija news..Stalk all the job boards with Jobs in Nigeria..You get the drift!! Check out Business In Cameroon

Calibrate Your  Expectations. 
So the internet is not as fast as you would like it to be..Kini big deal?? lol. And oh reminder, there is no "Yelp" or GPS to locate your best "Chinese" restaurant..Go ask your friend oh. haha. Those are some of the challenges one has to adapt to. The lack of readily available information and reliable logistics system are some of the limitations which I chose to see as opportunities. The good news? The internet is bridging the information gap. More and more businesses have an online presence and "word" of mouth is easier via platforms, blogs etc. Word to the wise: "Be ready to adapt & calibrate your expectations" 

Appreciate Your Exposure
A friend of mine who is based in Camer keeps repeating it. We take our exposure for granted. There are many people who do not know better. So sometimes just give people the benefit of the doubt and educate/inform. 

Networking & building stronger diaspora communities
Network, Network and Network again. Being away from home means you lost touch with your friends and family..."If you want set up for pays...Start go back often ya"..I can't say that enough!You have to be there to "reconnect". I am happy to see more and more networking events in Cameroon. E.g. "Ladies After Work", "Soirees Leadership". 

Building effective and stronger diaspora communities can only help to bridge the gap  between the Diaspora & home based professionals. I find that a lot of our organizations abroad are too focused on what can be done in Cameroon and forget about what can be done to improve the community as a whole in the countries where they live. I think stronger  diaspora communities have a better and more effective impact in their countries. More events need to be organized with participation of people both at home and abroad. 

I was involved in organizing a bloggers networking event in December with the goal of promoting effective collaboration between bloggers and entrepreneurs. The team of organizers was made up of bloggers and entrepreneurs at home and  abroad. It was a great but challenging experience as I got to see and experience first hand some of the challenges which returnees face all the time.  Check out more on us and our activities here

Creating And/or applying "Local Content Laws"
I don't know much about laws and policies in Cameroon..So someone tell me if I am wrong. Is there a "Local Content Law"?? Having lived and worked in Nigeria, I can say that "Building Local Content" is a must for any country who wants to attract and encourage local businesses. Having Local content laws "forces" knowledge and technology transfer, ensures partnerships between international and local companies, promotes the use of local talent and expertise.... just to name a few...Get an insight on Local content here. Another article in the image below. " Oil & Gas Affirmation Action: Making Local Content Everyone's Responsibility

Spread good cheers by sharing Success stories.
Can we start trending more good stories?? There are many people at home who never left and are making it.I have to share this one. Please check out Spectra Beauty. I loved my experience there and I was even more impressed when I heard it was started by someone with a very humble beginnings and now is on his way to building an empire. Thumbs up to Valery & his team...

Then...There are those who moved back and navigated their way through the challenges. Check out an article of  "The Returnees" on the "De Braun's Hill"..A series highlighting returnees!!

Check out this video from France 24

To wrap up... Moving back is not as bad  but not a piece of cake either..To be good at what you do regardless whether you are a bushfaller, returnee, home and never left etc. You have to put in the time and work to make things work. Keep an open mind and be ready to adapt!!  Hope the post helps to kick start the "Moving Back Movement" on my blog. Stayed tuned for more updates.

What do you think can be done to encourage people to move back home? If you could change just one thing, what will it be? The one thing that will make you back your bags and head back to the darling continent!!


Monday, January 19, 2015


Hello people..It's MLK day..Happy MLK Day!!,_Jr._Day

Here are some of my fav quotes from twitter #MLKDay..

I can't wait to watch SELMA...The story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

It is also my Bday...By the grace of God I am half way to being a Septuagenarian LOL. Happy Bday to Me!! 

My 3 Take away buzz words from our December 30th Bloggers Networking event  (stay tuned for recap and follow up) will be part of my biggest buzz words this year...Create-Connect-Cultivate.


Monday, January 12, 2015


Hello people...I usually don't write about politics or religion but I had to on this one. There has been an uproar and marching over lives of journalists lost in Paris (may their souls rest in peace).. I don't support the killings either but all I can say is that there is a thin line between satire and hate.                
On the Chibok girls. What is satire about this? May be my sense of humour is wack!
   Why are more people and the media not talking about what just happened in Nigeria?? Are African leaders also going to march and/or declare a day of mourning for these lives?? What are African leaders doing about this?

Way to go Boris Kodjo!

This is for the 2000 lives & more lost in Nigeria and the region as a whole. It's been over 6 months since the Chibok girls saga and no news. My heart goes out to the parents and to the families of all the lives lost recently in Nigeria..Cameroon & its army seems to be the only ones bothered about what is happening in the region..And some have even lost their lives..May their soul rest in perfect peace.

As a Cameroonian, I am bit worried about the stability of all the countries around us. Cameroon just seems to be under attack. Breaking News...God Help Us.

This doesn't look good!

African Leaders and World leaders please do something about the instability in Nigeria and West/Central African region as a whole. Who ever is trying to destabilize the region means business!

Hope the bigger Media channels  talk about this massacre....and get the facts straight...

Is this accurate CNN?? 

OK there are great cartoonists out there...Et P8 Koi?? 

Et P8 Koi?? LOL

I am Nigeria in Hausa

I Am Nigeria in Igbo

I am Nigeria in Yoruba
Pictures Courtesy of Facebookers...(Don't you just love

#IamTheCameroonianArmy.   #ISayNoToMassacre #ISayNoToBeliefBashing #AllLivesMatter #IAmNigeria #RestInPerfectPeace #StopBH


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