Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hello people..I normally don't do back to back Music Thursday but there are lots of good new and not soo new tracks and videos out so I had to. Please support up and coming artists by sharing and buying their music..The Camer Urban industry is in good place right now..Slowly but surely we carving our unique "Camer Soundz and Beatz".Let's #TrendCamerMusic. There is a new Music Blog in "town" Check out  "NDENGE" -THE PEOPLE - THE CULTURE - THE MUSIC

PhilJohn Beatz
PhilJohn is one of my all time fav beat makerz
King Kester - Nzinzi
Remixed by PhilJohn..Enough said!!

Bella -  Pala Pala Remix
Mani La Belle...Pala Pala is one of my favs..and I love this remix

Eddy B - I Want To Marry You (Go)
This track has to trend at wedding this December..I absolutely love it

Tay-O - Follow the Lida
The swag for this video na die..hahaha..Whats up with bikers and chics?? I am totally feeling it..Follow the Lida

Jintior Sieni - City Near You
OK take a quick trip to a city near you!! Once I get passed the Nwords..I am kinda!

JuiceJulius - Yankee
"Ya mama go go Yankee go Yankee go Yankee ehhh"  ok this bush falling. Loving it!

Ouilfreed Meyou - Na PoPôh ndolo Remix
MNW presents Na Popoh Ndole Remix , Prod by Dj Chriss and his team at  GhettoMusicProd. The video is Directed by Adah Akenji from AMusic Video Production.
" You habok me..Habok..You di turn turn me...No Popoh Ndolo...Time di go oh mami nyanga..No waste my time"

Le Macobo D'Eto'o 
Chaiii Camers no go kill me I! I don't even know what to say..I happy that someone reached one to me with this..Love it!

Leo NG - TPT  (Tuer Pour Tuer)
Tuer pour Tuer...In short..another lyrics way worry And Adah Akenji is def a "serial video killer".. 

AL-K - Soffa Pikin 
Camer soldier..yes yes je confirme..OK the lyrics of this track are killing it.

Ama Fru - Ahead Ahead Lyric Video
"If you want do am step by step just wake up and try. Put one foot at a time. No let man discourage you" End off. Lyrics are on point. Looking forward to the video..As you can see he is "preppy" in his


Maknum- Elimb'a Dikalo
Proudly born and bred in Douala..I am in love with this track and video..chaii...In memory of Eboa Lottin. 

Daphne - Broken Lyrics Video
So yesterday SME Wednesday brought us the Lyrics video for Broken..Video & production done by the talented Nkeng Stephens. This is my best track of the Reflection EP. Which is now available on iTunes, google play & Amazon. 

Also check out her session with the one and only Brice Albin of Nostalgie FM to debut her Reflection EP here. Read the amazing Music Review on Scribblers From the Den here. 

"If you come to fix me. Then ma heart na ya own. But if come to break ma heart. No no no. Heartbreaker you no go ever see my heart. Cause I am already broken" 



 MTN Make The Music winner Salatiel to drop his video for Fap Kolo soon. Check out the Behind the scenes!!..."I di find ma own garri.". Looking forward to it.

Enjoy the Music...Happy Thanksgiving to all my US peeps.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hello people.So the #OrangeWFP Campaign is on!! November 25th to December 10 are 16 days of Activism to #EndViolenceAgainstWomen...

And this one of the reasons I love FB is because I can get great feedback....(and of course harass people to get what is

The #UNiTE  #OrangeWFP campaign  kicks off As UN Headquarters shines in orange to raise awareness 

My friend Shiela Elangwe who put me up to this and I just ran with
Frenn truly this morning raising awareness with tangerines & flyers

Seynabou Keita, Senior Staff Assistant, Remy Doumbia, Resource Management assistant, and Michelle Iseminger, Deputy Country Director, CO MALI

Michelle, WFP Deputy Director MALI

With my cousin Noela Tume Samson #MbohnyarSwag
Yours Truly

Julia Gham of PowerHouse Inc

Enow Ayukegba Aka True Lion. Sports Analyst Extraordinaire @Tru3football
Kweku Adu, Film Maker & Photographer Excellente @BTK International Studios 

Terese Tande...Chef Extraordinaire @CookingWithTerese

Makongi Yuyun...Thanks for the quick response sis!
Adeline Sede Kamga Editor & Consultant in Chief @FabAfriq

My friend Catherine Ndoping Nwana, Says NO from Bangalore, India
Estella Muma adds to the Punjabi Effect from Washington DC (pure

Moi @Flat Creek Estate #WineryThingz

Please do something similar in your network. Start a discussion on your community,social media, wear orange, have a girls night out and discuss how to help the cause of ending violence. To support this campaign, please send a picture of you wearing Orange to "Have your say" about this issue and will be quoted in a follow up post.

#OrangeWFP #UNiTE


Monday, November 24, 2014


Hello people.Introducing a new feature which showcases Cameroon through (random) pictures.  The goal is also showcase,promote  and encourage of up and coming photographers!! 

Camer Faces, Spaces & Places #1 features photos by Buea based photographer Kelly B. 

En Passant Le

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Hello people..Another Thursday..There is soo much good music these days..I can't keep up. Camer Music is my constant staple during my commutes.It is amazing how much talent there is out there..It just needs proper packaging, a team and strategy! 

Kicking off with Chilli...My Nso people will love this one..It's Rap, Hip Hop, Bendskin Pop. R & B..and the list go on..To Trending pays music..

Chilli - My Heritage
"Kikum tar la. Tar machine..." Looking forward to more from Chilli. 

Buea or na Moly all stars..This is the ishh collabo...All man rap e own ehh!!

Taybid - Show Me

Taybid  is here again...
Slimbeatz  Best Music Collabo
This best Best Music collabo featuring the beatz from one of my best producers is it.Everyon came out well on the rap..And of course Monsta is my fav..."We di njoka err day..boh we know  the thing..'cause ma bill no get gate..."ll

Yann Nz - Comme si c'etait hier
I love the track and the simplicity of the video

Yvich - Parkinson
Hope Music Group def has some good and talent..."Tu as la parkinson"??? 

Micheal Kiessou ft CPrime - Wapalilo (Sagat Sagat)
Ladies and Gentlemen, Hope Music Group in Collabo with A Music present to you, Michael Kiessou ft C-Prime......Sagat Sagat!! .This is BendSkin Rock Pop!!

Tyt Ginz - 7 Feet Tall
Hmmm who is 7 feet tall..I want see feeling Area Killa Beatz!! "I am not a musician..I am an artist..You no fit change my position, I get foundation" "I got two thingz, Swag & The Business"..You be Bangwa 99 Sense. for real..haha...Na wah oh!
Crispy - Mboma 
Kumba guys di kill me oh..The lyrics for this song na die. "If I vex I di turn Mboma...I get beef for bush..One na Python". "Kumba Boy I don work tire" 

Honestly..New artists are popping up by the week..This edition's highlight for new artist is  Marc Eff  Afro-R&B producer/singer, who doubles as the CEO of Chillen Muzic Records.

The singer/producer, born Nkwain Marcel Ful, is originally from Njinikom, a tribe in the North West Region of Cameroon. Though presently a maestro, things have not always come easy for Marc Eff who has had quite a bit of a struggle on his way up the ladder of career success.
Marc Eff’s passion for music dates back to his childhood days, when at the age of 12, he developed an interest in playing the xylophone. Little did this 12-year-old know that his playing this instrument for his local traditional masquerade dances was just a tinge of an innate quality that would someday put him at the helm of a renowned recording studio.
Growing up with his elder brother Master Chill, who had a burning desire for music further ignited Marc Eff’s interest in music. The young artist, however, never got much encouragement from this end when he started singing in 2006. Having been severely frowned at for his career choice by a disapproving dad, the loving older brother, understandably, did not want the same for his kid brother.
This did not deter the young singer. On the contrary, it fueled his zeal and he wanted more than anything to follow in his brother’s steps. He kept on with his dream in the shadows, and together with his friend Abah Juventus, formed a band called the ‘So Close Crew’. Instrumental to the band’s success was Pazzo, a member of Chill’s crew at the time, who encouraged the m and helped them come out with their first demo. During this time, Marc Eff picked up a few music production tricks from Pazzo and within a short time, was able to make his first beat.
In 2007, Marc Eff met T-Max, a local voice trainer, and Ben Mbinglo, his mentor at the time, who helped him with the basics of making good music.
The singer later in 2008, got in contact with someone who according to him “..till date remains the major person who impacted my musical career extraordinarily…”, Herman Kishani. “…He even gave me the name Marc Eff, which means ‘final mark’, alluding to the unique final touch he thought I gave my music.”
By 2010, Marc Eff produced his first standard product, an album for the Voltage Crew, at the Chillen Muzic Studios, owned by his brother. The pivotal point in the artist/producer’s career came in 2011 when the Voltage Crew Album was completed and Master Chill, seeing the great potential in the young producer, decided to work with him.
Between 2012 and 2013, Marc Eff produced a couple of singles, including ‘Super Fans’, ‘Facebook Lover’, ‘Ma Functionaire’. He also produced songs for General Tozic, Mic Monsta, Witty Minstrel and Dr. Kapt, the few amongst the lot.
Marc Eff has steadily grown from a kid with an unquenchable passion to an expert with a producer’s touch that brings life to any kind of song.
About his singing, his songs tell it best…’Mbanga Don Ripe’, ‘Pull Me Back’, ‘Yah Bad’ are all part of his repertoire.

From playing the xylophone masquerade dances to becoming a great artist/producer and CEO of a top recording studio was never a jolly ride for Marc Eff…and if there is a lesson well spelt out by his journey to success, it is this-“Determination is the key to success”

Stanley Enow ft Sarkodie - Njama Njama Cow Remix.
Everyone should have seen this video by now...The remix is much better than the original which caused a big time social media no go kill me person. "Ma mami go for Ngaoundere for sika bele cow oh"


Mr. Leo - E go betta
I love everything about this song and video..Wehhhhh!

 Ambe - Les Filles De Mon Pays
Rebranding himself as "Ambe" was the best thing that happened. I like his music genre 'cause he mixes it with traditional beats. "If e no get money, e di tok na rubbish. If e no get money e di tok na rubbish. Si il n'a pas l'argent  il dit les betise. Si il na pas l;argent, it parle l'espagnol" 

Daphne - Reflection EP
Let's just say I can't get enough of this  4 track "Reflection"debut EP by Stevens #NextBigThing..Now available on iTunes, GooglePlay & Amazon. Check out Daphne's Facebook page for more updates.. Looking forward to listening to the audio for the great debut show with Brice Albin on Nostalgie FM on Monday, November 17th.

Reflection - Lyrics Video 
The Lyrics video for Reflection is just a breath of fresh air. The graphics are to die for. Already looking forward to next SME Wednesday

Happening in Douala Tonight. Daphne is #MADEOFBLACK

OK people..Let's #TrendCamer Music Enjoy!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hello people. By now you should know that I support and will promote anything that empowers women, advocates for Women rights.Any night any day..Being in a male dominated profession, I understand too well what it is like to be a woman in a man's world. . In today's "modern" world, people need to understand  that things are changing. Women need to be empowered, educated and become less dependent and be decision making and policies that affect them. 

We (African women especially)  have been raised not to speak up for ourselves but that needs to begin to change. Please as we raise strong women, can we raise the men to deal with this type of women? I still think there is a  big disconnect there and that is why even in 2014 even  people in Generation X & Y still beat up women..or strip one in public because of the way she is dressed. Case in point, the recent protest in Kenya to protest against the miniskirt attack Where are the men who are annoyed at the violence against women??  This is everyone's issues and not just a" woman thing" If men could speak up and defend women then incidents like what happened in Kenya will not be happening in 2014...Anyway I can go on and on..

Introducing Orange WFP...

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence & Say NO: UNiTE to End Violence Against Women
25 November – 10 December 2014

Orange WFP

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign that starts on November 25th (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) and ends on December 10th(Human Rights Day). This 16-day period includes November 29th (International Women Human Rights Defenders Day),December 1st1(World AIDS Day) and December 6th which marks the Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, when 14 women engineering students were gunned down for being feminists.

Launched in 2008, the United Nations Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign aims to raise public awareness and increase political will and resources for preventing and ending all forms of violence against women and girls in all parts of the world

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign aims to raise awareness about gender-based violence as a human rights issue at the local, national, regional and international level. Each year, the campaign focuses on a particular theme. This year’s theme is From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World”.

This year, the UN Secretary-General’s Campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women is “Orange YOUR Neighbourhood”  by taking the UNiTE campaign to local streets, shops and businesses, and organize “Orange Events” in our own neighbourhoods between 25 November and 10 December 2014.
Snapshot of the EndViolence website

WFP and Ending Gender Violence
In 2013, WFP, like other UN system entities of the United Nations system and United Nations country offices, organized activities relating to the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence in various ways. Last year’s programme at HQ culminated with the projection of the movie “To Serve with Pride” which featured the WFP ED and a number of other WFP staff members. In Regional Bureaux and Country Offices, the campaign is usually also marked by a series of notable events.

This year’s campaign
  • At HQ, look out for distributions of orange items, and please wear or display them during the 16 days. Between all of us, let’s orange the HQ building; if you’re in an RB or CO, try to orange your office and send us pictures.
  • Check the WFP GO
  • Pilot Training on Masculinities (two sessions: 25-26 and in the WFP Tent)
  • On listen a talk and follow a panel discussion on the issue with WFP colleagues

Please do something similar in your network. Start a discussion on facebook, wear orange, have a girls night out and discuss how to help the cause of ending violence..

Thumbs up to WFP & UNiTE for this excellent initiative. 

#OrangeWFP #UNiTE #EndViolenceAgaint Women

To support this campaign, please send a picture of you wearing Orange to "Have your say" about this issue and will be quoted in a follow up post.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hello people..I couldn't wait till!!.By now you should know that I have mad love and respect for this artist. She has the potential to be as big as Nneka & Asa..Her New tracks are dropping in a week!!

Upon Reflection When Broken, You Find Love (Ndolo).

Charlotte, NC, Nov 10th 2014 - Stevens Music Entertainment announces the release of 3 new singles from Daphne.

Daphne was introduced over 3 months ago to the music world as “The Next Big Thing” out of Cameroon. Her first single “Rastafari” lived up to all expectations and is still in rotation on TV and Radio stations around the world.

“Daphne has great potential, a lovely and mature voice…and definitely possesses the ability to explore various genres” Paola Audrey, Editor of Fashiz Black Magazine & contributing editor of NotjustOk & OkayAfrica

Having established herself as an “uncompromising vocalist”, Daphne is back with three new songs off her forthcoming album. The songs show Daphne’s versatility as her vocals ride effortlessly on a Pop/Dancehall beat on “Reflection”, a soulful Afro-pop beat on “Broken” and a Makossa-Zouk infused beat on “Ndolo”.

“These tracks will no doubt establish Daphne as one of the best songwriters and vocalists out of Cameroon”. Fointama Besia, TV Personality.

“Reflection is about love redeemed…it’s about forgiveness and allowing love to come back to you,” said Daphne. The song tells the story of a lover who is around when things are good and goes away when “things dem bad…” But the best part of the song is when Daphne asks her runaway lover to “come right away, bring all your pain along let’s burn it down …”

The theme of love continues on “Broken”, a song about a girl who’s been hurt and left broken-hearted. “This song is a chapter in everyone’s love book,” says Daphne. “Especially for girls…(she laughs)…you want to love again but you are so scared…’cause you are broken”.

Her third single seems to be a solution for the first two. After being jilted on “Reflection” and left “Broken”, Daphne turns to the “food of the soul…the reason why we laugh, the reason why we cry, the reason why we smile, the reason why we live” - Ndolo (Love). She personifies love as God. “God is so beautiful, and will always be the pillar of my being,” says Daphne. “I turn to God for everything” she continues.

My message with the three songs is simple. “When you feel let down and broken into pieces, you need to reflect…reflection will lead you to the truth, will lead you to love…to God (Ndolo)”.

Daphne continues to work on her debut album to be released in 2015. These songs will continue to showcase her as a force to reckon with in the Cameroon and African music industry. The maestro AnyKindBeats produced all three songs with Shan and Oga doing additional production on “Ndolo”.

“Daphne had made a great entrance…her voice is smooth, filled with fire and fierceness. Bref, J’adore” Celine V Fotso, Editor of JeWanda Magazine

The songs will be released on itunes and other digital outlets on Nov 17th.

“I am looking forward to interacting with fans and getting their feedback on these songs. The songs were written with them in mind, so their feedback is important to me,” concludes Daphne.

Get more details on Daphne:
Twitter:  @Is_Daphne @Daphne_Njie

Management and booking:

DJ Man-No-Run: 1-310-995-7099 (USA/Americas)
Linda Galabe: +4917631413514 (Europe/Asia)
Shan +237 77232755 / Pearl Louma:+237 77309859 (Cameroon/Africa)
About Stevens Music Entertainment LLC;

 I love all tracks and I "Broken" is my  fav. "Heart Broken you no go ever see my heart". Let's just say I already remixed the track in my head and I know who should be on #MusicJunkie

And Btw whoever Steven's graphic artist is..He is the bomb!!

Here's the video & audio  for her debut single "Rastafari"..Enjoy!
Looking Forward to next Monday..Please let's support this up and coming artist by buying the tracks!!


Monday, November 10, 2014


Hello people..."Since As All Man Write" is a classic statement. If you didn't read William Takor's article about the Controversy surrounding Njama Njama Cow release..Please read it here..

..We all have opinions about popular and controversial topics..So "Since All Man Wan Write"..Have your say!

If you haven't been following the Series "Chatting An Anglophone Nga" by VOC,   you need it check out..It just gives the  classic picture of the dating game...Boy Meets girl, girl is forming, Endless advice from girlfriends, Boy gets what he wanted from the start then starts forming..etc. 

Any topic related to relationships always get a lot of attention because that is one topic with many different angles and opinions. I am no expert on relationship..(Guilty has charged on some of the following points)..but menn. 

Case in point  recent posts related to "The Law of F** Yes or No" & Can Men & Women Just Be Friends??

The Merits Or Demerits of Technology
"Chatting An Anglophone Nga" aka the dating game seems to be getting more challenging. It is hard enough that we live in an ever busy world with lots of gadgets and apps but communication seems to be getting worst.There is more noise than actual Communication.Facebook, Whatsapp, Viiber, LinkedIn, Pinterest,snapchat, etc..

If you want to get the A1 on someone and their interests,opinions etc whom you are really interested in I  think it is easier than ever but hmm..Not sure if people make use of their "research tools"..hmm just saying. I am talker but with all this technology I was forced to become a chatter/texter..And even when you tell someone you are talker..Nada changes..I tire!

Fear of Letting Your Guard Down
People to be scared of letting their guard down at the beginning..i.e. the chase or getting to know each other? .We are all "forming" (naija slang for pretending or being overly cautious"). Guilty as charged. It is the "A girl/boy broke my heart so I really don't know about you" trend. Classic comments "I think it comes with fear, apprehension and of course personality. There are some people with a multitude of degrees in risk-taking, and some that shy away from the unknown - man must protect ee heart. For some people na just childishness aha! ...thinking that being chased and stringjng people along will prove that the guy/gal really get ya time - well be being there mmmsshhheww!! until the boat sails and you are drowning in your own tears. Me I am all for taking the risks's a fucking yes or no, no in between. I like the read...even the usage of fucking fuck...

 "I say Talk is cheap. All thing wey I di read no be the same things wey I don notice in the past (after "Clint Eastwood" has been through town and emptied his loaded gun; firing on every cylinder like a Mexican Bandolero) 
Instead I don witness na Reclusiveness, sad/men-bashing status updates, weight gain, transferred aggression onto the potential "next" who has done nothing wrong, Toni Braxton on the playlist and renewed utter LOVE for this R. Kelly song"

What happened to just being honest? 

Is it a "Hell Yeah or No" ? 
Is it a hell yeah or no? Granted we are getting to know each other but can we just agree we are that point and take the time to know each other rather than be in this grey are? Sometimes one party (the lady) feels frustrated because the other person is not saying anything and doesn't want to start the convo for fear of "over functioning". Ladies you know what I mean..when you are going at 1000 km/hr and dude is at 10 km/hr. I think the older you get the decision making process has to be quick..It is either a hell yeah or no!! 

Dressing Up Men

This meme by Dr. Farrah Gray (who's posts are always on point) says "Ladies make sure you find a WISE man. Don't worry if he ain't cute. You can dress up something that is ugly but you can't cover up a fool #Amen" OK but is it too much to have both?? Just saying.. Classic comment "Women always looking for a man to dress up. Wuna think say we be doll baby? Smh" hahaha for real. 

"I Love You" Is Overrated
This pic best explains it..Actions speak louder than words!

"I can make any woman look fine physically if she has trust in me.True happiness comes from within n its not the physical.Beauty is substance"

On Marriage
This post on "Find Palava Woman" "On Marriage" is on point. 

On Relationship Advice Targeting Men
Please can someone write advice or a book targeting men? It is always a woman should..A woman should Catch a man and keep him, how a woman should be a submissive woman, How a woman should x y and z...A book on how to turn a man into a better man or boy into a man will be nice..Just saying.."Why Men Don't Read Self Help"

" Oh who side all the better guys dem day?  Correct chap dem don no day again?" etc I think we should just go back to classic Hook up. Shirri's Cousin Makah thinks she will get along well with Ngum's cousin Ngwa..The HK(s) aka hookuper(s) have the interest of both parties at heart and I think the chances of success are higher..Just saying

What do you think? Classic HK or what? lol..Enjoy the VOC videos ..While you are at get some dancing going..."Sagat Sagat"..It shall be well.. Nothing spoil!!


Post by VOC.

Post by VOC.

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