Monday, July 28, 2014


Kibonen is usually very proudly  "Toghu chic".....She is taking it to the next level!!

History is about to be made!  Kibonen Nfi announces her participation at the prestigious Fall 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York.  Nfi is the brain child behind one of Africa’s most original emerging fashion labels, KibonenǀNY, and she looks forward to participating in the coveted event taking place at the Lincoln Center on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 8pm.
Kibonen’s participation at Mercedes Benz Fashion week comes at the heels of a rigorous audition process organized by the Art Institutes of NYC where she is currently enrolled as a fashion design student.  While over 60 students auditioned, 13 students were selected, and Kibonen was one of the talented elite selected. Kibonen  joins the list of the few African designers who have showcased on this platform.

Kibonen delved into fashion in 2009 when she came up with the ingenious idea to revolutionize the “Toghu,” which is the royal regalia worn by the Tikar people of the Bamileke and Bamenda regions of Cameroon, West African.  She further developed her aesthetic vision by creating pieces that not only represent the Cameroonian tribes, but garments wearable and appreciated by the ultra-modern client.  While Nfi constantly gains inspirations from the African prints, African tribes, nature, symbols and representing them on her textile designs, she uses this inspiration to print on luxurious and more contemporary fabrics.

As that “child of Africa” she has successfully showcased her talent at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa in South Africa2012 and 2013, has been featured in BBC- focus on Africa, GQ SA, the New African Woman Magazine and her work has been in exhibitions at the National Museum of African Art – Smithsonian Institution.  

As the African Fashion International Awards 2013 nominee for emerging designer of the year and the Cameroon Academy Awards recipient for Designer of the year 2013 Kibonen has decided to transform her natural talent to a financially viable career.  Nfi reiterates the fact that “ Anyone can be very talented but will need the right channels to explore their talent. Going back to the Art Institutes of NYC for a degree in Fashion Design is the best decision I ever made. They provide me with the support system I need to leap forward in the industry and to the right direction. This to me has no price and I truly feel privileged to be a part of this entire experience. ”.
Sustainability in fashion is key to this designer who thinks of Cameroon as a country with abundant talent, unbelievable design aesthetics, and amazing and beautiful people yet over 49% of the population live below the poverty line. This was another gripping factor that urged Kibonen to further develop her skills and use the business of fashion to eventually help create employment in Cameroon, paying employees a fair wage that will not only aid survival but allow them to improve their standard of living.

Kibonen has decided to dig further into the modern fashion world in order to further develop her skills and better articulate the needs of her clients. Developing a lot of support along with knowledge and skills from her school, Nfi recently landed a phenomenal internship opportunity at Donna Karan New York in the Atelier Division. Where they design exclusive outfits for celebrities. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Kibonen Nfi during the 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

Facebook: KibonenNY, Twitter: KibonenNY, Instargram: KibonenNY, Tunepics: KibonenNY,

 Thumbs up Kibs and the Kibonen NY crew..Looking forward to more from the show. Keep flying the 237 flag high.


Thursday, July 24, 2014


Hello people..Today's Music Thursday is all about new releases!! 

#Team237 Let's go!


Chick Nick - Ekosse.
"Ekosse don take me go oh baby you bad...Ekosse don take me go oh. This baby na wonder"...This track has been on the replay since I heard it! Lyrics and vocals are on point.  This is the second track by the Yaounde based artist.  

Ewube - Party All Nyte
"It's Ewube...It going down"...It is an blend of Afrobeats, reggae and dance hall! 

Daphne -Rastafari
"For you I be na rastafari..rastafari..". Great vocals and I love the beats.... Learn more about the new Steven's artist here . Stay tuned!

Nyanda Ft. Stanley Enow - Slippery When Wet Remix
Jamaica Meets Camer in this remix!!

Duc Z- Lock Chou

And the highlight for Today's MT?


Following the success of “Bangwa Sense” a year ago, Buea based rapping queen CIANA is about to reveal her blood, sweat and tears of the past year by releasing her first ever music video.

The video to her second release dubbed “Ozeile Nchiengo” which in the Bangwa language translates as “you know I am better than you” as she is heard say in the song “you know say I pass you” reveals CIANA as ready and willing to put her own mark on the rising Cameroon music scene.

I am excited for the world to see what I have been cooking silently behind the scenes with my team and I believe I am now ready to bring my own contribution to our industry” states CIANA whose real name is Caroline Takon Jabe.

The official video will be released in a few weeks. Enjoy the teaser!!

Twitter/Instagram: @bestciana
Facebook: Miss Ciana
YouTube: Miss Ciana

OK people, The weekend is around the corner! Enjoy the music.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hello people..It is your fav music day...Thursday!

A lot is happening  the+237 music world. I have been tagged a lot recently with new songs and can't even keep up.

Here's what I am loving this week..Enjoy!

Debra Debs - Sometimes
I just love  this track. It is one of those feel good tracks. "Let your faith do the walking, let your heart to the talking. The secret to it say that they can do then I can do it.." 

Maahlox Le Vibeur 
Maahlox just seems to capitalize on said!

Anita - Thank You Lord
Of her recently released album, "My Deliverance Has Come" "Thank You lord" is a medley for the soul. The album will soon be available on iTunes.

Stanley Enow - Njama Njama Cow
The MAMA 2014 winner and AFRIMMA awards nominee is on a roll. "Iyo cowo, Njama Njama cow..." 

Gasha - Notice
Nominated for AFRIMMA award for Best Female Central Africa, the countdown is on on her facebook page.

Vin Deca ft Myra Maimoh - I Encourage You
"I am here to say I encourage you. I am here to say please say strong...."
Miss Lena ft Stanley Enow - Give Me A Sign

And the highlight for today's MT...
Ambe - Rendez Vous
Ambe (formerly knowns as Denzyl) recently released track Rendez vous is song of hope to which an aspiring artist keeps alive..‘So I don di hustle to be successful…I don di find money to make my life more beautiful…’

The countdown to the first edition of AFRIMMA awards which takes place in Richardson, TX on July 26th 2014 is on!  Vote for your fav Camer artists @

OK poeple..Enjoy the music. Have a nice weekend.


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