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With wool, talent, inspiration and a drive to survive in Nigeria's tough entertainment 3 years ago, Sylvie Anim Mbuta started making croquet outfits and jewelry. She has since unveiled: The "Carribean" & "Baba" collections, Ankara gladiators, clutch purses.....I can go on and on..and NOW......

Raw Talent + Black Silk, Satin, Linen + "Graffi" (and I think "Kaba") Inspiration = RAW ELEGANCE...

Syl Anim unveiled her new collection "RAW ELEGANCE" at this year's Africa Fashion Week New York on July 14th!

Some pics of the show....Enjoy!!!

...Off to the West Coast for BFU's 2011 Convention (Bui Family Union) in Santa Clara,CA for her Fashow Show on July 22nd!

Hanging out with peeps at the convention!!

My sister was a model

The models definitely had fun!!


You ladies look great.. Totally rocking the outfits!!

Designer, Syl Anim

Check out previous posts...

Contact Information
Boutique: 'Centres Des Createurs De Mode Du Cameroun', Mini Pris Bastos Yaounde.

Great Job Syl Anim..Keep up the great work!

Pictures Courtesy of AfriKanSpot & Syl Anim.

Have a nice weekend people.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011



If you love accessories like moi...Then you need to check it out!!

Following a traffic stopping launch of its Pop Up FashionMarket, BEFFTA Award nominated PR & marketing firm, Votre Avant Garde (VAG) is planning a second instalment. Set in London’s edgy Brick Lane, the company’s new venture, which took place on Sunday 3rd July, was organised in association with glossy magazine, FAB.

“We wanted to create a fun way of taking the latest catwalk chic to people’s closets,” explained VAG’s Marketing Officer, Isabel Bezeng.

The bazaar featured unique creations from Asakeoge, Kamondi Couture, Ayikai Couture, Yaa Ataa Bags and textile connoisseur, Yaa Ohenewa. Style lovers enjoyed a colourful and vibrant atmosphere as they bagged exquisite Africhic at amazing prices and sampled delights from event sponsor, Lolita’s Cupcakes. Lucky fashionistas also won free copies of FAB.

For many, the highlight of the day was an impromptu street catwalk show.

“This is the best way to do it! I have travelled around Africa and this really captures its essence,” raved passerby Daniel, of the spectacle, which, he noted, was the first of its kind on Brick Lane.

For shopper, Christina Swanepoel, the catwalk was a unique display of African beauty. “Having the models on the road was a very clever way of bringing African beauty to the observer's eye!
I also loved the background drumming, which certainly attracted the attention of tourists. Their awe and appreciation were palpable,” she explained.

Swanepoel also appreciated the store’s relaxed ambience. “It was informal and consumer friendly; people were offering advice and made friendly 'small talk.' I didn’t get the impression of sales ladies wanting to 'sell' the garments at all cost,” she observed.

Contact Information

Cynthia Tabe: Tel: 07834 321 373 or Email:

If you are in London this sure to "Pop In" at Brick Lane!!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CAMpreneur Fri Forjindam Bailey Launches Wedding Nouveau Magazine!

CAMpreneur, Fri Forjindam Bailey launches Wedding Nouveau Magazine on July 11th 2011....

What inspired you to start Wedding Nouveau?....The wedding Nouveau story
It came up as an after thought really while planning my own wedding in 2008. I moved to the US as an impressionable teenager, however, there's a strong and unchangeable core that is uniquely Cameroonian. Wedding planning is challenging enough as is, so when you throw in very different cultures, distance, expectations and questions like: "In what country will we have the knock door?", then you've got yourself a whole new game. I was overwhelmed by the assault of wedding magazines on newstands all preaching the same old trends, gowns and refurbished ideas. On the other hand, I was extremely frustrated with the lack of resources for brides like me in interracial/ intercultural relationships. Over a year later, a teeny tiny little blog began. I think my monthly page view for that first month was a little under 1000 views (70% of which, surely came from me). In the last year and a half, we've grown from a teeny blog to an online magazine, and now a digital and print magazine to follow.

What challenges have you faced so far in setting up a blogazine and now the print version?
LOL, the question really should be "What challenges HAVEN'T I faced." Let's begin with the fact that I'm not tech savy. Yes, I can blast the occasional text with one hand, and I know a thing or two about DVRs, but when it comes to web design and internet jargon, I've become a self taught html coder. When I decided to start the blog, I had a strong sense of what I wanted the overall look and feel to be, but was completely clueless when it came to the technical stuff. And that's where google and self-help books came in. I taught myself basic terminology, do's and don'ts of web building and how to code...YIKES! I can honestly say that if you set you mind to it, you can do anything.

Secondly,marketing! In the beginning, I had an uphill battle to climb of just getting others to take me seriously. Without content, WEDDING NOUVEAU wouldn't have the readership it does now, but if photographers and designers don't know your business, they'll be less likely to share their content with you. So there was a lot of woo-ing, calling and email stalking in the beginning. All I can say to that, is I'm glad I kept knocking. As a theatre artist, trained in New York, I'm used to the brutal repetition of rejection. Little did I know that my graduate training in tenacity would prepare me for this.

Thirdly, I'm a wife and new mother. The deceptive appearance of blogging is that it's passive and quick. If you're are particular as I am, then it actually requires hours of tending for content, marketing, advertising, management, etc. When you add that demand to the reality of being a wife and mother to an 18 month (who at the time it started was a newborn)...well, let's just say, that I have a wonderful and supportive husband, who appreciates his wife who never sleeps.

And that's just for the blog...Get back to me in a few months and I'll dish on print. For now, I'll say that it is definitely not as easy as it seems, and I couldn't have done it without all the fabulous contributors for the articles, photo shoots and more.

Tell us about the Magazine and your vision for it?So here we are. Almost two years after the blog began, the magazine to me is the actual first step to what I'd always dreamed. WEDDING NOUVEAU is the premiere style guide for intercultural brides and muli-ethnic weddings. As a quaterly publication (digital & print), each issue showcases real interracial weddings, customs from around the world and fab global finds. The vision is simple, to Dream in Culture™, one inspiration at a time.


WEDDING NOUVEAU is the premiere style guide for intercultural brides and multi-ethnic weddings. Our mission is to dream in culture, one inspiration at a time. Wedding Nouveau magazine is a quarterly publication in digital, print and ipad ready formats.
In the premier issue:
- Featured Spotlight interview on Luxury Stationery designer - Ceci Johnson of CeciNewYork.
- Over 25 pages of real fusion weddings set in California, Mexico, India, New York, and Australia (to name a few)
- Fab finds with a global twist for today's modern bride
- Summer recipes from Photographer/ food blogger - Helen Dujardin (Tartelette blog)
- Bridal Runway trends for 2012
And much more!!

Inspiration Shoot Vendors:
- Photography - Suthi Picotte -
- Styling - Wedding Nouuveau (Fri Forjindam)
- Dress - Esther Jean- Jewelry - Carla de la Cruz Jewelry- Bouquet/ Boutonniere - Noaki Jewelry
- Hair - Nikole Denise
- Make up - Christine Craven- Furnishing - Archive Vintage Rentals
Magazine Info

WN on Facebook

Wedding Nouveau Magazine launches on Monday July 11th. In Digital, Print and iPad ready format.

Ten thumbs up to Fri..You are a creative genius...I can't wait to get Wedding Nouveau on print!!




Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It's that time of the year again...Event hopping from state to state, country to country!!Meet and network with professional Cameroonians at this year's edition of the CPS congress in MD at the end of this month!!

Event: CPS 2011 Distinguished Annual Congress
Theme: Cameroon: "Collective Efforts Towards Sustainable Development"
Dates: July 29 - 30th 2011
Location: Hilton Washington D.C. North/ Gaithersburg, MD

The Distinguished Annual Congress of the CPS is a seminal event that brings together Cameroonian professionals to discuss concrete issues facing Cameroonian communities throughout the world and especially issues facing Cameroon. Through its various working sessions, roundtable discussions, debates and symposia, Congress attendees interact closely with other professionals from across the globe in formulating strategies for socio-economic development and progress. The Congress emphasizes leadership development with the goal of empowering and nurturing the next generation of Cameroonian leaders.


Platinum Sponsor

Herakles Farms

Bronze Sponsors



Afriqu'EnJeux - The Africa Memory Game


Media Partners

The Immigrant Magazine

Cameroon Voice Radio


Keynote Speakers

Mr. Christopher Che
President/CEO – Hooven Dayton Corp

Dr. Ann-Michelle Gundlach,
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Gerald B. Tanyi
General Counsel – International Finance Corporation


25 Panelists & 18 Panels

2011 Annual Congress Panels
Educating the Next Generation-Session 1 (Orientation, Specialization, Infrastructure)
Educating the Next Generation-Session 2 (Growing Your Career, Emerging Fields)
Women in Leadership
Cameroon: Culture and Diversity as Drivers of Touristic and Artistic Development
Rebuilding your Financial Health and Legacy
The new age of Telecommunications in Cameroon
Law and Governance
Cameroon Diaspora Engagement
New Ventures in Healthcare Delivery
The Pharmaceutical Industry-Challenges
Business Creation, Expansion, and Entrepreneurship
Towards a Sustainable Banking Sector
Government Policy
Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
China in Cameroon
Transforming Cameroon’s Infrastructure
Energy for a Nation’s Economy
Cameroon-Wealth from the Ground up-Roadmap for creating value for development

For registration &more information visit

CPS Distiguished Awards
Every year, the Cameroon Professional Society (CPS) gives out awards to individuals, groups or organizations — regardless of national background or origin — as recognition for their outstanding contributions made with significant impacts on humanity in general and in the lives of Cameroonians in particular.

2010 CPS Awards
Award for Service: Samuel Eto'o Foundation
Cameroonian of the Year: Celestine Tawamba
Excellence in the Arts: Manu Dibango
Excellence in the Sciences: Dr. Ernest Simo
Leadership Award: Dr. Namaga Ngong & Agnes Taile

About CPS

CPS Mission
Cameroon Professional Society Inc. (CPS), a not-for-profit professional association based in Maryland, founded in 2009 by young Cameroonian professionals with a mission and vision to fundamentally transform our communities by leveraging the expertise, leadership and extensive networks of Cameroonian professionals both in the United States and abroad. Our mission is to nurture a robust network of Cameroonian professionals from diverse industries to share ideas, elevate and empower each other as well as nurture a new generation of effective leaders.

CPS Vision
Membership is open to all Cameroonian professionals regardless of tribal, political, college alumni affiliations in Cameroon. CPS is not affiliated with any political parties in Cameroon. Our vision is to unite all Cameroonian professionals nation-wide and establish the largest network of Cameroon professionals world-wide


CPS on Facebook

We need more networking events like this!A "packed" 2 day event for intellectual stimulation, networking and fun!!


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