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Hello people.Love sharing good stories.Happy to feature the launch of a great initiative. 

Event: SIPEC - The Launch
Date: January 25th 2014
Venue: White House Restaurant Bonapriso, Douala

What is SIPEC?
SIPEC,  is the acronym for Sherai’s Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurs in Cameroon.

This initiative seeks to promote the spirit of Entrepreneurship in Cameroon. This is done through identifying entrepreneurs and small businesses and creating a platform to market their services and products. The intention of SIPEC is to connect entrepreneurs with their target market in a fun and light hearted fashion. We offer a large room, beautiful music, nice chilled drinks, well marinated finger foods and a mix of intelligent people. The intent is to create an environment where ideas can be exchanged and business partnerships can be formed.

Sheraiz Delightz, an events planning company launched SIPEC 1st Edition under the theme: Networking, a key tool for successful business at the White House Restaurant in Bonapriso, Douala. It gathered about 150 people who were a mix of entrepreneurs, media personnel, and Cameroon’s professionals. The mix was rich and the conversations were unending. It was almost hard to get people to move to the front of the hall and listen to the speaker.
Etonde aka Sherai had one objective for this evening, to get people to network, to talk to complete strangers, to exchange business cards, to create partnerships and to close deals.

The event introduced 10 companies/budding entrepreneurs, viz; Evavivres Poultry, Ace Technology, ABCS (Algima Business Consulting Services), BSI Cameroon(Business Solutions International), GLA Consulting, Teks Design, TradeLand Group, Santa Helena Beach Resort, Moland Resort and The Bridge International School. See more info about these companies below.

The event was a success, the buzz is on, entrepreneurs are connecting with well-established companies, entrepreneurs are connecting with other entrepreneurs. On Monday afternoon, barely 36 hours after SIPEC 1st Edition, The Bridge International School, one of the entrepreneurs promoted on Saturday asked for the contact information of AVT Media, one of the sponsors who offered free photos and videos to SIPEC, AVT Media covered the entire show and is responsible for the beautiful pictures you see on our website and social networks and the videos currently available on YouTube. The Bridge International School also has their eyes on Moland Beach Resort, another entrepreneur promoted on Saturday. Moland Beach is your dream getaway destination. It’s what we have been dreaming about. Jet Skis, water sports, nice food along the beach, space to relax and enjoy nature. The Bridge can already imagine the kids from the school having the time of their life on beautiful resort along shores of Idenau, South West Region of Cameroon.

Where the TradeLand Group’s ushers polite or what? How many events have you attended in Cameroon where ushers move around asking you if you are ok, if you need anything else, if you are enjoying the event, if you would like to improve the next SIPEC event? Trade Land Group offers ushers who are different, who go the extra mile, who take initiative and do things a little different. Whose idea was this? Guess? BSI Cameroon, another entrepreneur being promoted. 
 BSI prides itself as the company that wants to change the one thing we all complain about in Cameroon but do nothing about. Can you guess what that is? Offering training on Customer Service. “We need to know how to treat our clients right and with respect” said one of the partners at BSI Cameroon.

Etonde could not help but smile when she saw all these companies connecting on Saturday. The buzz continued on Monday as people kept calling her to get in touch with some other company they didn’t get a chance to talk to. We probably need more time to exchange during the next SIPEC event, we should probably have more speed networking games. Etonde shared with her MC, Thomas Agbor Nkongho a few days after the event.” 

SIPEC events will be held quarterly in different parts of the country.
The next edition is scheduled for Thursday April 24th 2014 at the White House Restaurant. The secret to why we will use the same venue will be disclosed to us on this day. “Your business needs my business’s help to soar. You do not know it now, but when you see what I am doing during SIPEC 2nd Edition, how passionately I carry out my services and talk about my products you will want to go home with my business card.” Said the passionate Entrepreneur.


Ace Technology – IT and Risk Management Consultants…         

Evavivres Poultry – Provide quality poultry products …

Algima Business Consulting Services – Business Facilitators  …

Business Solutions International Cameroon–Customer Service Experts

 GLA Consulting – Foreign Investment Facilitators

Santa Helena Beach  - Real Estate – 

Moland Beach Resort

Teks Design – Graphic Designer

Trade Land Group – Logistics Solutions Provider

The Bridge International School –

          Sheraiz Delightz – Events Management Experts –


Global Forwarding –

 AVT Media –

Acmar Media Group –

Rainbow Sports –

 White House Restaurant 

Etonde is the founder and CEO of Sheraiz Delightz, an Events Management Company in Douala, Cameroon. SIPEC is an initiative she started to help budding entrepreneurs like herself meet their target clients. Etonde has held many sales roles in the past 6 years and she understands the challenges of closing deals with clients. She knows people refuse to do business with you for a various number of reasons, but really they are not saying no to you but to your product. A client needs to see that passion in your eyes and how that passion can be transferred to them to make that decision to buy. Etonde through SIPEC wants to see companies work with each other, she wants Entrepreneurs to move from small to big. She wants small companies to work with large companies and large companies with small companies. “We all need each other”, she says.

SIPEC events will always bring together all kinds of professionals. It is a place for entrepreneurs to showcase what they do. It is networking event. Where companies seeks new clients, partners, suppliers and investors. It is also a place where aspiring entrepreneurs come for inspiration. There are many things businesses need to succeed, grow larger and expand to new territories. These can be: financing, advertising, mentorship, you name it. SIPEC events bring all these people together, so you can do it all in one evening.

For any information on how you can be part of SIPEC check them out on or send an email to You can apply to be part of the SIPEC team, you can partner as an entrepreneur, company or sponsor.

Check out the SIPEC FB page for updates.

All I can say..Wow..An excellent initiative worth promoting and supporting!Looking forward to the 2nd Edition come April 24, 2014

Thumbs up to Etonde Martin and team..The Sky is NOT the limit. This is definitely a breath of fresh air!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014


One of my fav Camer fashion brands, Liiber London to showcase in London!!!

Harnessed in its birthplace of London, fashion brand Liiber London with a tagline of “Be Liiber, Be Free” combines the sights, sounds and smells of Cosmo London to concoct unique limited pieces for the vibrant freedom loving fashionista.

The brand unveils "NOIR" its new SS14 collection at London's biggest premiere fashion platform Pure London from February 9th to 11th at Stand A11.

Pure London has become the UK’s leading fashion buying event with over 12,000 buyers from independent, department stores, multiples and e-tailers  attending each season, not only to source brands, but also to place orders.

Using this unique opportunity, the “NOIR” collection inspired by the famous quote by car designer Henry Ford which states "You can have any colour you want as long as it is black”, Liiber London will present to its public and buyers a collection which will be a mélange of elegant, stylish and edgy items all in black with a surprise pop of colour on certain items. 

Liiber London invites you to a fashionable 3 day experience where you can shop while champagne sipping and cupcake munching…what else can a fashion lover desire?! The “NOIR” experience right?! See you there!

For more information:

Contact Liiber London:
Twitter: @Liiberlondon

If you are in London, check out Stand 11 @ Pure London!


Monday, January 27, 2014


Hello people..New week. New Opportunities. New Beginnings!

Interesting Article on NY Times Sunday Review..."What Drives Success"

"It turns out that for all their diversity, the strikingly successful groups in America today share three traits that, together, propel success. The first is a superiority complex — a deep-seated belief in their exceptionality. The second appears to be the opposite — insecurity, a feeling that you or what you’ve done is not good enough. The third is impulse control"

"It’s odd to think of people feeling simultaneously superior and insecure. Yet it’s precisely this unstable combination that generates drive: a chip on the shoulder, a goading need to prove oneself. Add impulse control — the ability to resist temptation — and the result is people who systematically sacrifice present gratification in pursuit of future attainment."

It is a great read...Click Here for article.

Have a nice week...and have your say!


Thursday, January 23, 2014


OK people..Another Music Thursday and the vibe from +237 just keeps getting better!

Jovi ft. Reniss - Bastard

"Bastard kwacoco inside banga soup. Jovi na BASTARD grand..inside BASTARD kwat. Man na BASTARD fine chap inside BASTARD kind jab"!! The video makes me love the song even more!

Leo NG- Poh Poh
OK..waiting for the "full view"

Vreezy Ville ft Kay Zeey - Olopyto 

OK people there is a new dance in town..Olopytooooo!!Introducing Franco Records new signeee...Vreezyyyy!!Definitely need to get started on my Oloypto dance moves this weekend!

Reniss ft. Magasco, Daddy Black & Tilla - Na Njara

This is the highlight of today's M.T...This is Collaboration!!Everyone did justice to this track.. Tilla's got rap skills. Magasco on the lovely hook tune. Mr. Daddy Black added his signature with a slight reggae touch and Reniss crowned it all. Thumbs up to Producer Jovi Le Monstre!!Kudos New Bell Music. "Life na njara oh"

OK people..It is almost the weekend!Stay warm..Enjoy the music


Thursday, January 16, 2014


So it finally happened.....

Event: The SONNAH Awards
Date: December 29th 2013
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Yaounde

On December 29th, Yaounde was buzzing and around the world people watched the live streamed event as the inaugural Sonnah Awards kicked off. Social media sites were buzzing and "Sonnah" definitely had its trend on!

Why Why Why???

About the Sonnah Awards

Established in 2013, The Cameroon Academy Awards under the SONNAH foundation is dedicated to the promotion, recognition and celebration of exceptional achievements in the Cameroon film, music,fashion, sports, television and digital media...

Read More About the SONNAH Awards Here



Best Model : Valery Ayena
Best Designer : Kibonen NY.
Best supporting actress : Evelyne Kelly
Besr female Artist : Charlotte Dipanda
Best Supporting Actor : Alenne Menget
Best TV Presenter :Thiery Ngonga
Best screen play : Proxy Mbuh in the movie DECODED
Best gospel artist : Elisabeth Tekeh
Best male urban artist : Stanley Enow
Live Achievement Award for Culture : Anna Tutu Muna, Minister of Arts and culture 
Lifetime Achievement Award in radio and broadcasting : Peter Essoka
Lifetime Achievement Award for music : Ben Decca
Best Actress : Mbufung Seikeh 
Best female urban artist: Debra Debs
Best Pan African Actor/Actress (In Camer Movies): Van Vicker in  DECODED
Best Music video: Museba - Bom Bom Bom
Best Director: Victor Vinyo 
Best Footballer: Yukuda Kada
Best movie editor: Achile Brice
Best International football player:  Charles-Hubert Itandje


And more....

Totally loving actress, Solange Yijika's whole look. Dress check, clutch check, Hair check

The Powerhouse - Penjo Baba of Penjo Entertainment & Julia Gham of JBLu. Outfits on point. Stay tuned for their new reality music show currently hitting the streets in Camer. "SingIt Cameroon"

 Mrs. A.A. totally rocking the red carpet in her multi print number. Anrette Ngafor Akinyele, Founder & Designer, Liiber London

This has to my  pick for best dressed guy of Sonnah 2013..Yellow suit with black trims and geeky glasses..on point!!

Give it up for Debra Debs...

Thank You Thank You

Drum Rolls for this boss lady right here. Eurykah Fon Ndumu. Joined the team late in the game and made a lasting impact. It is not easy organizing an event in pays so thumbs up..Feeling the CEO Event Planner, Asheri Event Planning & Design Services. 

Alene Menget & Agbor Gilbert

Miss Cameroon 2013, Valerie Ayena...Lovely!

OK Starboy, Stanley

Yayy...That's whats up...We did it

 OK Ladies..Okawa, Joan....

Looking the part in the traditional toghu attire...

 erhh erhh...Thank You, Thank You...

Decoded TV leading lady, Joan Ngomba looking elegant. Dressed by EB Creations 

 Akim Macauley & Stanley Enow..."Yeahh...Congrats"

 Steven's Records Singer, Gasha & Penjo

It's Ben Decca

Debra Debs & mum

My take on the SONNAH Awards. 

First Off. A big CONGRATULATIONS to Akim Macauley  for his vision and to everyone who participated in making it a reality. It is a GREAT first step. For the first time in Cameroon (I dare say?) people were recognized and celebrated and witnessed by soo many people around the globe.

R & R (Review & Rant)

We have to build our own "Celebrity Culture". If you want to get known and recognized, you need to put yourself out there! The Sonnah Awards is a great start! 

Excellent initiative but execution...hmmm. It is not easy to start something and not an award show for that matter. I applaud everyone involved. With team work and more collaboration it can only get better.

It seems there is a "Dichotomy" in the entertainment industry 'cause it felt more like watching the Cameroon "Anglophone" entertainment awards..Sorry may be I just feel bad that artists that I expected to be nominated weren't but I am sure you get the drift.

There is a need for more private sponsorship in Cameroonian Entertainment industry as a whole. It can only make things better.

On Fashion...Some of the attendants were very much on point!Our celebrities need to focus on building their brand...Styling & public speaking are key. Get a stylist already. We have so many designers. Support our Camer designers.. I will leave it at that or else I can go on and on!

Mix Up on Awards?? Only in Camer!

Presenters, Presenters, Presenters...Please please and please.We need people who are eloquent, can rock the red carpet and ignite a crowd. This one was one my pet peeves about this event. Better female presenters and MC please. I can already think of a couple...

Do we need more award categories..I would say Yes and No...No because it's a start. and Yes to recognize more people..It's up to the academy oh!

Pre-award party - Social/Networking events??  Next time..Oh Yes. this is an excellent opportunity for private sponsors to create buzz

Location & Venue
I am not sure if that was the ideal venue for the event. An event planner can only work with what they have. A more flexible space will be better ...To another city may be? Anyone say Limbe? TOL (Thinking out Loud)

PPP and more P: Pictures, PR, People, Packaging, Presentation....
It's almost 3 weeks since the said event and still no official pictures?? There is a great need to have PR for an event of this magnitude..Their role cannot be overemphasized..Having the right people, proper packaging & presentation are what make an event. 

OK people, that's my take on the SONNAH Awards..I hope more celebrities attend subsequent editions to be recognized. Thumbs up to Akim Macauley & team!

Pictures Courtesy of Facebookers!

Long Live the SONNAH Awards!!


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