Friday, March 21, 2014

Meet The CAMpreneur Connecting Entrepreneurs, ETONDE MARTIN of SIPEC.

Hello people..CAMpreNeurs are trending....

SIPEC (Sherai's Initiative for promoting entrepreneurs in Cameroon) was launched in January. Check out the  post of the launch event here

Meet the beauty and brains behind SIPEC, Etonde Martin. The CAMpreneur connecting entrepreneurs. 

Tell us a bit about yourself
 I am an enthusiastic hard working Cameroonian female. I have 3 siblings: One older sister and two younger brothers. Was born to beautiful and caring parents. I love my family with every bone in my body. Etonde is an events planner by nature. I love planning events. The satisfaction and joy I see on a client’s face when I host a successful event is what keeps me motivated and doing what I do. 

What is SIPEC all about?  
We connect entrepreneurs to the various stakeholders they require to succeed. We do this through the organization of fun leaning events. If you offer a good service or product, you would not make high profits unless you meet your target market. SIPEC helps bring your clients to you. You need to learn the skills and values necessary to thrive in your sector, SIPEC brings this to you. You need more capital to expand, SIPEC connects you to the source of this capital. Basically SIPEC is here to see entrepreneurs succeed. 

 A big congratulations on launching the first event. Tell us what you thought of it all. Was your expectation met? 
Thank you very much.I thought the SIPEC 1 edition was a huge success. It’s set the bar high for the next few moves for the SIPEC team. The guests got the concept and the entrepreneurs for the most part were satisfied.My expectations were surpassed. Guests played the networking games with delight. The keynote address was on point and got the reaction I wanted. I had about 150 guests at my premier event. That is success. 

Why the business side of networking? (your decision to get involved vs why people need it).
I have always wanted to make a difference. SIPEC is a noble idea. People need SIPEC. I pray for the gift of focus and divine ideas to enable me push SIPEC forward. It is such a huge initiative and if managed properly can bring such change in this great nation. I got involved because when I think of an idea, the next thing I want to do almost immediately is to implement it. People need this. Entrepreneurs need to anticipate the kinds of difficulties they will face in starting a business and sustaining it. They also need to share their struggles and pains with more experienced entrepreneurs so best business practices can be shared. 

What have you been busy with lately? (Overview of recent and future projects you want people to know).
Planning SIPEC 2 edition scheduled to hold on April 24. Sheraiz Delightz, the events management wing of my company has been planning and hosting events. Just recently we hosted a seminar for ACCA members in Cameroon. Hosting the VIRI movie launch at Hotel La Falaise in Akwa this Saturday the 22 March 2014. 

What are some of challenges you have faced so far and how have you overcome them? SIPEC runs on the generosity of sponsors. If sponsors don’t put money into SIPEC’s account, it is hard to move forward with the projects. This issue has not been totally resolved but at the moment we are letting the sponsors know how much exposure they get from supporting an initiative like ours. It is working to some extent, everyone wants and needs to market themselves.Too much work There is a lot to be done in such little time. It will be great to have a huge team but it cannot be afforded at this point. Well I have overcome this by getting a few volunteers to help out. My family too is very supportive. When you share an idea like SIPEC with people, everyone has ideas on how to make it better. It gets hard to incorporate all these without drowning the vision. God has always been the sieve, He helps me sieve what to use and what to discard. His grace is sufficient. My friends, mentors and family give me very good advice. 

To conclude, give us a few words about the business sector in Cameroon. How do businesses move forward in your opinion?
The business sector is booming and vibrant in Cameroon. If you focus on what you are good at, you will not only be very successful but extremely joyful. Businesses will move forward in Cameroon if they understand the complexities of doing business in Cameroon before they venture into it. My keynote speaker at the SIPEC 2 edition, Mr. Kingsley Pungong will expound on starting and running a successful business in Africa and Cameroon in particular. He will let us in on the businesses that are booming, how to overcome the various hurdles and finally how to be sustainable. Those wishing to attend can buy tickets at XAF10,000 to find out more.

Facebook Page
Follow SIPEC on Twitter: @sipeccameroon
Phone: +237 71 37 86 86 

Thumbs up to Etonde. . Networking & collaboration are key in business. Keep doing what you do... The sky is NOT the limit!!

OK people, spread the word on SIPEC2. It's Friday. Have a nice weekend.


Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello People...It is Thursday!!

Slowly but surely Camer artists are carving their niche  in the world of afrobeat, hiphop, R &B rap even bendskin fusion!!

#237 Music Swagggg...Enjoy!

Sadrak Les Gars de Yaounde

New Bell Music presents Sadrak!! 

Banye ft. Ngoma - Oversabi

Prodaz ft Petit pays - Kokoriko
"La danse Kokoriko.."

Sine ft Meiway - Jeteyamo

Micheal Kiessou - Bennam
This is afro beats a la benskin at it's best..The video makes me love the song even more!!
"Andre Marie Talla, Bend skin forever...."

Julz ft Ama F. - Shishi
"I got shishi, I got shishi. Perika no try i day like krichi"? For real..

Miss Lena - Give me a Sign
Directed by the talented Mr. Adrenaline..Looking forward to more from the Belgium based protegee of Stanley Enow's Motherland Muzik..

TIZEU No Name Crew - Luv
This song is soo Camerrrrr

Jade Jana - Di Gwesna Be

Amatula - Same thing 
Get to know the 17 year old Foumban lady in this JeTeYaMo interview

Ouilfreed Meyou - Oussai You Di Go

 Juwon Simmons 
Recent discovery courtesy of my brother! 
Check out his website for more of his tracks..

Tilla - Remote Control

"You di control me like you be remote control me..."....Tilla's got skillz.Enough said!!
Love the cover

Jovi ft MicMonsta - Bwam 
Jovi is THE lyricist!!"Hello my mehn dem , Bwammm.. I cut cafe for all my mehn dem...".. "..I carry plenty swag for the bag for my back".."...If you hate my flow, use cover beer dig well...".They did the track justice!

And the highlight for today's M.T...Its Da Remixxxx

Stanley Enow ft FAB - Hein Pere Remix
OK I am totally feeling this remix.."....Catch me in my mayback with my nigga Rick Ross Ross.." .."Mourihno I beg choleh me Samuel Eto'o.."

It’s been a whirlwind 8 months for Stanley Enow since the official release of “Hein Père” video shot by the renowned Shamak which has seen him on a steady journey upwards. artist has teamed up with South Africa’s fastest rising rap act F.A.B in a remix which puts yet again the debut single on centre stage and gives Cameroon another boost as a contender in the African entertainment industry.

For those who have been on planet Mars these past months, “Hein Père” by Stanley Enow currently stands at over 410,000 views on youtube; a first and a huge record for a Cameroon based artist.

Check out the awesome banger below which shows 2 equally talented Africa’s children.

Stanley & Jovi need to do a collabo already..The track will be the isshhh dot com..I don tok my!!

Enjoy the Music..TGIT..It is almost the weekend!



Wednesday, March 19, 2014


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

I am Cameroon. This is a simple idea that has the potential to transform the destiny of a people - a nation.

The Mission??  ‘to inspire, educate and engage Cameroonians to accept and assume responsibility for the development of Cameroon.’

Our vision; ‘to build a Cameroon in which every citizen takes ownership of the development of the country.’ This movement will change the way we think about our country.

The movement was launched in Cameroon last April and has since been expanding to various cities all over Cameroon. We are starting to build support groups in the Diaspora. On March 22, we will have the formative meeting for the US Committee in Laurel Maryland at Holiday Inn West Laurel from 1pm - 5pm.

We will be tweeting through the event using #itbeginswithme and there will be updates on Facebook accordingly. We will create time when people can Skype or call in at exactly 4pm EST for just 30 minutes.

 Visit the  Facebook page and like! Check out pictures of Je Suis Le Cameroun/I am Cameroon activities

Inspired by the movement, a group of young people came together to produce a video!!

I am Cameroon has made presentations and launched the movement in Douala, Buea, Yaoundé, Limbe, Kumba and several cities in the diaspora.

Individuals, small, medium and large sized companies in Cameroon support the idea such as, Cameroon Airlines Corporation, Publicity and Design, AfroLogic, Petros and Partners, The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, Think Tank Plus, Net Oil Petroleum, Kibonen NY, Fako Atlantic Pharmacy, B&M Consulting. And in the Diaspora Junior Chamber International (JCI), Arrey OBENSON, FabAfriq Magazine,

How can YOU get involved?
1.   Support the movement
  • Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, join the email list
  • Donate, buy merchandise
  • Attend an event

2. Become a champion
  • Get educated about grassroots mobilization
  • Recruit supporters and donors
  • Plan events and projects

3. Join a local committee
  • Recruit and train champions
  • Implement strategy within the community
  • Develop fundraising and grassroots strategy



(237) 7743 9805 / 7999 6497 / +16366751766 

#itBeginsWithMe.I am Cameroon. Je suis le Cameroun..Join the movement!!!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


MAISON D’AFIE FW2014-Mami Nyanga is here!

The new collection is a subtle romance between “street couture and tropical flavours giving rise to a few essential classic items.  The collection is made of 8 interchangeable pieces suitable for any occasion. The idea here is to achieve much with less.

We remained true to ourselves by infusing tribal accents into the designs with the use of colour and embroidery of tribal art. Most of the work is artisanal with a lot of attention put into the cut.
Quality and practicality were the key drivers in our thought process. The collection features customized prints in silks, and polyester and there is indeed a pick for every lady.

Designer: Sarah Divine-Garba

Inspiration? MoodBoard: Tribal, streetstyle, tailored, cleancuts, tribal,indigo

8 Looks...Enjoy!!

Work IT

Silk & Cotton


#LougeWear...Girls Night Out!!

Every Girl Needs a lace dress

Maison D'Afie FaceBook Page

 Thumbs up to Maison D'afie. Love the attention to details and simplicity of the collection. Colour all the way! I can see myself in all the pieces..LOL..Work to Dinner, Fun girls night out, cocktail party!!

OK people...Support our very own designer Dinene! 


Monday, March 17, 2014


The Cameroonian Music Industry lost a LEGEND!

Lambo Sandjo Pierre Roger better known as Lapiro de Mbanga died of cancer yesterday,  March 16,2014 in Buffalo, NY. Over a year after his release from jail in April 2011, he relocated to the United States with his wife and five of his six children in 2012. 

Born on April 7th 1957, Lapiro de Mbanga used music as a tool for political activism and was punished for expressing himself. The average person could relate to his songs in one way or other. The "NdingaMan" sang in Pidgin and his lyrics were loaded with expressions of the local "street lingua"

Some of his popular songs include “No Make Erreur,” “Pas argent no love,” “Kop Nie,” “Mimba We,” “Na You.”& "Overdone"

Lapiro de Mbanga's Wikipedia Page

  OVERDONE. Check out  "Overdone" Demystified 

 Oslo Freedom Forum 2013

#RIPNdingaMan. ... We have lost a Legend!"We go Mimba You"


Monday, March 10, 2014


Hello people..Being an accessories junkie, I am excited to present to you the lady behind the new jewelry brand. "BIJOUX PARADISE". 


Tell us about yourself
I am a married mum of an eight months old baby. When I went on maternity leave I was looking for something I could do for added income that I would enjoy and also be able to fit it around caring for my baby. I wanted it to be something creative. So I decided to embark on a journey learn the art of bead making. I invested in the materials and started teaching myself. With encouragement from friends and family I made my first few pieces and sold them successfully. So I started making jewelry for sale. The business is still relatively young but I can see the potential and the fact that it gives me a great work / life balance makes it all the more worthwhile.

The story about your venture..why jewelry? 
I chose jewelry because it is a universal accessory. You can use it
To define your personality or just your outfit. One piece means different things to different people and to be honest I love a great piece of elegant craftsmanship. Your jewelry can make or break your outfit. What more does a woman need?
I also offer a customising service I.e. If you see one of my pieces you like but want it in another colour, I can make it in your colour of choice and also to specific measurements if required.  If you have a special occasion coming up and need accessories to match your outfit get in touch and let's work together.

How would you describe the "bijoux paradise" client?
Our client is your everyday girl/ woman. We mainly make jewelry you can wear daily to  work, school etc... Huge fashion pieces are not really my thing. I wanted a more practical approach to this. The fact that our prices are affordable also makes it a hit. Specialist bridal and bridesmaids pieces can be tailored to your outfit and colour theme.

What are some of your challenges? 
My main challenge is finding clients and where to sell online and physically. As a MUMPRENEUR I don't want a stall / shop premises because not only is this expensive it will mean not being there for my daughter which defeats the purpose.  Being able to sell this online and advertising attracting the right clientele is a major challenge.

Words for young entrepreneurs 
I would advise them to invest in stock. Its a relatively expensive start up with no guarantee sales at the start but unless people are able to see what you make they will not be interested. So stay true to your self, your plan and invest in small stock. 

Upcoming events and promos
I attend craft shows and wedding exhibitions to showcase my pieces. My next show is coming up at:
The Kia Oval Wedding Showcase
Kennington Oval, London, SE11 5SS
Date: 22nd of March 2014
Time: 10am to 4pm
This is a free event for the public so just register and come along we'll be happy to see you.
To keep up to date on where to see me next please like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.  Our prices are really are affordable. Contact me for a free brochure.

Contact Info
Number: +44(0)7929092596
Twitter: @BijouxParadise

Follow us on Twitter


I am a  very proud friend & fan! Thumbs up Sidoo on your new venture.Keep flying the +237 flag high! Have my eye on a few Looking forward to more Bijoux paradise signature jewelry. Can't wait to rock jewelry from my very own PP!

OK people, check out Bijoux Paradise pages and support a sister.
Have a nice week ahead.


Friday, March 7, 2014


Hello people..This women's day special is a guest post by a  Global Citizen DAWNS DIGEST award winning humanitarian reporter and storyteller
Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

“Serving humanity is the best work of life and regardless what profession permits us to be of service to others, this always gives so much gratification” says Tchaptcheut Yonga Nelly Shella, coordinator for Rural Women development Center (RUWDEC), and 2013 Africa Regional Commonwealth Youth Workers Award winner.

Born in October 1987, Nelly Shella says growing up never would she have imagined advocating for women issues would become a course she strongly stands for so passionately. Inspired and motivated by her mum’s continues zeal and desire in making women and girls gain empowerment, Nelly tells how this gradually made her gain interest working on women’s issues. – being a woman herself, living and witnessing some of the social injustice faced by women and girls in her community.
Nelly holds a BSc in Banking and Finance, University of Buea, Cameroon, and a diploma certificate in Small Microenterprise & development, from Casey Institute, University New Hamsphere, USA. She is a trained community mobilizer and microfinance entrepreneur, with particular interest in women’s economic empowerment and youth development. Her commitment and contributions in the lives of women, youths and other vulnerable groups for sustainable community development lend her 2 great recognitions; Award for one of the 28 most outstanding and promising young African Leaders in 2011 by the Moremi Initiative, Accra - Ghana and winner of the 2013 Africa Regional Commonwealth Youth Workers Award.

In her dreams, she says, ‘I see a world where women and youths have equal rights and opportunities; a world where investing in women and girls lives is part of a national development agenda.” In 2010, after the death of her mum, founder of Rural Women Development Center (RUWDEC), a grassroots organisation which seeks to promote women and youth empowerment, community health development and natural resource management, Nelly recollects, “I took up the challenge as the coordinator, embracing the responsibilities and keeping her legacy alive”. “All which has ultimately refined my career path”. She adds “My mum was the source of my inspiration.  Her dedication and commitment for gender justice, a cause she stood so strongly for was exemplary and admirable” she recounts with emotion.

Nelly’s dynamism and unique skills doesn’t only limit around her community but throughout the region. With her help and professional knowledge in accounting and finance management, she created opportunities that enforce gender inclusion as well as bringing women voice to the socio-economic issues of the country. Today, she is proud to have increased some 100 rural women's access to micro-credit through collateral free loans and also helped enhanced their literacy on small business management. Besides, her effective microcredits program for women. Nelly is also a strong advocate for ecofriendly energy. Four years ago, she led a solar energy project which aimed at training mothers in becoming solar engineers. The project which gave some two grassroots mothers scholarship opportunities to be trained on solar energy at Barefoot College Tilonia India for six months. The solar project that lasted for two years brought electricity to some 98 households, benefiting over 500 people – particularly those in Munyange village, one of the many rural Communities in southwest of Cameroon.  Till date, these communities in the southwest region still benefits from these mothers expertise.
Nelly’s work  is not only limited to micro credits, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. She also works with youth and young people living with HIV & AIDS on community empowerment programs. In mid-2013, under her leadership and initiative, she launched the D’Girls Initiative for girls between the ages of 10 - 25. A grassroots peer-to-peer mentoring program for adolescents to gain inspiration and life skills empowerment to combat poverty, breaking gender barriers, support their families and participate in community growth programs. This initiative has reached out  to 120 young girls in her community, giving them an incredible opportunity to harness their leadership skills and serve their community. Ciara, a trainee says, “D' Girls is the best thing that can happen to someone at the start of a career, independence, building proficiency etc....”

She is the  Founder and Executive Director at Women for a Change Cameroon (WFAC). WFAC, founded in 2009 is an independent young women-led movement working for women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), Leadership and Development
Check out her blog:

Happy Women's Day 2014.."Inspiring Change"..Inspire Change this weekend.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

MUSIC THURSDAY: TEAM237 is on Track...

Hello People...It's your fav Music day..Thursday..When it comes to music, Team237 is on track...


Stryke P ft Chase - Talk' Gain

Drim Prinz,Inspi, Frizzy Icink - Agwada

Miss BK - My Baby
Just love her voice...

Lady Ponce and Koffi Olomide - Devine

Got No Time - pososhok
This is music straight from the heart...

UL'8 - Love Africa

Omo'o ft 380s, Jay Jay - Red Carpet Feeling
The artists complement each other..

Miss Lena - Give me a sign
Anxiously waiting for the video of this track..

Franky P - On Fait Ca Bien
OK Franky P...

And my highlight for this MT goes to

Banso Boy Entertainment's Slim Da BansoBoy..If you haven't heard how rap in Lamnso sounds like here is your chance..(lol)

Slim Da BansoBoy ft Celobams - Dance Floor
"Won ve shufai ehhh..."

 OK people...Enjoy the music..Let's support and promote our artist.No one else will. Have a nice weekend. Remember..Music is Good for the Soul.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Meet CAMpreneur, CYNTHIA TABE, The PR Lady Behind MMPR

Hello People..New Month, New post..

Meet the Lady behind ModeMaison PR

Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Cynthia Tabe, a proud "moh Manyu"! I grew up in Yaoundé but have spent the last 20 years living in the cosmopolitan capital city London. I run ModeMaison PR an agency based in Bonamoussadi, Douala.

What is MMPR?
ModeMaison PR is a buzz loving, fresh and forward new style communications, marketing, branding and rental/styling agency based in the hip upcoming quarters of Bonamoussadi in Douala serving primarily the entertainment and lifestyle industries. We provide public/press relations and marketing strategies to our clients, we also assist with branding ideas and tips as well as offer styling and rental services for video/photo shoots. In addition, we are capable of planning and managing small scale events on behalf of our clients.

A big congratulations on turning 1. Tell us the MMPR story
Thank you very much and thanks for the support you have shown us throughout the year. ModeMaison PR was inspired from my realisation that promoting/encouraging/building up people is what I love to do best and opening an agency became the natural step. I also have an entrepreneurial spirit which also inspires me to keep the hustle.

Why PR? 
I got involved in PR not because I thought of why people needed it (the business side) but because I have a natural in born passon to drive/push people ahead so to enable them reach their full potential. This natural instinct then got me into PR (the industry side) and this later progressed to me deciding to make it professional (the business side) by opening up a PR agency which can serve many more brands. The benefits of PR are many and through our work we are starting to shift perceptions.

What have you been busy with lately? 
We have been busy working on our clients especially VIRI, Stanley Enow and Ciana whom we are relaunching into the music scene. We are currently in talks to add more clients to our list which will be made public once everything is confirmed. We have also recently started working with Daddyblack who is such an amazing talent. We are very much open to long term and short term collabos and urge anyone interested to drop us a line or call us.

What are some of challenges you have faced so far and how have you overcome them? 
The challenges are not many nonetheless can be detrimental. We need many more people to give up their time and start blogging so to increase Cameroon's online presence and the quick flow of information. We need to start to trend online and to achieve this, we need many more people to talk/write about things. We are overcoming this challenge by making use of the platforms that are available while keeping our eyes out for more that spring up.

 Ward*Robe @ Studio 25

First Soiree IV

A few words about the Camer Music industry and entertainment as a whole to conclude. 
The music industry is moving in the right direction. I am very impressed by some of the things I hear however what continues to bother me is how lacklustre people are with their image. Not many know what they are doing or even why they are doing it. But all said, I am happy to see brands who continue to shake up the industry by emerging with bold statements of their own forcing others to take note and therefore pushing the industry to move in the right direction.

Duo @MMPR Launch soiree

For more information on Modemaison PR, please visit
Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR
Instagram: modemaisonpr

Thumbs up to Cynthia & her MMPR team..To bigger and better things this year. OK people Keep calm and love Modemaison PR. 


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