Thursday, September 27, 2012


  • Did Someone say there is an Ankara Invasion? Ankaranista Afropolitan all the way!


    Label: Aju B Couture

    Designer: Nancy Sieno

    Location: Bamenda, Yaounde, Cameroon

    In 3 words: Sexy, Edgy, African!

    A  recent graduate of the University of Buea, Nancy  conceived, sketched and sewed her own "out of the box" designs because she never really found what she liked around. Her decision to take it to the next level with Aju B came in July 2011 when she received lot of compliments on outfits aka "ashwabi" for a funeral service!When one door closes..another opens and may be for someone else huh!

    After receiving her degree in January, she decided it was time to turn her love for fashion into a brand...AJU B COUTURE!!She is currently working on her debut collection..but I love what I see soo far.....Edgy indeed!!

    I love this Ankara buttons necklace - Very Afropolitan..LOL!

    Lovely Ladies rocking their Aju B outfits!!

     Sahndra Fon Dufe  proudly reps' Camer in Aju B Couture

     @ Nigerian Entertainment Awards, 2012 - New York, NY

    Meeting with Isaiah Washington on her upcoming film, Yefon the Movie.

    Check out Aju B Couture on Facebook & Blogville!!

    Aju B Couture Facebook Page

    The Aju B's World  Blog

    Thumbs up Nancy...Keep doing your thing.Looking forward to my necklace and more...The Official release of your debut collection!!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 The post was inspired by a feature on the Africa Prints in Fashion blog!
 I probably read about a new African designer every other day on an a blog by an African blogger or other.
Aldo's  popular Ankara wedges, celebrity appearances with African print outfits
Popular Ankaranista Label Boxing Kitten
Ozwald Boateng Ankara print suits @ NYFW
 Burberry's  SS 12 Collection (Every Ankaranista's Fantasy)
 Wall Street Journal Article..Out of Africa Into the Home
and much more....
It is safe to conclude that there is an "Ankara Invasion".

I went looking and it is amazing how much cool stuff there is out there..So my first Ankara Invasion post is "Interior Design 101"....Ankara  + Afro-inspired Style...

Ankara Interior Decor Inspiration Board...

 Here I a couple of sites with some really good ideas and online shops!

Houzz - South African Interior Design


London Based lifestyle company, Eva Sonaike

Graylivin - Modern African Home

Home Edit African Themed Interior Design

Interior Design It Your Self - African Interior Design

Amazing Decoration - Decorate Yourself African Style

Ankara Interior Decor Inspiration Board - Afrocessories by JM Prempeh

 Pictures Courtesy of (Sources Listed Above)

Stay tuned for more "Ankara Invasion"..

Have a nice week


Friday, September 21, 2012


Medleys for the weekend by Anita Etta...


Totally Loving..Thumbs up Anita.

Have a nice weekend people..Enjoy the medleys!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I love pictures, pictures and more pictures.."A Picture is worth a 1000 words"....How true is that? It captures the moment...Time + Space + Freeze = Moment in Time!LOL

I am inspired this week by amazing photography..
Enjoy these lovely pictures by Joseph Eta..You will understand why I called this post "Faces & Places".

                 Kribi..Isn't that amazing?

 Tres Picturesque...
 The Power of Sharing...


 @ the Queen's Jubilee

 The Scrable for passengers..."It's the Hard Knock Life"..LOL

 Carnival Fever

 Trafalgar all it's glory!

Twilight In London....

 Lovely Scenery...Pride and Prejudice Movie location

 St Paul's Cathedral London

 "Because I got high" @ the Notting Hill Carnival

 Yes I can..LOL

 Hamburg, Germany....Movie Set for Double O Seven's Tomorrow Never Dies

 Bellerina & London Telebooths

 What says thee Big Ben?

 London Gherkin

 Manhattan, NY

 Times Square NY

 Earning their pay....

 London Bridge....Is Falling Down?

 Daddy & his Twin girls

 ....Joy Cometh in the Morning....

Kudos to Joseph Eta Photography...OK people,Enjoy the rest of the week!!


Monday, September 10, 2012


As the saying goes  "Great Minds Think Alike. Creative Minds Think Together"

Presenting Ankara print suits by Ozwald Boateng & KibonenNY

                                                              Nso David in KibonenNY

 Ozwald Boateng Ankara suits on the runway @ The Mercedez New York Fashion Week

                         KibonenNY suits on the Runway @ Africa Fashion Week New York

These suits are soo similar it is not funny...Check out KibonenNY on Facebook


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Mumak Records presents  Cameroonian based rapper "Don 4 Kwat" Jovi's Album H.I.V. - "Humanity Is Vanishing".....The "MuMaK ReVoLuTiOn" is here to stay!!

You can buy the album on ITunes and Amazon

 In the UK:

Album Cover

Track Listing

Don 4 Kwat
Man Pass Man
All I Have (feat. Elad)
Pitié (feat. Rochereau Tabu Ley)
2 Much (feat. Magasco)
Hater's Coffin (feat. Rachel Applewhite)
Bush Faller (feat. Eko Roosevelt)
New Star (feat. Crisley & Jade)
Nothing to Something (feat. Dee)
Achombo House (feat. Krotal)
You Never Know (feat. Shashan)
 H.I.V (feat. Renise)

Here's My Take on Jovi's H.I.V.......

....First off if you are from Douala, Bonaberi and more specifically Mabanda, then you have another reason to support this artist.Soo many shout outs to Mabanda through out the album so this guy reps his "quartier"!

A big shout out to the guys "Behind the Music". Stay tuned 'cause I need to unmask the amazing producer "Le Monstre" (Jovi??) and music video  director extraordinaire, "February 16th" (Jovi's Brother?). These young men are taking the Camer music industry to the next level..Thumbs up!

This album is good PR...Good PR for Mumak Records. Good PR for Jovi and the various up and coming artists who feature. Good PR for producer extraordinaire, Le Monstre, Good PR for music video maestro, February 16th. Good PR for Cameroonian Music..So please get "vanished" with H.I.V. Buy the Album on Itunes and Amazon!!

Humanity is Vanishing features 11 artists + Jovi himself in 13 Tracks ...Each one with a story, beats and tunes that make you want more as you go from one track to the next.

The Album starts with Don 4 Kwat...If you haven't seen the music video then you need to check it out. A regular guy chilling with his guys in his quartier where he is the Don..."Ask petits dem for kwat I day for here for helep...Early morning time I day veranda witi cheleps.. Bring me cold shark open am with teeth. When I drink drunk show me any war for peace. When I finish shark I di turn chat chap....."...OK that should tell you how many times I have listened to this song..The finest pidgin lyrics in town....."My tori short e no get part II, Don Kwata style mon gar je suis partout"..."Pity yourself, i beg no pity me."......

Man Pass Man..."no man no pass me. if you know man way pass me".When you start a song where someone challenges another to put "kwacoco bible" and "pepper soup" on his tab..What more can I say...LOL

 "I am the J.O. they feel down in V.I."  2 Much ft bamenda boy Magasco  has very good vocals and beats...."Ya man don be na bosco"? For real..LOL

Pitié is a lovely sampled song from Congolese Rhumba King Tabu Ley Rochereau's 70s classic hit, Pitié Toi Mon Amour.

"New star, sta- aarrrr, New sta-arrrr". Yes,Jovi is the new star!!New star ft Chrisley & Jade....Can Chrisley & Jade release an album already?.Not sure if they are a duo but their juxtaposed vocals are soo on point

You New Know...ft Shashan. I totally love the vocals of Songwriter/producer/Artist Shashan Mbinglo!

Hater's Coffin (feat. Rachel Applewhite)...Love the beats in the intro..Rachel's voice is on point in this track


Achombo House ft Krotal. Honestly Le Monstre has some good mix of R&B and Hip Hop beats in this album!"Early Morning Time, Achombo House, Evening Time, Achombo House... " Krotal on the hook!!

H.I.V. ft Renise.. Le Monstre crowns it up with "Indian"/Asian influenced beats and the lyrics are the isshhh.."White flow coming from a black man, flow so immaculate, I call it Albino flow" . Totally love the vocals  of up and coming lady of Mumak records gospel artist, Renise  on this track. "Est que na money problem, I know say things dem tight"

JOVI on Dulce Camer

 Mumak Records on NexDim Empire

Cameroonians can totally relate to Jovi's lyrics..So support your very own artist..His Album is available is on ITunes and Amazon!


Saturday, September 1, 2012


There is a new dance in town...and it is called "The Cameroon Dance"

Andy Allo debuts "The Cameroon Dance"!!

Courtesy of Cameroon Vibes


Happy Labour day weekend to US peeps. Have a good one!


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