Wednesday, April 25, 2012

KILSE FASHION is "Where Glamour Begins"

Label:Kilse Fashion

Designer: Alice Kuaban

Style Inspiration:  60s Vintage

Designer Inspiration: Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik

In  3 words...Kilse is Simple - Stylish - Sophisticated.

"I have always had a huge admiration for the style and fashion of the 60s, simply because of the grace, elegance and sophistication that each outfit presented. My own personal style in actuality epitomizes vintage fashion. By using the style of the 60s as a platform for my collection, I was able to create pieces that every young professional lady can feel confident, sophisticated and sexy in."

ATTENTION TO DETAIL..the form fitting silhouette, the surprising open back, the placement of rhinestones, etc, are a few of the intricate details that incorporates in her designs to provide a modern twist while staying true to the vintage style.

Every piece in is either design by our vintage designer or created as a result of a collaboration with foreign designers.The online store came to life 9 months ago, but the creative and planning process my creations started in early 2010.

"In my opinion today's young working ladies are constantly looking for versatile outfits that would portray their gracefulness in a work environment, and yet still being chic for a night out in the town with friends. Factors which I believe I did my best to accomplish in this collection"

HER GOAL & VISION: To provide young working class ladies  adaptable, conservative, yet sophisticated outfits that can be transformed from day to night.

Her collection includes handbags, jewelry, shirts, jackets,blazers and dresses.

Check out this lovely post on the BrinsImage Blog.

Here are a few pictures of her recent fashion show in MD.


This young talented smart lady is up to something great!!Keep up the great work Alice.....



I am soo inspired by Cameroonian music and fashion this week..Already looking forward to my fashion event feature!!


Monday, April 23, 2012


I am totally feeling this new wave of artists "out of Bamenda".Slowly but surely we are carving our Camer R & B and Hip Hop style!!

Camer Music on my playlist this week

Mumak Records' JOVI in "DON 4 Kwat" & "Pitie"

Sine...Opening act for the recent Akon Smirnoff concert in Camer!!

Achalle..Feeling Insecure

UK Based artist Kilian Ateh....Just Can't Make it.

Check out JayJay on Reverbnation 


OK people. Enjoy..Have a great week



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