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KiRette Couture leads Cultural Revolution with Bamenda Rocks! Fashion Show

Bamenda is not only home to an Anglophone minority in predominantly French-speaking Cameroon - it also bears the stigma of a socio-economically moribund city in the West African country that is little known except for its talented soccer team.

But that is about to change. Bamenda is set to come alive on December 27 with a glamorous fashion show organised by KiRette Couture, a classy traditional-chic fashion label that produces exquisite haute-couture handcrafted and limited edition pieces.

The Bamenda Rocks! Fashion Show is an annual event that will showcase the underexploited cultural richness of Bamenda and create a platform for Bamenda designers to explore markets across the country and internationally.

According to Kibonen Nfi, co-founder of KiRette Couture, the event is more than just a Fashion Show. Nfi and her partner, Anrette Ngafor conceived Bamenda Rocks! as a celebration of the massive cultural and intellectual wealth that Bamenda has exported to other parts of the country and the disapora.

“Bamenda produces luminaries in every industry in Cameroon, albeit often under-recognised. By organizing this show, KiRette Couture is leading a revolution that will not only exact the recognition we are due, but also encourage the talented people of Bamenda to come back home and invest in the development of their culture, their people, and their resources. That is the inspiration behind Bamenda Rocks!

KiRette Couture already has an international portfolio of charity activities, and will be donating some of the proceeds of this show to the Our Lady of Fatima Handicap Centre, Bambili.

Sponsored by Africa’s largest mobile network, MTN, Bamenda Rocks! will feature other local and international designers as well as musicians from Bamenda. One of the local stars billed to perform is Sidney, 2008 winner of Africa Star (a regional Central African version of Idols). Joining the bill is Bamenda-born international success story, Wax aka Nde Ndifonka, a South African-based writer, singer and producer whose endorsements ironically include the City of Johannesburg. Cameroon’s hottest boy band, X Maleya will add some French flavour to the show, while sassy crooner Ga L will provide some eye and ear candy for the men.

“The Show is about Bamenda, but it is also about Cameroon as a whole. The involvement of X Maleya and Ga L is recognition of Cameroon’s cultural diversity and a vital show of solidarity,” explains Anrette.

UK-based art director, Alex Quest does not contain his excitement about designing the set of the show.“It will conjure warmth, colour, cultural diversity - ethnic-chic with a contemporary twist. Bamenda Rocks! represents a new standard that Bamenda and Cameroon aspires to, and one that is consistent with the status of KiRette Couture as a vibrant, innovative and socially responsible brand that represents Cameroon on the international podium.”

Based in London, New York and Cameroon, Kirette Couture produces daring and vibrant attires that are inspired by the toghu, a colourful and intricately embroidered outfit used for special occasions by the people of Cameroon’s Western Highlands region. Barely a year into its existence, the label has garnered wide international recognition, graced many runways across the world, and even earned a UK Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts (BEFFTA) award nomination for Best Female Designer.

Bamenda deserves its place in the Cameroonian and international spotlight, and who better to lead the revolution than KiRette Couture’s dynamic duo, Kibonen and Anrette.

Bamenda Rocks! Fashion Show takes place on Sunday 27 December 2009 at Ayaba Hotel from 5-9pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

For more information, please contact:

Ngum Ngafor.

Tel: +44 7944 043 954.


Phil Florian

Tel: 00237 7 41 01 912.


OK people, if you are in Cameroon...go and support our designer KC duo!!

I Rep Camer

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tres Chic: Afro-Asian Fusion...............

I read about this designer in the October edition of True Love Magazine in Lagos ..and I was so damn impressed!

Tokyo based, Camer Designer,Serge Mouangue ..."explores a new language between two sophisticated cultures: Japan and Africa.."..I remember thinking as a flipped through the pages of the magazine...kimonos in african prints??? That is some serious creativity!!

Here are a few pictures of his collection....Enjoy!!!

Pictures Courtesy of his website & Ecodesign

Camer has got some talent for real..we are taking the Fashion Industry by storm!!!

OK people..have a nice weekend...Take some time to spread some "Camer Cheers"....Christmas is almost here..


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Kirette Couture unvailed the new Summer 2010 collection @ the Wharton Africa Business Forum Event in November

I am loving this new collection...I am serious feeling the male collection!!The guys are taken care of this time for sure...Here are a few pictures from the show..Enjoy!

Models: Wharton Business School Students!!!

Can't wait to see what KC has for us on December 27th @ the Fashion Show in Bamenda

OK people...Have a nice weekend..


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Friday, November 13, 2009


Label: Maison D'Afie
Designer: Sarah Divine

"...At Maison d'AFIE fashion is more than an art, it is a passion. We love what we do and it reflects in our designs. More specifically, we take delight in offering high quality workmanship, fine fabrics and extraordinary customer service. In addition to our glamour wear and basic wear attires, we offer made to measure designs for every occasion, and accessories to match your clothes. We guarantee you that shopping with us will be an extraordinary experience..."

The Dynamic Designer,brings out her passion for fashion since an early age together with her mother to "ensure we bring the best quality tailoring to your closets"

There is a new breed of Camer Fashionistas out there..and I am really excited about it!!

Here are a few pics of the new collection....Enjoy!!

OK your orders @

Have a nice weekend


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Hello people..I know this is coming late..but better late than never!!

I was at the Camer Couture show..and all I can say is that it was off da hook....Thumbs up to the Camer couture team: Cynthia, Ngum, Isabel, Bosis, Soraya..and all who made the evening a success.....The models, designers, the artists....The media was there.. I am just short of words!!!

OK I was late to the show..and didnt get the chance to see my fab designer duo..Anrette & Kibs new KC collection...I was not forgiven for that!!


DATE: OCTOBER 17th 2009



Check out his lovely website is a DJ like no other!!!


Zorzi Zorzy







Designer: Olivia Ervi


Designer: Anggy Haif


Designers: Kibonen Nfi & Anrette Ngafor


Designers: Xaverie Bakemhe & Lola Adeshigbin

My Sister Made it - Ms MI

Designer:Frances Ekiko


Designer: Rose Mbango

Everyone is talking about Camer couture......

CC Preview in The African Woman Magazine

Journal Du Cameroon Preview

Check out Camer couture on BBC

CC on Catch A Vibe

Thumbs up to the Camer Couture Team.

Event Stylist & MC with CC Team!!

Pictures Courtesy of!

Looking forward Edition 2010 of Camer Couture!!The team totally rocks!!!!

OK people..Have a nice weekend.....


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