Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hello people...So Multi award winning, jazz legend Richard Bona has something to  say. Watch  the interview with Creative & Moving's Ivy Ben Mun. Enjoy!

 Posted it on FB  and it generated a heated discussion about his decision, the appeal & value of jazz to Cameroonians, music promoters. etc.

What is your take on what Richard Bona's decision?

It's Thursday. Enjoy the Music!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hello people, another movie premiere

Make it a date on the Red carpet. Grand premieres of the  Award winning Cameroon  movie, "FAR"this weekend. 

The movie features  Dakore Akande Egbuson, Merlisa Determined, Quinta Eyong Ashu, Sende Bende, Solange Ojong, Epule Jeffrey Jeff, Jim Iyke, Memba Lucie and Ian Van Ivan. The movie is directed by Ikechuwu Oyaka and the produced by Agbor Gilbert Ebot AGE   

Saturday 01 November @ 6pm, Hilton hotel - Yaounde and Sunday 02 November Boj, Bonanjo - Douala 3pm

Classic tickets: 5,000frs and VIP:10,000.  Tickets are available at BOJ in Bonanjo, Whitehouse Restaurant Akwa, Bonapriso and Bonamousadi.Live coverage by STV. The cast and crew is counting on your kind support and collaboration. 
Tell :- +23777209753

More info about "FAR" on  Tiptop Stars Here 

The sites and sounds of "FAR"

OK, hopefully we get more buzz about this movie premiere.If you are in Dla or Yde, check it out.


Friday, October 24, 2014


Hello people..It is Cancer Awareness Month. This is a cause dear to my heart because I have lost close family and friends to this terrible disease. Cancer is among the top killers in the 21st century so anything that can be done to get closer to a cure needs to be done.

#Inspired to help raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to stamp out the disease, Liz Oton is Running For Her Dad who passed away from Leukemia. She will be the flag bearer of the Cameroon flag at the Opening Ceremony on November 2nd in NYC. 

Someone asked why I’m doing this and what inspires me.  Well, I think it’s easy to see that what brought me to this place was a desire to honor my daddy in a special and memorable way.  To show the world that his spirit lives on through me. I made a pledge to train and do this race and thus far, I’ve kept my commitment. And through each gruesome mile logged, my daddy has continued to watch over me from above.
In addition to my dad, I am inspired and fueled by the following:
1. An opportunity to make an impact towards stamping out this horrible disease called leukemia.  This may be one of the few opportunities that I may ever have to do something positive for humanity and I’m going to seize it. I’m inspired to run by those who would be delighted to run but can’t. I don’t think I need much convincing here nor do I need to elaborate…

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Hello People, TGIT...Some good news from the Houston,TX

Franco Records Confirms Dj Skeeper for GIAMA AWARDS 2014 

The multi talented Song writer/vocalist/Instrumentalist: Dj Skeeper is set to thrill the crowd at the upcoming GIAMA AWARDS scheduled for Saturday October 25, 2014 in Houston Texas. The GIAMA AWARDS is an annual high powered, iconic and reputable event filled with Glitz and glamor with much surprises from Africa’s best coming from all over the world. The Most anticipated African Movie Awards in North America, this year hosted by Comedic genius Julius Agwu. The GIAMA brand is a mark of excellence in organizational effectiveness based on merit. 

Unconfirmed sources have it that the event will be sold out making three years of growing success and counting.The  event is scheduled at Stafford Center @ 10505 Cash Rd, Stafford, Texas, 77477 from 7-11pm on Saturday October 25, 2014, Red Carpet walk with celebrities stars at 5pm Get your tickets or visit Southwest Farmers Market, or Trinity restaurant, or Wazobia African Market. Get your VIP, Platinum VIP tickets now before they run out…. 

Dj Skeeper: Email: 
 Instagram: dj_skeeper 
 Twitter: @CleoJerry

The GIAMA Awards is usually fun. Lots of African Celebs and well dressed

On that note,here's my Fav's playlist of Camer Music.

It's almost the weekend.Enjoy the Music.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hello people..The week started on a very positive note. Caurys Solutions based in Germany just released an Android app "CAMNEWS". This is such a laudable  #237Proud concept and initiative.

Can't wait for it to be available in the App Store (*wink*).

They are currently seeking RSS feeds to feed into the app. Blogs/Websites/Magazines. Please comment with your RSSFeed links.

Check out the CamNews App Facebook page for updates!

Thumbs up to Krystine & The Caurys Solutions team. Camers doing great things around the world. Let's get to the Android store and CamNews!



Hello people..Another week and an inspiring story to make us #237proud in the LA Times. 

"I did not feel represented. All the stories about immigrants were about illegal immigration and how immigrants were a drain on the economy". California based Editor of the Immigrant Magazine, Pamela Asobo Anchang 

The full story here
The Immigrant Magazine Online. "Voice of Immigrants in America"

#Inspired #TrendCamer. Check out the article and show some love!


Monday, October 20, 2014


Hello people,I love sharing positive stories and initiatives and here is a very laudable one!!

Introducing "Ask Docta". A  program which breaks down medicine to the masses in Pidgin English!

“Ask Docta!” is an innovative program by the Cameroonian born General Surgeon, Dr. med. Emmanuel Anyangwe Ngassa. The idea is fairly simple. With “Ask Docta!” Dr. Anyangwe Ngassa introduces a new instrument for executing the task of educating the general public on medicine and health care thereby taking efforts one step further by using the most powerful language available to most West Africans, namely Pidgin English, on the one hand and the every growing medium of the internet on the other hand. By default “Ask Docta!” or ask the doctor in English aims at reaching people of all works of life independent of their education level. Although the videos are in Pidgin English, all feedbacks from the general public can be done in Pidgin English, English, French, German and Italian."

Monday, October 13, 2014


Hello people..This post is as a result of feedback!! Celebrating Camer Guys

Media Personalities, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Bloggers, BWOAB (Bloggers Without A Blog)..etc.

OK people..Identify anyone? Share a link/comment/story.


Friday, October 10, 2014


Hello people..Love dressing up like moi?? Not fashion blogger but I'll try to do style posts every now and then!

 Color Theme: Khaki, Red, Blue

 OK these pics are a bit old (CPS Houston Hub meeting earlier this year)..Love the colour combo

Skirt: Ann Taylor Twirl Pleated Skirt 
Tshirt:Disney World souvenir Tee
 Shoes: "Ambrosia" by JustFab 
Bag: Vintage Bag from Francesca's  
Jewelry: Silver theme earrings and necklace, multi colored  & nude brackets

Bargains, bargains and more bargains. I hardly buy anything full price. Why should I? Know how and when to shop. Most importantly dress according to your body type. Highlight your best assets and cover your "flaws".

 See Inspiration below.
Khaki Red Blue

Kenzo pattern t shirt

ASOS pointed toe shoes
$52 -

Nakamol Design bracelet

Chain link necklace
$58 -

White gold jewellery

Do you want your style featured? Send your style inspiration and pictures to It's still sunny in my neck of woods so will def be rerocking soon. Enjoy the rest of the week. Y.M. IRepCamer


Hello people...Hope October is treating you well..I love accessories..OK that is an understatement..More like an accessories inspired to do this because the many pictures I see on FB..

Here's an Accessories Inspiration Board..Camer Style!

Accessories  platter -  All Things Wrapper

Clutches & Bag - Eloli

Oversized neckpieces -Liiber London

Steven's artist Daphne rocking the red necklace - Mareta West

Jewelry set - Bijoux Paradise

Dakore Egbuson rocking the Cape - Khamals 

Chunky print neckpiece - OZI by Anyi

Big Rings - Kibonen NY

Check out the various FB pages of these amazing designers! Support support..Share, Buy!!

Want your product, event, service, place etc to be featured? Please contact me by email @


Thursday, October 9, 2014


Hello people.It's Music Thursday..237Music is on a roll..I guess no news there..New tracks, New Videos, New Artists, New Collabos..and the list goes on and on..

I love Okay Africa's round up of Camer Music Videos: July - September. Check it out here

Here is what I am loving so far this month. Enjoy!

Deejae Vybz ft Fluri Boyz - Wadjo
"Je waka waka comme un Wadjo" Fluri Boyz in the building. Deejae Vybz na you bad pass..The video does the track justice. 

Jintior Sieni - C'est pour les boys
OK the lyrics of this song are"C'est pour les boys, C'est pour les Nagaboko"

Gasha ft Zegerman - The Date
Love the vibe and feel of the video. #NewGroupie Concept, styling and directing..check "I finally got a date..A date with Nate"

Pbrodaz -Fine Cameroon Nana
PBrodaz is backkkk!!"Baby girl come rock my world".  So who is rocking PBrodaz world? I like jist

Pretty Boy ft Adah - Be My Wife
"Cheri coco I no di lie"...Feeling the fro style...Between Pretty boy & Adah..there's enough swag in this!!

 Taybid ft Tikay - Roll it
Let's just say this song has been on the replay..Can't get enough of the dancehall.."The way roll it girl fit make a man go insane oh"

N Stan - Feel Love
"I di feel love, baby..I di feel love oh". I love the scenes of this video and the artist kinda preppy look.

And the highlights of today's MT

Jovi -Et P8 Koi
Applaud the fact that Jovi is finally investing in branding and promoting himself. Love the interview with Brice @Nostalgie. ..#NewBriceGroupie. Check out the interview here

"This song way wuna di hear am I write am na with left hand.If I use my right way go commot go kill man" The lyrics of this track

Stanley Enow - Njama Njama Cow
Shamak has done it again..Honestly the guy is a genius..And our StarBoy style is oozing from the video as usual! The release was marked by a twitter controversy...I think any PR is good PR...My condolences to Stanley Enow and his family on the loss of his sister. May she rest in perfect peace

Am I the only one who thinks a Motherland-NewBell collabo will be the bomb? In my opinion the "rivalry" has been created by the "media"..and people can get very emotional Enough said!!I just want me na

The highly controversial entertainer Hansel Ngwane under the stage name "Hansel N"  is gearing up for the release of his first single  featuring rising star MicMonsta later this month.

Title: Check

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Artists: Hansel N ft. Mic Monsta
 Studio: No Hitz No Recordz, Cameroon

Produced by: PhilBillBeatz
hmmm...OK waiting!!

It's Thursday and the weekend is almost here. Enjoy the music and don't forget to share!Please support our artist and buy, share and play their music.


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