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Hello people..I am really excited  to feature this CAMpreneur who is "helping parents raise high achievers"

"That was a POWERFUL TELE-SEMINAR we had last night! I was even more proud of my son than ever, as he listened to you keenly while taking down notes and important points! He was very excited about the information you shared and he wrote down three questions for you! And he asked you his questions for further clarification. He was very satisfied with your responses and he asked me " mom, when is the next tele seminar?"...Feedback from an excited parent whose son recently participated in one of her tele seminars

Meet Dr. Nicholas Ambe..She is a force to reckon with for lack of a better phrase to describe this dynamic lady

Please tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Dr. Nicoline Ambe?
I am a former law professor, now a special Education Teacher in Compton, California. I am also a Keynote Speaker, Author, and Parent Mentor. I help parents prepare their children at home to become high achievers in school and to pursue their personal talent. I do this through a 3-step signature system - Prepare, Position and Pursue. The System is due out in a book and CD within one month.
In my personal life, I am a wife and mother of 3 girls, ages 13, 11, and 7.

What was the motivation to start working as a parenting mentor?
When I first started teaching special education and working with students who had been designated as having a disability, I realized that there was nothing “special” or “disabled” about my students. After many conversations with them and getting to know them personally, I was convinced that they were perfectly normal children, very intelligent and gifted, but needed more support and structure from home. I felt that parental influence was crucial in helping these students learn and excel in school. For this reason alone, I took to the community to show parents exactly how they can empower their children at home to do well in school. I’m excited to inform you that the message resonates well within the community and amongst parent groups.

You are also an Author, please tell us about your latest book?
Yes! The title of my book is “A Teacher’s Notes: Helping Parents Prepare their children at home for Success in School.” The book is based on my classroom experiences as a teacher. Throughout my teaching career, I garnered stories, experiences and incidences and shared them as lessons in this book.
I am currently working on a second book titled: “Prepare. Position. Pursue.” This book is a discussion of my signature solution to this critical parenting issue.

What are some of challenges of parenting in the US?
I think one of the biggest challenges of parenting in the US is that many children want to be, look and sound like everybody else. There is too much peer pressure and children do not understand why their parents are so anxious to protect them from the wrong influence.

Upcoming events?
Yes I have several upcoming events. They are listed on my website at I get calls all the time to speak at events. I am particularly excited about the upcoming event in Bamenda, Cameroon on July 25 and 26, 2014. Ironically, I also get calls for non-parenting events. People who just want me to share empowering information with their audience. This is my ultimately goal – to become a world-renowned speaker

How do you manage such a busy schedule?
I keep something I call my “life script.” I carry it in my purse everywhere I go. My “life script” delineates every area of my life and the expectations to be met in that area. So I have expectations for “health” “Wealth” “passion” “family” and “friends.” I have set expectations for each of these areas and designated times to spend in each area. I believe in living a balanced life and making sure that all aspects of my life are fully taken care of. This is a goal that I have deliberately set an intention to achieve and it is helping me forge ahead in a consistent and predictable manner. I want to encourage your audience to try it too.

Do you have any words for people who want to pursue a passion like you?
Certainly! One the most important things I can say is that in order to succeed in doing what you love to do, you must read, listen to cds, dvds, attend trainings and learn everything that you can about making your passion marketable. It’s not enough to love what you do, you must make it meaningful and relevant to those who will be buying what you’re offering and this takes a specific set of skills. It’s also important to note that it will not happen overnight. It is a process that you must be willing to endure. One other thing I will also say is that branding is important. How people see you and how you present yourself, will determine whether people will be drawn to you. So you must be careful about how you put yourself and your message out there. It must be pristine and clear.

Any last words?
Yes! I want to congratulate you, and encourage you on your blog. I know your passion may change at some future date, as it usually does for many people, but I encourage you to stay on purpose. To stop all the distractions and focus on the things that will add value to your life and to other people’s lives. Thank you immensely for the opportunity to be a part of your blog. It’s a privilege that I am utterly grateful for. I look forward to collaborating with you in the very near future.

For more information, please check out her website

Please check out her website for more information and her schedule.Have your kid participate in one of her tele seminars if you can and you will be amazed.

Kudos Aunty Nic..Keep up the great work!


Thursday, July 25, 2013


Another Music Thursday!

There is a new entertainment  blog on the www."BLOWING NOW". Your entertainment review portal

I love their design...There is something about the black background!!

Check out Blowing Now's Top 14 Kamer Hits
Lot of first encounters for me.but I love the list. Keep up the great work "BLOWING NOW"..Blowing some IRepCamer cheers your way....

Enjoy the Music..TGIT


Wednesday, July 24, 2013


OK people...I am soo excited for Liiber London. Liiber will showcase "TRON", the new fall 2014 collection @ Africa Fashion Week London

Date: August 2nd 2013
Time: 8:30 pm
Venue:  Old Truman Brewery. F Block. 91 Brick Lane. London. E1 6QL

Buy off the runway @ 10% discount.

AFWL Website:
AFWL Show Schedule:

For more info check out Liiber London's page on Facebook

OK people...go out and support Anrette Ngafor Akinyele & the Liiber London team next Friday, August 2nd!!



The National Youth Leadership Conference will place in Yaounde, Cameroon. August 13th & 14 2013 to celebrate the United Nations International Youth Day.

The National Youth Leadership Conference will bring together 100 young leaders; students, youth in civil service, government, young farmers, young businessmen ages 18 - 35 for a unique two-day experience aimed at broadening their perspectives on the various challenges they face.
Participants will be inspired and empowered with inspirational and motivational words from keynotes speakers during plenary sessions, interactive workshops, experienced facilitators and they will showcase their know how and talents during an exhibitions- this is the first of its kind in Cameroon.

o Education and Training
o Entrepreneurship and business development
o Peace Building
o Young people and Information and Communication Technologies
o Youth and Governance
o Sustainable development and livelihoods for the youths (living and coping in Cameroon)
o The role of CSOs in sustainable development
o Civic engagement and Volunteerism
o 21st century leadership values and qualities
o Youth and agro-business

Thumbs up to the organizers, "Yes Cameroon" and all the best with the event. Hopefully we have great feedback after the event.



All roads lead to Seeheim-Jugenheim (Hesse, Germany).. Pencils4Africa present the inaugural Jambo Seeheim African Music Festival...

Dates: July 27th & 28th 2013

Venue:Kulturhalle Seeheim

Camer artistS Menoosha & Debra Debs and artists from around the world will bring you the best of African Music on one stage..
Come enjoy the music and bring along your kids..African Bazar & Fun4Kids!!
Please check out the Facebook Page and Website for more information.

If you are in Germany, be sure to check this out. Have fun and support our artists!



16-year old Sarah Mussango from Yaounde was last Saturday crowned winner of the first season of African reality TV show Number One Girl. She takes home 5000 dollars and a trip to South Africa, where she will star in the music video of the song Number One Girl by Wax Dey featuring Dontom.

Number One Girl was conceived by South Africa-based Cameroonian artist, Wax Dey to launch his same-titled single and first urban album. 20 ladies between the ages of 16 and 30  were chosen from auditions across Cameroon. They entered into 'the house' at Seme Beach Hotel, where they had to co-habit and compete against each other in a series of tasks to avoid elimination.

Sarah beat co-finalist Murielle Mengong, also from Yaounde, to take pole position. She has also earned a recording deal with Lolhiphop Records, and her first single, 'Share Your Love' is due for release in Cameroon this week. "I'm really very excited," Sarah said. "Things are happening so fast. I not only have the cash, I also have a single, and my first video shoot is in a few days. Wax Dey has been very understanding, and has agreed to work with me on establishing my dream, the Diamond Association, through which I want to develop the talents of young people like myself, to encourage and enable them to achieve their dreams".

The show went beyond choosing a video girl based on her physical beauty. It set out help aspiring artistes develop their talents and self-confidence, and to ultimately create a likeable public figure with character and charisma.The song Number One Girl has also become a hit on the playlist of pan-African reality TV show, Big Brother Africa.

Auditions for Number One Girl Season 2 kick off in February 2014 in Lagos, Johannesburg and Douala.

Number One Girl album now available on iTunes
Number One  Season 1 was sponsored by Hotel Seme Beach (official sponsor), Riverr Soy, Beaufort Light, Biopharma, Croket, Seme Water, Big Gum, and Sophin Sarl.
For more information: / +237 72077751 / +27 82 0599243 or visit Number One Girl TV on Facebook.

Thumbs up to Sandra....and to Wax, Seme Beach Hotel, Lollipop records and the Number One Girl team!!Stayed tuned for more updates..


Thursday, July 18, 2013


Another Music Thursday...with New tunes and music videos!!

Chorkoh - Banso Boy Banye 

Have to give to him for his creativity on the lyrics!!Lol..Enjoy..

Where We Belong (I Go Fly) 

This collaboration of budding artists is a Project New Bamenda project!

LuV Love LauV - Reniss ft Jovi

Another track from New Bell Music!!

 Trending Video of the Week: "Hein Pere" by Stanley Enow

This anticipated debut video for “Hein Père” shot in Douala, Cameroon by the renowned video
director Shamak Allharamadji was finally launched online last Saturday after a few days air play on Trace TV....Over 15,000 views in 5 days!!!

Support your up and coming artist. "Hein Pere" is now available on iTunes Here

Enjoy.#Hein Pere#


Thursday, July 4, 2013


Another Music Thursday...Enjoy



Dosseh ft. VR

Ngoma ft. JayJay


Happy 4th of July to all the US peeps. Have a fun holiday. Enjoy the music..



Nyanga Creations invites you to the launch event & Pop up next weekend in NYC !!

Check out my first post on Nyanga Creations Here

Last year, Nyanga Creations started a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to start the venture.

A $25 pledge?

I am a proud recipient of "Nyanga" items. "Make Nyanga" tshirts, an African print tie, earrings, stickers...!!Thumbs up to Nyanga Creations...All the best with the launch and keep flying the Green-Red-Yellow flag high..


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