Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lolita's Cupcakes......"Cupcakes with a Fashionable Attitude"...

If have a sweet tooth....You will love Lolita's Cupcakes!!"Satisfaction Guaranteed"...lol

"Cupcakes with a Fashionable Attitude"...Lol.. I just had to add that!
Our DC chica, Cynthia Anduhtabe & her sister Angel Sylvester bring to us a new bakery experience! Fashion meets bakery people........

Lolita's cupcakes is "re-introducing some fashionable glamour into cake decorating..."
I need to hook myself up with some cupcakes,cupcakes and more cupcakes!!

Thumbs up to Angel & Cynthia.....This is just creativity at its best!!

Get your orders in,people..I am sure you want a taste of Lolita's cupcakes!!


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