Sunday, April 5, 2009

Technophobia is not Good...+ Sites Rep'ing Camer..

Technophobia is not good honestly...I just had to share what happened during my first blogging experience!!I am just one of those people who doesn't like to deal with anything related to computers! I was so excited about officially posting features on my blog...And I couldn't log on...Something about "Cookies are not enabled"..Men what in the words are "Cookies"??.First, because I live in North Africa, I automatically go to the Arabic version of the website and couldn't change the language settings!!In Arabic, everything is backwards..u write from right to

Thank God my IT guru friend, Uche C. was online, 'cause he helped me sort it out. I had copy and paste a "URL" on my browser. I saw numbers on his previous message..but I asked what is the "URL"???..I was expecting the name of a website and not numbers..74....!The URL took me to the English version of the site and I could not log in. This time I followed the instructions..I changed "Privacy" settings in my internet options to handle "Cookies" but no luck!Others solutions were to "clear the Cache" and change "Java Settings" all this computer terms too much I beg."Cache" first mean say weti? Apparently the computer stores temporary internet files!May be I don over use internet way my own don! I started doing that and it was taking forever.I was guilty of another thing as per Uche who had advised me a while back to use Firefox..I was browsing with Internet Explorer!!Well to me there is no difference!I used Firefox and it worked..

I seriously need to get a cure for this Technophobia..Hopefully blogging is the first half of the treatment..cause I have to figure out a lot of things in this blogging technology..Slowly but surely.Thank God I have a "Blogging Mentor" day for all thing oh, even blogging!From the look of things, blogging serves 3 purposes

- Part of the treatment for Technophobia

- Keep myself and others informed about the wonderful and talented Paysans out there

- Helps me relieve work

Enough of my ranting...Check out the Websites below Rep'ing Camer on the WWW. is "Cameroon's premier online community" !!I am sure it is the largest Cameroonian social networking website. Believe it or not..I made a lot of friends on!

Camdates --- camer style!!Camdates is “Where Cameroonian singles & couples click". Join the interesting discussions!!! ---- Your Cameroonian Events Portal. CAMEVENTS is "Organizing our Community" --- Home of the "The Independent Newspaper at the Service of the People"..The POST..Check out the interview with my own "Nso brother"...Richard King!! "La Force de L'info"....Very Bilingual!!! --- Official Website of Cote Minou!!! ---- Langoh International website ----- If you are thirsty for poetry, check it out to learn more about "Lemonade Street" ---- One stop for news on Cameroon from Entertainment to Sports, Health Tourism.Just check it out!!Join the OnCameroon Community and/or become a reporter! ----Is the fastest growing online Cameroonian Community, "For Students by Students" your news on the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry!!! --- Is "The Cameroon Diaspora Business Info Service" for "Cameroon Business Bites".

I wish I could say TGIF...but it is Monday!!!

Have a nice week ahead.



  1. Na small small. Wait until u begin edit html on ur blog. U go soon become xpert

  2. Hahaha ms Y.M, glad to be of assistance! I am learning too ;-)
    (Dulce Camer)

  3. Why can I not post a comment as Dulce?

  4. @ Fanny..I never reach that stage

    @ Uche..u know u are the bestest IT guru friend!!

    @ DC...did you enable your browser cookies??..Check your Java me too!!!

  5. hahahahahahahahahahaha
    Irepcamer kudos sister


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