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Posted on FB....Friday March 20th 2009!!

It is another Friday…and I feel like rambling about something!!I am at home chilling ‘cause it is another long weekend…so why not.

My buzz phrase for this week is “CAMEROONIANS IN THE INDUSTRY”…and with a French accent…lol.

This post was inspired by the recent creation of a group on facebook called “CAMEROONIANS IN THE INDUSTRY for real”.

Yes People…There are “CAMEROONIANS IN THE INDUSTRY”. Our very own paysans who are making it (or will definitely make it!!) “IN THE INDUSTRY”…..

“Weti be this industry sef??”

I am talking about the bold, smart, intelligent, talented and creative Cameroonians in business, fashion, music, media, the arts, entertainment….do I need to go on?

Thank God for the internet, the wonderful world of bloggers, and of course facebook…’cause I have learnt about a lot of talented and creative individuals in the past couple of months.


Why do I start with this? It takes some serious guts to start, run and maintain a business. I work in a company which was founded because a father believed in his 2 sons and gave them a ridiculous amount of money to fulfill their dream. And now 80 odd something years later…it is the “…leading oilfield services provider…”

Not everyone has the opportunity to get a whole lot of cash to fulfill their dreams. Most people need to work very hard and make sacrifices to have a successful business.

Anyone who grew up in Cameroon must have heard about FOTSO, FOKOU, KADJI..etc.

There are many Cameroonians with businesses who are making it ….But I need to acknowledge a few!!!

… “” who let you “…send timely Gifts and Mobile Phone Airtime credits to friends and family in Cameroon”. Guys, great job, please it keep up!!!

Think Real Estate in Pays..Think Carbon Group…It is “…Investment and Development Company based in Cameroon and wholly owned by Cameroonians” . ..They are definitely thinking BIG!!!

OK…I have to give props to this dude. I don’t think he is even 25…. “AfroVisioN Group is a Cameroonian based firm whose main business is to deliver affordable web and software development services to the Cameroonian and African markets.”

In short I give all these guys…Ten Thumbs up!!!

Can you imagine that one day Michelle O. wearing a classic from Kirette Couture or Cote Minou or Beyonce taking a graceful walk down the red carpet with a tres chic from Nebright classic? It will happen, it is just a matter of time.

COTE MINOU is " A modern twist to traditional African couture". These chicas di represent for real. Their outfits are made primarily from what we call in pays “Afritude” material or “Ankara” in Naija. I watched 2 videos of their fashion shows recently. All I can say is “This industry palava don reach different level!!”

People..."Contri Clothes" can be sexy....

KIRRETTE COUTURE…"Hatched in the New York chic bubble, KiRette Couture is mainly inspired by the "toghu" (also known as the Bamenda gown) - a colourful and intricately embroidered fabric typically worn, on special occasions, by the people of the North West and Western provinces in Cameroon"…I don’t need to go and on about this one cause the ladies know how I feel about what they are doing. I cannot wait for step out in “KIRRETTE”…TRADITION + CLASS + CHIC = KIRRETTE. In short Kibs you need for compensate me for this PR…lol

From Lagos are accessories and outfits done with wool.SYL CROCHETS is "bringing out the sexy in wool” .Tops, Skirts, Jewelry & Bags... all made from primarily from wool..very colorful and "catchy"..WOOL + CHIC = SYL CROCHETS...I cannot do any kind of hand work to save my life!!! So I have to give big thumbs up to this chica.Keep it up girl!!!

NEBRIGHT CREATIONS…"Our motto is “Sensuality in its purest form" Looking elegant and sexy at the same time is what our company thrives to achieve" "Bringing out your sexy is our goal"….In short the sexiness of the outfits pass my power!!


If you grew up in Cameroon, you must know about Manu Dibango (way they di even use e sound all over the, Ndedi Eyango, KotoBass (RIP), Emile Kangue, Charlotte Bango, Papillion,Ben Decca, Grace Decca,Henry Dikongue and even Zangalewa…lol..I can go on and on…Jazz, Makossa, Bendskin, Bikutsi..etc.

Growing up we listened and danced to “You must to Calculate” or better still “Kwa Ki Yen” (The Lamnso “Hey Zangalewa…Hey”….lol

Who has not heard about RICHARD BONA? I just love his music!!!

What is HOT in pays…Sammy Diko, Narcisse Pryze,Njohreur...

OK now there is the New School… See eh…talent day outside oh my people…..

Have you had the “Wax Experience”?…You need to check out…
“WAX is the new face of the City of Joburg's international tourism campaign”. So person fit sing correct song about “CONGOSSA”?? lol…2 Words…”AFRICAN SOUL”…Nde Ndifonka.. Keep flying the paysan flag high in Jo’burg!!

Then there’s the “cool kid with an accent” in the UK…Kilian Ateh. Chai..paysan too fit rap oh..I checked out his website and I was impressed… This guy “breaks it down in pidjin”
Honestly I am feeling “Freestyle Friday”... “Big Dreams”…. I mean “ The whole world wants a piece of me”…A big shout out to you men.. Thumbs up!!!

Afro Jazzzzz…..OK..I don’t even know what to say about the beats….When I listened to “Poola’a…I was like wow..all that came to mind was…”Njang” + “Jazz” = Something HOT!!!Check out Serge Tebu on

“Allo for the Soul”….Andy Allo is definitely for the soul. After listening to “Sunnier”... Erykah Badu & Jill Scott have serious competition coming!!Listen to Andy on
Check out to get the Tees for her upcoming album “Unfresh”. Her interview on Dulce Camer is just the best!

And did I mention that I know a DJ who is always “ON POINT”. DJ Eric Lamlenn..DJ I am waiting for my mix tape of something…Anything….Makossa, Coupe, Jazz, Soul…

It must take a lot to own and run a magazine...advertising, articles, pictures…Men u have to be up to date with the “happenings” What does an engineer like me know about what it takes to do this?? A big fat ZERO…

I have serious respect for the Editors of “African Vibes Magazine” & “The Immigrant Magazine”

I love “African Vibes Magazine”… “where the world meets Africa”. We really need to change the way Africa is portrayed in the media! Great job @ putting Africa in the limelight!!On a more serious note, I need to subscribe to the magazine.. But then I live in Tunis!!What do I?

“The Immigrant Magazine Online is a portal for celebrating the contributions of immigrants to the American society as well as exploring their lifestyles and experiences”
I have read a few back issues of the magazine…chaa…etats get plenty kind visa dem oh..I am definitely staying hooked up..cause I am learning a thing or two and working towards “my American Dream”


I need to get a copy of “Lemonade Street”..I have ready too many wonderful reviews.
“In the words of Arrested Development, "I am still thirsty." The sweet poems of Bernice Angoh cool my sourful soul. They are strong in flavor and her view on the world is refreshing.”
From what I have read…it seems this collection of poems, “Lemonade Street” will make you thirsty for Lemonade.The author is also the only Cameroonian writer in the critically acclaimed BHF Magazine Check her out.She also runs “Ladies Success Magazine” and his co-owner of Langoh International.

Yes I had a friend on the “Apprentice Africa”….if you do not know her, please feel free to be officially jealous of! Chica thanks for representing Cameroon!!

Honestly I didn’t know which category to place this next person..A lot of things going I just decided..MEDIA sounded like it..
Alex Quest aka Bosis aka…Qool Quest short may I just leave am! “With a rich artistic repertoire, it is hard to place Alex "iQuest" Bede's oeuvre in a particular Arts-practice. With a huge love for performance arts, "iQuest" also explores arts in fields of Photography, Painting, Music, Poetry…”
Check him out on I love “Sunshine”.

Please watch the space for our very own " Filmmaker, screenwriter, creative and advertising expert" in MN, Cyril Nambangi aka… Sankara…I di wait my tape of the latest Thumbs up to you!!!

Sophy the "THE RISING & SHINING STARLETTE" as per DC.Seriously, hats up for this nga..Chaa..Another Filmaker in the making in NYC. In short you need to check out her interview on DC to see what I am talking about...

Cameroon is represented in the Africa Movie Academy Awards…I just discovered that there is an African Film Academy.The awards will take place in Yenagoa, the capital of the oil-rich Niger Delta State of Bayelsa, Nigeria April 4th.


The Sharing day – Cameroun

Mah Saah Sa – Cameroun

Shiri Achu is " Architect/Artist & Fashionista Extraordinaire"..There are not many female architects out there so Hats up to you Chica!!!And she also paints...
If you are in the UK, check out her Art Exhibition- 30th Act.

I didn’t think it was “cool” to go on and on about your life..Well that is what I thought blogging was all about..But then I realized that people have blogs for different reasons, with a theme…etc. The one blog that gets my award for “Cameroonian Blogger of the Year” anytime any day is Dulce In short “Cameroonian Blog Royalty.” This chica represents Camer big time. I look forward to reading her interviews. She just brings out the best in people!!Keep the Camer spirit..the Sky is the limit.

OK..enough of my rambling!!Please take time out to check out these talented Cameroonians!!

Tell us about paysans you know “IN THE INDUSTRY”…We really need to promote our people!!!

I am an arts, books, movie, magazine, music & accessories junkie..I guess that kinda makes me part of the industry

It’s Friday…Take the time to…SHOW SOME LOVE…To your Tools (for Slb, your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours etc.

Have a nice weekend.



  1. Hello, I am only coming across this now, thankyou so much for taking the time out for 'your ramblings' as you so put it;-) Its been very informative. A belated thankyou for the short out RE: My Exhibition, the 30th Act -which was FAB!! and the kind words...

    Hope you are well,
    Take great care,

    Shiri Achu

  2. i see what u are doing here and i like it. its time for us to start believing on our own ppl. Cameroonians always look up to foreign places when it comes to movies, music and entertainment in general. There is this girl called Naomi achu in dc. she sings and is very good with it and i think she will make it. there are many other good acts from pays that need to be promted by our ppl first before others can really believe

  3. Your outfits are really beautiful how does one get to your recent collections and prices? Where are you based in Cameroon? and how long does it take you to complete your products.

  4. Hello Emily..thanks for stopping by..Which outfits do you need? By which designer? I just feature creative talent on my blog..I can get you the contacts!


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