Thursday, April 2, 2009

So I Finally made it to Blogville.....

I finally made it to Blog ville...Seriously for someone who works with "innovative technology", I am such a technophobe!!I cannot believe it has taken me this long..I am just one of those people who do not bother to read when there is an "error message" on my computer,I just call someone or the IT..I do not like following instructions about stuff on the!

It started as a few posts on FB...With the feedback I just decided it was about TIME.

This blog is dedicated to promoting "CAMEROONIANS IN THE INDUSTRY"..You will l get to understand what "INDUSTRY" it is!We really need to change the way AFRICA is portrayed in the media.."famine in Ethiopia".."419 in Nigeria" and all are so damn outdated.. I am doing my own part to represent Africa, especially Cameroon in the WWW. There are soo many talented, creative and smart people out there!We need to shout to the roof tops about them your stop for info on Cameroonian music,fashion, businesses,cuisine, events, media, authors..etc and my random rants and thoughts!!


  1. I thot u loved us Naijas :(


  2. @ NB,I love Naijas...I cannot help it, I spent the last 5 yrs in it kind of rubbed!!

  3. Hello welcome to the African blogosphere
    Its nice to see other African bloggers reppin for their countries letting us know that we are fabulous people:)


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