Thursday, April 2, 2009


With all what is going on in the world today...people associate or sometimes do not associate themselves with a certain country, culture.etc

I am a straight up paysan nga...doesnt matter where I live (3 countries in the last 10 yrs!), I rep pays all the en plus..I am "NSO TO THE BONE.."

When someone asks me where I am from..Considering where I work (140 nationalities!), I get this question often.

Response: Cameroon.

From Yaounde or Douala...cause those are only places people who remotely know about pays know!
Response: Douala..That is where I was born and raised..and there is always a BUT...I am english speaking (you would be surprised how many people do not know Cameroon is Bilingual!)..and from a tribe called Nso in the Northwest province in Cameroon!!

I was born and raised in DOUALA..that is HOME for me..but the NSO culture was litterally bitten into me and siblings growing up!!When people made exotic plans for the long holidays..we were hauled to the village for hols!We even had to go to the village when the FON "dissapeared". In my culture, the FON (THE KING) doesnt "DIE", he "DISSAPEARS" to meet the ancestors!And Yes. my name "YEFON" means "QUEEN MOTHER"

During these "Dissapearance" celebrations, women can only "tie a wrapa"..You cannot be covered shoulder up!Can you imagine, I wasnt even 10..I was freezing my ass off...Lol!I am sure my girl, Yaya T. would remember that we almost stoned 'cause we wore sweaters!!

I cannot complain..cause I can speak my dialect (LAMNSO)...I am very very proud of my ROOTS.Don't get me started about that..Apparently I have a very complicated ancestral history..My mum gets pissed off sometimes when we try to ask how we are related to someone...Typical Response..." Her mum and my mum are from the same compound"..

This "same compound" theory worry for real!Someone even told my fab cuz Ash, "Ndzengvev is not a compound". lol...Ash!Ndzegvev is the name of my village in Kumbo!!

Then there are the people who many tribes!There is a kid I know with like 6 names..between her mum and dad combined..she has 4 tribes!And all insisted on getting represented!Lol...she gets the best of many "worlds" I guess!

You have to love paysan food...with over 200 languages.. and God knows how many traditional dishes..If you go to a Cameroonian Gathering of any sorts in whatever part of the world, you are guaranteed a buffet!!My traditional dish is Kiban and Nyo se ji with Kati Kati...aka. Fufu Corn and Nyama Nyama (Vegetable) with Kati Kati (Chicked grilled with Palm Oil). Exotic huh?

I love Indians & Chinese, 'cause it doesnt matter where they are in this world..their kids speak their language...And Americans of Italian origin, are very Italian-American!

With the rate of migration,we have and will continue to have a lot of Cameroonian-Americans, these kids identify themselves like that? Do many people try to instill their culture into their Kids?

I love Nigerians for this...I have met many who were born abroad...but they are so damn! Uche C...agree??lol...And Yes..." You can be from Ebute Metta..." love the the Naija Umbrella Remix by Banky W.

My new identity..."DOUALA-BANSO"

Enough said....So where are you from? What is your story?

Have a nice weekend



  1. Also a Douala-NW girl :-)
    Like ur blog. Off to read more posts.
    p.s. I actually know u :-)

  2. Thanks!!!I love your blog too...I cannot even begin to guess who this is!!

  3. awesome blog...i am a Yaounde Bamenda girl.
    Born in Younde and raised in Bamenda..realy love your blog..


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