Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hello people. Happy Tuesday!! Hope your day started on a positive note. I am trying hard to stay positive..

A lot has happened in the last few days. Births and multiple deaths. I stay away from the news sometimes on purpose. News just seems to be usually very serious and negative . I was disconnected and incommunicado for almost 48 hours then I got back online on Sunday and Facebook [and twitter] seemed like a battle ground. #Wandaful

This is what Social Media has become…Since All Man Wan Write. #DiarisTheInternet #DiaAreSmartPhones

The countdown to Christmas and the holiday season is on [38 days to Christmas!] Unfortunately, it’s been one tragedy to the next. Na wah for this 2015 sef.[God Help Us]..If it isn’t an accident on the highway, it is a sibling or parent dying of cancer, the death of a kidnapped girl, earthquake, landslides, child trafficking, domestics being treated as slaves, the numerous strikes, massacres, disasters and act of terrorism that have happened this year...

The attacks which happened in Paris on Friday the 13th of November 2015 [ehmm what is the saying/myth about Friday, the 13th??] is the reason for the outrage/battle/controversy/opinions/arguments on social media and different media sites. 

 Then I saw this picture on FB of  happened on November 13th 2015

I have learnt to stay away from controversy...My mop big..aka I have “big mouth” and can type..Probably part of why I blog..My Rant continues...

Before anyone goes off on me about why I haven’t blogged or written anything about the deaths in Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya etc…Check my blog and Facebook pages...The coco of the matter is not whether I have or not..…In the face of tragedy social media becomes the battle ground!!

“Why you never post am?” “Why have you or have you not changed your profile picture to Cameroonian, Nigerian, Kenyan, Chadian, French, Lebanese, Syrian, Afghan, Palestinian, Chinese, Japanese or whichever flag??” “Oh when Kolofata happened, why did paysans not react as they are now for Paris?” Even if you combined the flags of all the countries affected by disaster, killings, acts of terrorism, bombings in one picture, someone will still have a problem with it!! Why did x or y not provide this or that information..Ahh Ahh..Facebook too don hear e own…lol.

Not the full picture.. Take your pick..It is sad!! 
We cannot all be affected to the same degree or react to the same things in the same way!!


“My perspective is right and better than yours”…”Why you di tok soo?” “Why are we not a priority”…Oh this and that one!!  The sad truth is that depending on who you talk to and the circumstances of an event, tragedy or story, it will be more important to one person than another. 

OK… the Western media is more focused about stories which happen in the West. Not New!! Events, Tragedies, stories which happen in Cameroon, around Africa and in other parts of the world do not enough attention or trend as they should. Am I pissed off that these stories are not a priority? Yes. Absolutely!! We need to tell our own stories, organize our days of mourning, create our own hashtags, start our own campaigns, sort out our own issues etc. Because no one else will do it…Abaiiii…

I love this post by Kathleen Ndongmo “ParisAttacks When Humanity is Second Nature”.   
facts, pictures and history...

 None of these tragedies are more or less important than the other.  Can people choose who and how they want to mourn?  The world is a global village. Families and friends are scattered around the world. I have friends of different nationalities, ethnicity and religious affiliations. What came to mind when I heard about the #ParisAttacks without knowing any details was that I hope no one I know is affected or knows people who are. You never know what will happen where next!!

Source: HenryHarvey Books: Empathy, Empaths and The E factor
#IamWorld #JeSuisWorld #PrayForTheWorld #PrayForHumanity #AllLivesMatter #IamHuman…Create your own hashtag ;)

Hopefully there will be [light at the end of the tunnel] to these gruesome, senseless and multiple acts of terrorism #OneDay!!

These days I am thankful and grateful for the little things life has to offer. Thank God for the gift of life, good health, family and friends.

To each their own. #AllLivesMatter. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost loved ones. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

Source: Henry Harvey Books

…News and information flows at an alarming rate...With or without sensitivity or empathy!! What is the world becoming??  Since All Man Wan Write…I don write ma own.…



  1. Thank you for your perspective. It matters.

  2. Thank you for writing your own. I love this your 'See all man wan'. Truly all man wan write. U don write your own and it matters too.


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