Monday, November 9, 2015


Hello people....It is Monday. Hope November has been treating you well. I have been on a bit on a blogging hiatus and will be for a little more!! 

I just came across this @frocentric concept by Vlisco...I love everything African print and it is about Mothers, Daughters, love and friendship...

Mothers & Daughters - A Full Circle of Love And Friendship

Over the past year, we dedicated each season to the tender emotional ties between
mothers and daughters through the generations.

In our first 2015 season, THINK, we reflected on a mother’s devotion for her precious young child, as she clothes her baby in Vlisco fabric. The second season brought you FEEL, which fondly recalled the special moments mothers share with their little girls. In TELL, we fast-forwarded to mothers and their adolescent daughters, living at times independent and distant lives, yet timelessly connected by love and Vlisco style.

Read the rest of the article here..

Proud African mothers have passed on their love for the prestige, quality and craftsmanship of true original Super-Wax fabrics

Mothers & Daughters...and Wax Fabric...Enjoy!!

Our love for print has been passed from one generation to the next . I remember my mum & I going through my grandma's clothes after she passed away to pick fabric to sew in remembrance..This love for African print is genetic ;) 

Don't you just love this Vlisco concept?? Share your Mother-Daughter print pictures or stories...

Have a nice week ahead.


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