Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hello people..It's another edition of your fav monthly music post...You already know what I think about #237Music..

#237Music September Edition..Enjoy!!

Tata ft Pascal & Tilla - Contri Boy Remix 

I had to start of with this track..Lots of energy..This is Tata's first single..New Bell Music crew..I am sold on the "contri tok"

P-Lomude - Ella
"You were made for me" Saka Makossa baby dance Bikutsi"..

Takang - Badman for pepper
Wehhh Camer...;) 

Prospe - Poppin'
"No disrespect oh..if you ain't African, you aint poppin' "???

Crown Prince - Mac Mula
"Je suis Mac Mula...Mac Mula"

Yinno C - We like to Party
OK let's turn it up..."Bring up right now..turn the music up"...Techno Thingz..

SirQuest - IV
So I decide to posted the whole EP by US based Yonkwi aka SirQuest IV...

Melcube - Made in Cameroon
Made in Cameroon...Need I say more?

Numerica - La Magie
DJKris on the beat.. "..On change pas l'equipe qui gagne"..La Magie..

Kumani - Chef de Quartier
"Bring me Chef de Quartier"...I am feeling the lyrics and beats..Htown reppin'..;) 

 Nami Nami Cyrus - Amasa (No Vex)
"Nami Namiiiii...Je suis Ewakajo..Amasa ehhh. ah papa Amasa No vex"...SlimBeatzzz..Enough said..

Pascal Ft Tilla
The new bell music crew have been on a roll.. This is Pascal's first single..ft one of my fav feemcees..Tilla! " "Ma thing na ma thing"..."Now they don di compare me na for with Jovi and Krotal"..Lyrics and beats..

King Kurtis ft Prosby - Dangerous Girl
"Tell me what you want..tell me how you feel"..#237Swag...."So Dangerous"

Wax Dey ft Kay Switch - Mbaghalum

"She want to confirm, I go put it down she go confirm...It's Wax Dey featuring Kay Switch "I go make you dance Mbaghalum"..When Camer meets Naija...



Zemie - Choweh

"Fine no di stress...Plenty money oh..Chowehhh"

Dencia - Rodeo Drive

Dencia is back again with another track.... "J'adore Rodeo Drive"..What's the verdict?

Highlights of  Today's MT...

X-Maleya ft Lady Ponce - Kum Kum
"Ma Lady Ponce eh"..This video giveth me life..Lady Ponce just adds her special touch to the X-Maleya's swag..

Ventura & Banla - Lah Yer
These Wirfon deserve feathers in their cut the "Lah Yer" bug a few weeks ago..It's been on the replay! The track is available on CD Baby here.. "Ver dze won Fon"..

Frank - Coller La Petite
This track di kill me with sweet..haha..Opinion has it..It is the track of the year? What do you think? All na say..."Coller la petite"

Ngoma- Ekie
Okay....I am feeling this track..This is what happens when bottle dance meets contri tok swag+ "Ekie"..

What is/are your fav(s)? More tracks loading??

..#237Music is on a roll. Let's support our own..Show some love.Like/share,play and dance to some #237Music this weekend..


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