Thursday, April 25, 2013


This is the first time I am posting a cause on my blog!!Please join us in making the dream of this little girl come true at a chance of a lifetime for a liver transplant

AMEN ALEXIA BIJINGSI, commonly called “Baby A”, is a one year old baby, born to Jude and Camilla Bijingsi in Yaounde, Cameroon. When she was born, Alexia showed symptoms of jaundice, which the doctors assumed to be an infection, and treated her accordingly. With very little response to antibiotics, and after numerous tests, she was finally diagnosed with Biliary Artresia.

Biliary Artresia is a congenital birth defect caused by the malfunction or the absence of external bile ducts. As such, there is no transmission of bile from the liver to the intestines for digestion. This leads to an accumulation of bile in the liver, causing scarring of the liver and finally liver failure.
Alexia has been living with this condition from birth, and her doctors recommend that a liver transplant is performed as soon as possible. 

Alexia’s parents have retained MEDANTA – THE MEDICITY IN GURGAON, HARYANA in INDIA to perform the Pediatric liver transplant. Her surgery is scheduled for September 2013.

Baby Alexia and her parents will have to travel to India for this procedure where one of her parents will be the donor and Alexia will be the recipient. The estimated cost of the surgery, including a 3 month stay in India for recovery and follow-up, is estimated at $50,000 (fifty thousand US Dollars).

Pass on this website to your family, friends, church and any group who can help!


Baby Alexia's Fundraiser Page
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I have never met Baby Alexia but her mother, Camilla was my school mate in secondary school (Our Lady of Lourdes College, Bamenda, Cameroon). Ex students of our alma mater have started a campaign to raise funds and we know that with your help WE CAN!

Please join family and friends of Baby Alexia to make her dream come true.


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