Monday, July 5, 2010


It's chic & nouveau....It's "Wedding Nouveau"...

OK people...I don't say this very often...but I just have to..I am in awe!Fri Forjindam Bailey's "Blog meets Magazine", "Wedding Nouveau" is awesome!!

Wedding Nouveau is " A Style Guide for the Intercultural Bride, as well as innovative Inspirations for Multi-ethnic, fusion and interracial weddings. Dare to Dream Outside the Box!"

From "Real Interracial Weddings, Color Palettes, Fusion Weddings" to ideas for Centerpieces,Wedding Favors & Deserts, "Wedding Nouveau" is your guide!!

Wedding Nouveau is full of inspiration, color & style.... Anyone can get lots of inspiration regardless.....Intercultural or not!!

Here are a few snippets from the site....Enjoy!!

Headwrap Revolution....

Desert Nouveau.....The cupcakes look very yummmyyyy!!

Wedding Inspiration Board:Moroccan and Indian

Real Wedding: From NY to India......

Wedding Inspiration Board... Afro-Bohemian & Blue!!

I am sure you want to check out Wedding Nouveau
Wedding Nouveau on Facebook
Fri's Interview in the May 2010 issue of AIM Magazine!I love the interview & she was on the cover too!!

Thumbs up to Fri....You are an inspiration...Keep up the excellent work!

OK people..It's Monday...Another week...Have a good one!


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