Monday, March 4, 2013


After 4J couture's inaugural annual fashion show in 2011, there was a huge outcry from ladies requesting a Ladies' line. The success of the show and the popularity of the male apparel prompted a lot of feedback from customers.  
They wanted a ladies' line of comparable high quality contemporary ladies' shirts and suits. We went to work and began working on some designs. We also started searching for tailors whom we could entrust with the task of staying true to the quality that our customers had come to enjoy and expect, if we launched a ladies' line. After a lot of research and discussions with several tailors, we settled with a renown factory in Istanbul, Turkey. We were impressed with the quality of their work for high profile clients in the fashion industry. We began working with them. They were equally impressed with our designs and our insistence on strict quality control processes.
The Ladies' Spring collection focuses on contemporary, fitted shirts suitable for formal, semi-formal and casual outings. The collection also includes suits and jackets for a more professional look.  

The initial response has been great and we look forward to expanding our Ladies' line with many more creative pieces.

Check out a few pictures of the Ladies Collection!!

It's Colour, Colour and more colour, polka dots, print and ruffles all the way!

Got the purple polka dot shirt..Can't wait to rock it soon!

4J Couture Showroom: 601 7th Suite 103, Laurel, MD 20707
If you are in MD, please stop by the showroom.....I am sure the pictures do the place justice!!

SAVE THE DATE....TheAnnual Show will be MD..Stay tuned!

So Ladies...check out (or show room) for your newest wardrobe item.

It's a new month!Have a nice week.


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