Friday, October 19, 2012


Autumn is already upon us...Well more like Summer by day and Fall by night in Houston! Fall is one of my best seasons because of the colors. A couple of days ago I was inspired to create a fall colors center piece!

Fall Colors

  Orange Yellow - Red - Mocha - Brown - Sage - Crimson - Vanilla - Ivory - Olive  - Gold

Fall Color Palettes (Courtesy of

 The center piece items combo.....

-  2 Wood Tile Placement Mats

- A Taylor Hurricane Candleholder

- A Red Pillar Candle

- Arcons

- Magnolia Scatter Leaf Set

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel  & West Elm (placement mats)

Et Voila.....

Here are a few decorating ideas inspired by fall colours....

Enjoy.... Decorating Ideas by Fall Colors Fall Color Trends

Get decorating fall colors style....And it's almost halloween!

Have a nice weekend. Looking forward to an amazing one....


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