Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It is an amazing summer so far..looking forward to the rest of it!!Here is what I am loving this summer.....


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was amazing to watch. I love the British for their keeping true to their tradition.Long Live Queen Elizabeth (my contri people go say the jubilee inspired fashion is just amazing!


Je Wanda. Check it out.You will understand why I love the site!

The BrinsImage Blog: Graduation, Weddings, Baby, Prenatals, Events...He's got you covered..He just keeps getting better!!

Cameroon Plus:This is like Cameroon's own Yellow Pages....I like!!

Africans On the Move: Thumbs up to Sandra for showcasing "Africans on the Move" - "Africans making a difference"

Group Controversy meets Conspiracy....PERCEPTION on Facebook


Cameroon Professional Society - I am totally loving CPS right now. Please donate to the CPS Scholars Program.

Cameroon Trending Ventures on VC4Africa. 2 Buea based entrepreneurs were featured 2 weeks in a row on VC4Africa's Trending Ventures. 

Houston Spot

The French Riviera Cafe feels like slice of Paris just outside the loop on Chimney Rock Road in Houston.I finally found a place where I can buy proper bread and croissants.If you grow up in Douala the only "proper bread" is the!

                                          Saturday brunch....ft. the original orangina bottle!!


2 books on my booklist this summer

Authentically Me

The Start Up of You


Yefon The Movie
I am finally a celebrity. the movie is named after On a serious note. Yefon tells the compelling story of a young African girl with the burning desire to achieve an education. Her dreams are crushed by a society that believes that educated women are bad mothers and bad wives. Sandra needs your help to achieve her dream. Please donate at 

TV Shows..

VH1's Single Ladies - This is on the top of the best bitchy shows list!!Already loving Season 2 ft. Keisha, April and Raquel!!

USA's SUITS - Ho and amazing  lawyers in bad ass SUITS...Mike and Harvey are the winning team!


My taste in music is very diverse...I can be listening to the soothing classical sounds of Jonathan Elias' the Prayer Cycle and the next minute to DJ Khaled's fast and heavy tunes e.g. Fed Up then Richard Bona's amazing jazz!!
Here is what I am loving this month..constantly on the replay!!

 To Start..Check out the African Comtemporary Dance Flash Mob in MD...Too much talent!!

The Mumak Crew
This crew is bringing a new breath of fresh air to the Cameroonian Music Industry...Jules Nya, Jovi, Magasco aka Bamenda Boi, and the not so infamous music video director February 16th (Who is this guy??...he is amazing!) are making my days!!They have been featured on a good number of pan African blogs in the past few weeks...Thumbs up guys.


Courtesy of Dulce Camer....I love Gasha blend of the new and not soo old....


One the best things to come out of Ghana (I will get shot for Whoever came up with this is just a brilliant.It is good work out too.

Flavour - Nwa Baby (Remix)

I am soo in love with this song.."..waka waka baby, wuru wuru baby, corner corner baby"

Charlotte Dipanda  ft Richard Bona
I love this duet.....Authentic Makossa!!

 Jonathan Elias, The Prayer Cycle

Jonathan Elias produces songs primarily for movies...I love the prayer cycle!!It has been on the replay at work for a while! Enjoy Movement 3 ft. Alanis Morissette.

Work Out

Group fitness classes are the only way I can be disciplined enough to go to the gym .My best so far.. Zumba (no need to and Soul Grooves, a mix of salsa,reggaeton hiphop and belly dancing.

Camer Hot Spot

Saddle Hill Ranch 

If you love the outdoor and a quiet and serene place to chill out, then Saddle Hill Ranch in Bafut is to place for you. ..Stay Tuned for details of the launching event...especially for those who will be in pays for the holidays!Check out

Summer Look - Afro Chic...Contemporary meets Ethnic..

Afro Chic Swag in I should consider a side career in Styling!!

Enjoy the rest of the week..Have Fun and Party this Summer like's its 2012...('cause it is


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