Wednesday, May 16, 2012

AFROSHIC.....Inspired by Colours!!!

Ok.Something is happening in the Cameroonian creative industry..Music, Fashion..You name it!!


Label: Afroshic

Designer: Reneta Ndisang

Location: Buea, Cameroon

Inspiration: Rainbow Colours

In 3 words: Sassy, Sensational, Sexy

Inspired by colours and with her passion create a contemporary look for today's sassy sensational lady, Reneta started Afroshic in January 2011.

Presenting her 2012 Collection (and a few from 2011!)

Photography by Adah Sings & Ndems (By Dante Bissong)

The Faces of Afroshic:

Blandine Mbanwei - Presenter

Manka Nadine - Model

Manuela Banyi - Model and upcoming designer of the Heartbeat Collection - Stay Tuned!!

Sahndra Fondufe - Actress

Contact Information

Phone: +23793200971


Facebook Page


Please contact Afroshic for dresses for various occasions....night out, weddings, the red carpet..etc

Thumbs up Reneta...keep up the great work.Your drive and spirit will take you places!!

Looking forward to more fashion features!!


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